Star Ring Mission Chapter 335


Chapter 335 Frustration

β€œA beam of light can be resisted, two can be resisted, if dozens of cannons can be resisted at the same time Hit, or even hundreds of hits at the same time?”


Li Ruiqi couldn’t say it for a long time.

“It’s not the time to think about those, our time is limited and we don’t have that time to spend with this city. We pushed him with crowd tactics. Let the troops of the Wet God Guild rush to the vanguard, air formations and ground strike troops. Fire support. Our troops follow behind and charge in two stages at any time.”

Augulas said without the slightest hesitation.

“Just do it.”

Long Ming didn’t refuse either.

Soon grandiose’s troops began to assemble, the Wet God Guild mobilized a million armored mixed assault troops, and the Freedom Victory Guild and the Heavenly Dragon Guild also assembled the elite troops at the rear.

At the same time, in the sky in the distance, a fighter jet came galloping.

Everyone’s heart is on their throats, let’s see if this wave can be accomplished.

Augulas waved his hand decisively to convey the order.


Immediately, the armored troops of the Wet God Guild began to gallop forward, and players like ants ran and charged beside them.

The beam cannon on the steel wall swept away frantically, blowing up an armored vehicle. But in absolute numbers, it seems to have little effect.

“There is a show.”

There is a hint of joy on the faces of everyone watching the battlefield.

At the same time, the fighter jets in the sky shoot long-range missiles one after another, and the artillery positions use huge cannons to shoot one after another with extremely strong destructive power.

I saw another pulse wave swept across the city of Qilong.

All the incoming missiles were intercepted, but one inertial shell, a successful breakthrough pulse wave, strikes on the towering wall, a big explosion.

Destroys some beam cannons that extend directly.

Seeing this scene, everyone is even more excited and has a show.

However, a scene immediately followed, which made everyone’s heart fall to the bottom, only to see one after another cylindrical thing projecting from the inside of the city of praying dragons.

These cylindrical things fiercely land on the ground of the stormtroopers.

It’s flashing red lights!

The next second, rumbling~

one after another mini mushroom cloud rises, covering millions of stormtroopers, just like cleaning the ground, the earth has been turned over over and over again.

After the explosion, all the attacking troops suffered heavy losses and were almost wiped out.

Seeing this scene, Li Ruiqi said stunned: “This, this, is there really no living person in the city of Qilong? This is too seamless.”

“According to According to the information we have explored, there should be no living people in this world. As for this situation, the most likely reason is that the city’s self-defense system is still activated. If it is worse, maybe they have built-in There is a high-level artificial intelligence system.”

Long Ming pondered for a while and stated his conjecture.

“What should I do now?”

Augustus asked with lingering fears, but luckily he didn’t use his elite troops to experiment. Otherwise, this wave of baptism just now is enough for them to be extremely painful.

“Let’s temporarily withdraw our troops. It will only be us who will only attack and lose our teeth in the end. Let’s study it carefully and see how to outsmart it. This Fortress City is not completely invulnerable. At least you did just now. When you see it, ordinary inertial cannonballs will hit the opponent.”

Long Ming expressed his opinion.

“Okay, let’s take a break for a while.”

Auglas nodded.

The attack on the south of the city of Qilong failed, and the attacks in other areas were not so good. Almost the same situation was encountered, how many people died as many people went up.

The huge city of praying dragons is like a ferocious tiger’s mouth, swallowing as many enemies as it comes.

In the temporary camp on the other side, Su Mo watched the sky-piercing explosion rising in the distance, and his eyelids couldn’t help but jump.

He had a bad premonition that the first attack was not going well.

“Don’t be in a daze, the city of praying dragons is the strongest base of the dragon kingdom that has been destroyed in this world, how can it be so easily captured, it is normal to be injured a little bit, you mecha will fix it for you, go and try it out. Let’s try it.”

Amfris finished the maintenance and came over tiredly and said to Su Mo.

Su Mo came back to his senses and immediately thanked: “Okay, thank you.”

Immediately Su Mo climbed into the cockpit very quickly, and Anfros watched Su Mo moved quickly and muttered to himself with a grin.

“Physical fitness is quite good, if it is an experimental subject, it must be very good.”

Soon the Killing Blade was activated, Su Mo controlled mecha to move a little, and it felt much smoother , just like when I first got it.

And the damage prompts on the control panel are all disappeared, and the self-test shows that the state is good.

“How is it?”

Amfris asked with a penetrating look.

“It feels good!”

Su Mo replied in a good mood.

“Use it well, don’t discredit this mecha, you must know that this mecha was originally taken from me. And you don’t have to worry about the power source, I have already replaced it for you The dry nuclear fuel rods, under normal circumstances, should be enough to support you to finish the Cup of Earth,”

Amfris said, twisting his neck.

Su Mo’s expression became more and more strange after listening to it. This mecha was originally dug by this old man. No wonder he was so confident that it could be repaired.

β€œI will.”

Su Mo nodded heavily.

“Then I’m old fogey and go back to rest first, and the mecha next to me has also repaired a little. But there are not many parts that I can repair, and the mecha is a bit beyond my ability. Yes. But, it doesn’t matter, that mecha has certain biological instincts, and its self-healing ability is very good, so use it with confidence.”

“Okay, you can walk slowly.”

Su Mo controlled mecha and waved goodbye to Amfris.

As night fell, the sound of explosions in the distance gradually subsided.

The besieging troops were withdrawn one after another.

Su Mo, Lin Zino and the others live and cook together.

“When did you say that you would call us on?”

Lin Zino asked while boiling the broth.

“I don’t know, just wait for the notification.”

Su Mo didn’t bother to think so much, waste of brain cells.

“I feel like it should be soon.”

Lin Zinuo said with a solemnly vowed look.


Sun Li and the others looked towards Lin Zinuo curiously.

“Haven’t you noticed, our food is getting better and better, and there are large pieces of meat. You think! We were still eating compressed biscuits a few days ago, usually not the last Do you want a better meal?”

Lin Zinuo took a peek at all around and said in a low voice.

Su Mo looked at each other in blank dismay, Zhao Han said angrily: “Lin Zinuo, can you say something nice, bah bah, what is the last meal. “

“cough cough, I’m just a metaphor.”

Lin Zinuo replied laughter.

“What are you talking about, so happy.”

Qianchengxue came over and found a place to sit down.

“I’m not talking nonsense, how is the attack on the city of Long Xue, sister Xue?”

“It’s not ideal, I’ll try to attack today. Basically, all of them are dead, and the casualties are heavy.”

Qianchengxue shook the head and said a little heavy.

“What about the other attacking troops?”

“The casualties are even worse. It is said that hundreds of thousands of people died today in the southern sect master battlefield.”

“It’s so heavy, it’s a bit exaggerated.”

“Well, the specific situation is not quite clear”

Qianchengxue also has nodded pain, I thought it would be difficult to attack, but Never thought it would be this way.

“Can’t I just blast it with a nuclear mine?”

Lin Zinuo asked very puzzled.

“How do you throw it? And even if you throw it, the effect is not expected to be very good. It is said that the walls of the city of Qilong are directly cast with heavy metals, and the thickness is at least a few meters, which is more than our previous The door of resistance is still strong.”

Qianchengxue lifts the head.

“Fuck, if you have money to burn, panic.”

Everyone took a breath. Those fortress cities, after all, only have four gates made of heavy metal. It is the whole body.

“The existence of this city of praying for dragons is a miracle in itself, and it is estimated that there are huge secrets hidden in it.”

Qianchengxue expressed her inner thoughts.

(end of this chapter)

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