Star Ring Mission Chapter 336


Chapter 336 The Last Will

Underground of the City of Prayer Dragons, the doomsday base in the deep cold, the central control room.

A giant ball with a white sarcoma chiseled into a machine, floating in mid-air, densely packed with more than 100,000 arm-thick optical cables.

These fiber optic cables spread out, chaotically running through the walls all around.

In the empty and silent underground central control room, the electronic sound of mechanical friction sounded.

“Invaders kill without mercy!”

“They are nothing but innocent.”

“Stupid, this world has already impossible lifeforms, everything is Sinful.”

“Wu wu, so terrifying!”

“Where is my doll?”

“Erase all unstable existence.”

The strange mechanical synthesis sound constantly echoed in the room. The huge white sarcoma balls floating in the midair keep squirming, like hearts, and electric sparks are constantly emerging from its surface!


At this moment Suddenly it made a harsh mechanical sound.

“Those who are not from our clan can be punished!”

Immediately, countless blue halos spread out along the optical cable.

In the center of the City of Prayer for Dragons, in the middle of the underground base, a biochemical pool filled with molten thick green liquid began to roll violently, and then metal pillars rose up in the biochemical pool, and the green liquid followed the rising metal. The groove of the pillar began to infiltrate, and it was atomized into a faint green mist.

At the same time, all around the biochemical chamber, the metal enclosed chambers began to shake.

one after another sounded as if from the abyss, and a roar that made the soul tremble from the depths.

I saw that the metal door of the first closed room on the left opened first, and the restraint shackles were automatically peeled off, and they fell heavily on the ground.

A humanoid type III superhuman with a height of seven or eight meters, semi-metal hardening all over the body, covered with green flares, tusks and giant teeth, and three black signal restraints penetrating into the neck. The creature, the puppet corpse, came out.

The second closed room was opened, and one of them walked out, with a height of more than ten meters, like the head of a lizard, with a mouth full of sharp teeth. It also has three slender tails with a triangular slit at the end, and the slits are all fangs of Type III Bai Ze. Its eyes are red, and the neck also penetrates the three black signal restraint type III super creatures, puppet Bai Ze.

The third closed room, the fourth closed room, and the fifth closed room are all open.

The type III super creature monsters roared out from the inside, there were black salamanders, Kazami, Ertodons, synthetic beasts

At the same time, they were frozen in the deep underground. Inside the library, the cold air began to leak out, and at a glance, countless green eyes opened. One by one, monsters with hunched bodies, grinning teeth, and stench all over their bodies, in the form of ghouls, with a cone-shaped controller embedded in their necks, climbed up.

The metal gates slowly opened, and these ghoul monsters who woke up charged ahead like crazy.

At this time, in the underground mechanical basement of the City of Qilong, a synthetic sound of one after another sounded.

“Level 1 Combat Alert!”

“Hibernation Released!”

“Lifting Platform Up~”

The ground in the center began to crack Open an oversized circular gap, deep underground, a giant lifting platform begins to rise.

On the lifting platform, metal pillars fixed a humanoid mecha. The whole mecha was 30 meters high. The ugly monster’s head was encapsulated by layers of metal armor. His eyes were closed, and his mouth was closed.

Hanging hands like a demon sharp claw, its waist is embedded with a twelve-meter-long super-metal blade, and the entire metal body is engraved with black pictograms. At the same time, it is linked to a black pipe extending from the inside of the platform, exuding a suffocating oppressive breath.

At this time, a mechanical sound full of noise sounded.

“The first job is on, inject the active solution!”

gu lu gu lu!

I saw that the pipe linked to this mecha began to peristaltic, and the unknown liquid passed through the pipe and was injected into the inside of the mecha.

Immediately, the internal muscle tissue of the entire mecha began to change from shriveled to full, and the external armor was propped up to become more oppression.

“Cell activity value checking!”

“Data is normal!”

“External power source disconnected! Unlink!”


The cables attached to the mecha automatically peel off!

“Auxiliary voltage monitoring is normal!”

“The central transmission is transmitted to the system to release the restraint, and the injection is opened!”

I saw the huge mecha chest, which suddenly cracked A circular gap exposed the inner scarlet flesh wall.

“The injection of the puppet cabin is on!”

Immediately after the metal wall next to it cracked, a working robotic arm extended out. A metal column rises on which is placed a square dark green metal puppet pod.

The metal arm clamps the puppet pod and injects it precisely into the mecha chest!


“The chimera is complete!”

At this moment, the dark eyes of the IV generation puppet creature Mecha Mozix opened instantly , emitting a penetrating green light. Its metal-encapsulated mouth opened instantly, revealing rows of terrifying sharp teeth, making a terrifying roar.


All the mechanical equipment around the wall exploded with sparks.

Amid the snow and darkness, Su Mo lay in the Killing Blade cockpit, resting with his eyes closed.

In the huge camp, except for the vigil, most people have entered their dreams.

No one knows when they will launch a general attack.

Down from the sky, all the besieging troops near the city of Qilong are resting deeply.

At this time, in the depths of the ground covered with pure white snow, giant pipes were silent, with small metal pipes extending from them, like automatic sprinklers. Then a faint green smoke spread out along those pipes.

The green smoke penetrates the pure white snow wonderfully, and penetrates into the air little by little.

The sleeping player inadvertently inhaled a faint green mist.

The sleeping face began to frown, then became uncomfortable, twisted, and finally became more and more hideous. One after another green spot appeared on his face, the skin began to harden, and then he suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of pupils that were not human.

Time flies by.

Just then, a prompt popped up automatically on Su Mo’s mecha screen.

“Unknown gas detected, the automatic air circulation system is turned on!”

The sudden prompt made Su Mo subconsciously open his eyes, he looked at the prompt displayed on the operation screen, also Confused.

The machine is down? Didn’t fix it? Or is the air outside getting worse?

Thinking of the back, Su Mo woke up suddenly!

At this moment, a scream resounded through the silent night sky. Then Su Mo heard the sound of gunfire, and then the whole camp was in chaos.

It all happened so fast that Su Mo couldn’t even react.

(end of this chapter)

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