Star Ring Mission Chapter 334


Chapter 334 Offense

After all, no matter how durable it is, it cannot withstand such high-intensity use. You must know that before Su Mo got this mecha, the guys from the Wet God Guild used it frantically.

“What are you thinking about?”

Qianchengxue walked over slowly at this time and asked.


Su Mo shook the head.

“Has anyone told you that you’re not very good at lying. You can tell at a glance that you’re worried about mecha maintenance, right?”

“Well, This mecha can’t support the high-intensity battle below, and sooner or later there will be problems.”

Su Mo saw that he was guessed, so he naturally admitted it. The right hand was still reluctantly stroking the Killing Blade, showing how satisfied Su Mo was with it.

“It’s alright, it really doesn’t work, just drive my axolotl, that mecha can more or less repair itself.”

Qianchengxue said with relief.

Su Mo felt warm after listening to Qiancheng Xue’s words.

At this moment, a confident voice sounded from behind: “Don’t worry, it’s not with us!”

Su Mo and Qianchengxue turned their heads unexpectedly and saw Boondo walked over with an old man wearing monocles, half of his body was transformed into a machine, and his expression was penetrating.

β€œWho is he?”

Su Mo replies somewhat unexpectedly.

“Hehe, these are the three top mechanic Anfros of our Free Victory Guild.”

At the same time as Boondo explained, a transporter drove over, above There are maintenance boxes.

“Are you really going to help us fix it?”

Su Mo is also a little unbelievable, it feels a bit ridiculous.

“Of course, don’t forget that we are allies now. Enhancing your battle strength is also strengthening our strength in disguise. Also, didn’t you return the Crusher to us? So don’t doubt it.”


“Thank you.”

Su Mo’s worries were relieved a lot after hearing this.

“If you’re done, give me these two mechas. Although I can’t guarantee that the repairs will be the same as new ones. But at least 90% of the mechas can be repaired, and it won’t affect your next battles.”


Amfris said confidently.

Qianchengxue heard this and heard a trace of unspoken implication in Anfrith’s words, she asked Boondo in surprise.

“Boondo Corps Head, the attack plan for the City of Qilong has been finalized?.”

“The battle plan is finalized, and a mass siege will be launched in the early morning the day after tomorrow.”

Boondo nodded replied.

“Is the probability of capture high?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“There is definitely no problem in attacking, it’s just a matter of time and casualties.”

Boondo said confidently.

“en. ”

Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue nodded replied.

At this time, Xiao Wen also came over.

“You are all here.”

“Boondo Corps Head is arranging someone to help us repair the mecha.”

Qianchengxue briefly explained .

β€œMany thanks.”

Shawyn thanked Boondo.

“What’s there to thank, you have finished the war meeting?”

“It’s over, but because I don’t have enough troops. So I won’t do it this time. Dominate, the above means let me cooperate with your side to fight.”

Xiao Wen nodded replied .

“I understand, I still have a lot of things to deal with, so I’ll retire first.”

After Boondo confirmed that Xiao Wen’s troops would obey the command here, nodded left. .

“Didn’t the Xiao Wen Corps Head meeting go well?”

Qiancheng Xue asked when she saw Xiao Wen’s expression was a little dignified.

“Nothing goes well or not, just a big change in the rules of the Earth Cup, which hit us completely unprepared. Forget about that, it doesn’t matter, there is one good thing to tell you, I I have already explained your contributions in front of the president, and the president promised that when the Cup of Earth is over, I will reward you.”

Xiao Wen suddenly changed the topic, and he was in a very good mood with Qian Qian. Cheng Xue said.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head This. This is inappropriate. This credit should be yours”

Qianchengxue was also frightened by Xiao Wen’s words.

“Don’t say that. You are different from me. As a soldier, everything I do is my responsibility. If possible, I hope that one day, we can still fight side by side as companions.”

Xiao Wen’s words were very euphemistic, but the meaning of the invitation was clear.

“We will consider it.”

Qianchengxue nodded replied.



In the early morning of the day after tomorrow, Su Mo squatted next to the killing mecha, watching Amfris in the busy maintenance Killing Blade is also a little grateful.

This old man is so old, he has barely slept in the past two days, and he is helping them repair.

At this time, all around the troops are being mobilized, and the vanguard troops have already moved to the north gate of the city of Qilong.

Su Mo turned his head and glanced, as if the battle was about to begin.

However, they have not yet received the transfer order, they should not be needed for the time being, and the first round attack is estimated to be tentative.

Looking down from the sky, the entire city of Qilong, except the side of the Sky Canal, was surrounded by densely packed troops.

Of course, the main battlefield is in the south of the City of Qilong, and the attacks in other areas are more auxiliary attacks.

In the south gate area of Dragon City, grandiose’s mecha troops gather, behind which is erected a square firepower launch position.

Augulas and Longming stood together, holding a telescope and looking at the city of praying dragons, which was made of steel.

“It’s really a magnificent base, but no one guards the strongest base, and it will be broken sooner or later. How about a saturation attack first?”

Aogu Russ suggested.


Long Ming agreed with Augustus.

Augulas waved his hand!

Immediately, the eight fire phalanxes received orders, and a rocket launcher was raised.

Next second, huh! call out!

The sky is covered with missiles moved towards the City of Praying Dragons, as dense as a downpour.

At this moment, a light blue halo spread out inside the City of Praying Dragons.

In an instant, missiles like howling wind and torrential rain exploded in midair.


It’s like the gorgeous fireworks in the sky, which is shocking.

“Pulse wave! Let the mecha formation dash forward.”

A trace of bright light flashed in Long Ming’s eyes, and as expected, this city of praying dragons is not so easy to attack Down.

Immediately, a group of mecha squads rushed over from different directions, moving towards Qilong City, manipulating the mecha.

Just as they approached, gaps opened one by one on the steel wall in the distance, exposing the dark barrels.

One after another beams shot out, and those beams locked on with incredible precision.

In an instant, the hundreds of mechas that rushed up were all hit and burst open, and no one survived.

Seeing this scene, everyone took a breath, and the hit rate was completely low.

“Would you like to let the third generation mecha try it.”

Standing aside, Li Ruiqi tried to ask.

“What happens if those beam cannons hit the third-generation mecha?”

Long Ming asked indifferently.

“It can be resisted.”

Li Ruiqi said after thinking.

(end of this chapter)

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