Star Ring Mission Chapter 337


Chapter 337 The Night of Cataclysm

Before Su Mo could figure out what was going on, suddenly seven or eight members of the Dawn-breaking Guild The players, with red eyes, rushed towards the Killing Blade, they raised their rifles and fired at Su Mo.

Massive bullets hit Killingblade’s armor!

Sparks fly! what’s the situation?

Su Mo ignored the people who attacked him, and controlled mecha to watch around, trying to figure out what was going on.

It turned out that the whole camp was in chaos!

There are scuffles of gunfire and death wails, and frantic swearing sounds everywhere.

I don’t know why this scene is very familiar to Su Mo, as if he has seen it somewhere.

At this time, Xiao Wen’s anxious voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Everyone pay attention, stay in a confined space, without mechanical armor, and people who do not have evolutionary fire should not come out. We are covered by sick poison mist, and those without protection have mutated!”


“Didn’t it say that there are still ten days, why did the sick body come?”

“This is not the time to discuss these, all the survivors immediately moved towards the camp The gates are gathered. If you encounter any blocking companions, don’t be soft-hearted and kill them all!”

Qianchengxue solemnly said.


Su Mo understood what was going on at this moment, he pulled the joystick and controlled mecha to take out the beam saber and swept across it.

All the companions of the mutation are killed.

Seeing a besieged comrade along the way, he swung his beam saber across without the slightest hesitation.

The rescued companion shouted excitedly.

“Su Mo!”

“Follow me!”

Su Mo said to them calmly.

Soon he reached the gate of the camp, where a large number of surviving companions had gathered. However, most of them are mecha, and there is also a small amount of sleep. In military tanks and armored vehicles, they all turn on the air circulation system.

The rest are elites who wear I-generation mechanical armor, but those who wear mechanical armor are at least Captain level.

Furthermore, people who have evolved Level 1 Tinder will have antibodies and will not mutate immediately. But even so, depending on the effect of different genetic medicines, the resistance is different, and some cannot stay in the poison mist for a long time.

But even so, not many people escaped. Because although many people escaped the mutation, they still fell into the hands of their former companions.

At this time, Qianchengxue drove the axolotl to escort Lin Zinuo and the others over.

“What should I do now? There are probably more people outside the mutation.”

Su Mo asked in a deep voice, his words are not nonsense, you must know that their camp is also Just eight thousand people. And most of the 8,000 people themselves survived the last nuclear blast, and most of them have mecha and armored vehicles or wear individual armor.

There are several millions of people in the camp outside, most of them are logistics. If there is really mutation, then the number Su Mo can’t even imagine.

“Wait first, and the others are all gathered. Let’s go out together and escape from this area.”

Qianchengxue had no better way.

“That’s the only way.”

Nobody didn’t expect this to happen suddenly when they fell asleep.

At this time, Xiao Wen and the others drove the second-generation black steel and rushed over. He looked left and right at the gathered crowd and said.

“I just received a message from Boondo that more than 95% of the entire camp has mutated, so we can’t wait any longer. Let’s break out to the west! Otherwise, we will all have to Being consumed to death here, this mutation virus is different from the conventional one, it seems to have been improved, and alienated players can use weapons proficiently according to their instincts.”

Hearing Xiao Wen’s words, Qianchengxue and the others took a deep breath.

Those who can use weapons are not at the same level as alienated personnel who can’t use weapons.

“Then go out and I’ll clear the way with Qianchengxue.”

Su Mo replied calmly


Xiao Wen replied with a heavy nodded answer.

Su Mo pushes the lever, controls the killing blade and rushes out, swings the beam saber frantically, and kills all personnel and weapons that come over!

At this time, all around, a single-soldier hand-carrying rocket moved towards itself.

Su Mo swiped with a backhand sword and blasted the rockets, a beam of light blasted past, and immediately killed several members of the Free Victory Guild who were carrying rocket launchers in the distance.

However, this bombardment passed, like a stone thrown into a pond, splashing countless ripples.

Countless alienated players turned their heads, like a tidal wave.

There were so many that he couldn’t see them all, and the entire scanning instrument directly displayed a patch of red.

“Let’s help!”

Sun Li and the others also rushed up in the second-generation black steel mecha and shot.

A bunch of alienated players fell to the ground. Although they would still use weapons after alienation, their IQ was actually lowered. After all, some similar wild beasts instinctively rush upward, so they are relatively easy to harvest.

So everyone rushed out under the cover of Su Mo and the others.

Break your way through mutation’s sea of corpses.

“Hurry up, don’t fall behind! And don’t lift off!”

Xiao Wen shouted.


Sun Li and the others asked in confusion.

tone barely fell , a few helicopters and mecha were forced into the air in the distance, and they were greeted by surface-to-air interceptor missiles. The weapons that were originally used to attack the City of Qilong were not used on them now.


A fighter plane and mecha were shot down, and everyone swallowed hard.

Time flies by.

Xiao Wen and the others are almost out of the camp, but they can’t stand the number of them. The ammunition equipped on the mecha will be wiped out in a short time, and more can only draw out weapons for melee combat.

At this time, a very embarrassing scene appeared. I saw an alienated person slipping through the net and rushing up. When approaching, he even picked up the grenade with his bare hands and detonated it directly.

One by one is comparable to human bombs.

After being blasted many times, armored vehicles and tanks were paralyzed in place.

“Abandon it, don’t save it!”

Xiao Wen kept giving orders, and staying in place at this time was courting death.

Su Mo took a deep breath and charged the beam sabers, the two beam sabers became more slender and sharper. He pushed the operating lever sharply, and the entire Killing Blade was like a dancer, dancing the beam saber in his hand quickly.

Since the enemy is not strong, Su Mo doesn’t have to worry so much, just calculate the sweep range and speed.

The killing blade turns into a beautiful harvester at this moment, opening a wider road, allowing the companions behind to walk better.

“Pretty Su Mo, you are so cool, be more aggressive!”

Lin Zinuo shouted excitedly in the newsletter.

Su Mo looked helpless, this was his limit.

After half an hour, Su Mo and the others managed to break out of the camp. They fled like lost dogs, simply not daring to stay where they were.

In the end, Su Mo and the others escaped to a forest.

(end of this chapter)

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