Star Ring Mission Chapter 338


Chapter 338 Nightmare

“Everyone rest here, Ma Qi, bring someone to guard.”

Xiao Wen gasped.


Ma Qi responded with lingering fears, no one would have thought that these things would happen suddenly.

Xiao Wen then said to Lin Yue: “The surviving people are counted.”


Lin Yue nodded replied.

“Did we just escape?”

Qianchengxue asked Xiao Wen.

“I don’t know, but we shouldn’t be the only ones who escaped. I’ll try to contact Boondo and the others later, but what I’m most worried about right now is not how many people escaped from our camp.”

Xiao Wen said with a headache.

“That’s it?”

“What I’m most worried about now is the main force in the south, where there are tens of millions of people.”

Xiao Wen felt his scalp go numb just thinking about it.

“Let me correct, there are 15 million players in the Light Wet God Guild.”

Su Mo added solemnly.

After listening to their conversation, everyone remained silent for a long time. They couldn’t even imagine what Asura scene would be if the player mutated there!

Just when everyone was silent, Lin Yue came over to report.

“Lord Corps Head, I have passed the calculation. We have a total of 760 people who escaped, including 120 mechas.”

“I see. “

Xiao Wen nodded, their survival rate is quite high.

At this time, the communication channel rang, ε‘²ε‘²~noisy voice.

Immediately, Boondo’s voice sounded vaguely.

“Shaowen Corps Head, can you hear me?”

“I heard Boondo Corps Head, how is your situation?”

“It’s too bad. There are 300,000 people in my entire Legion, and less than 3,000 people escaped with me. Although the rest are the elite of the elite, it is considered finished.”

Bu Endo’s voice was very bitter, and there was nothing more embarrassing than this. His subordinates did not die on the battlefield, but they all died inexplicably at the hands of the virus and the hands of mutation’s companions.

“What do we do now?”

“We all flee west and try to meet again. Don’t stay in place for too long, the monsters will catch up, they seem to He has a dog’s nose.”

“I see, how is the situation of the large army now?”

“This is not clear, it is now in a state of disconnection. And we can’t get down yet. I can’t get the corresponding information. However, I personally suggest that we better prepare psychologically. The situation on the big team is not good, it is 10,000 times worse than us. After all, there are too many people gathered there, it is simply Wang Bang!”

Boondo couldn’t help shivering when he said this, he didn’t dare to imagine that scene.


Xiao Wen nodded replied.

At this time, Ma Qi drove a green shield mecha and ran over quickly, he said with a breath.

“Corps Head, we should withdraw, I see a lot of alienated monsters coming towards us.”


Xiao Wen is not ambiguous, let’s run away first.

So they were hundreds of people and ran wild all the way to the west.

After a night of sleepless nights, when the sun rose the next day, everyone clearly found that they were shrouded in a faint green mist.

Su Mo solemnly said: “Xiao Wen Legion I don’t think something is right, there should be a satellite above our heads watching all the time, there is no reason for the poison mist to blow over, there is no warning yet. It’s also a little different on the forum, it’s too light, you can’t simply notice it at night.”

“What do you want to say?”

“I want to say that these mists are not from Is it leaked from the City of Prayer for Dragons?”

“Most likely yes.”

Xiao Wen also thinks it makes sense.

“Then we must change the direction of our escape. It is only safe to escape from the Qilong Plain.”

Su Mo said the most important point.

Xiao Wen fell into silence instead, of course he knew that what Su Mo said was right, but he finally spoke up.

“We can’t escape from the Qilong Plain. The last order we received is to attack the city of Qilong. We can’t leave our posts without permission until a new order is issued. This is our duty.”

“Hey~ I see.”

Su Mo didn’t say anything more.

At this moment, Su Mo, Xiao Wen and the others all received undifferentiated satellite signals.


The received signal is also disturbed, so there is a lot of noise.

“This is the temporary joint headquarters. I am Long Ming, the president of the Heavenly Dragon guild. All Heavenly Dragon guild players listen to the order. Those who survive will go to the due west battlefield to meet immediately. We will cut off one’s means of retreat. Attack the City of Dragons again”

At the same time, Su Mo and the others also received another broadcast sound.

“This is the temporary joint headquarters. I am Augustus, the president of the Free Victory Guild. All the players of the Free Victory Guild and the Allied Guild. The survivors immediately head to the due west battlefield to join us. In the next attack on the City of Praying Dragons, the victory belongs to us.”

Su Mo pondered for a while, and it seemed that he could only gather in the due west direction. Due to the large-scale mutation of the due south battlefield, there is absolutely no way to wait. . To the east is the Sky Canal, which is definitely not suitable for assembling troops. The troops in the south can only move westward.

These are all trivial matters. The real trouble is that the city of Qilong could not be attacked at full state before, and this poison mist will kill all the cannon fodder in one wave.

Only the elite of the elite are left, can they capture the City of Prayer Dragons?

This makes Su Mo very suspicious.

Just when Su Mo was thinking, suddenly the city of dragons in the distance, a beam of light rushed to the sky, penetrating the dark clouds.

This scene left everyone stunned. Before everyone came back to his senses, a beam of light rushed to the sky.

The next second, the Su Mo communication channel, the continuously returning broadcast sound ceases.

Immediately afterwards, two meteors fell from the sky in the distance.

“Damn it! The satellite was shot down.”

Sun Li couldn’t help but swear in the wireless communication channel.

“It’s still two!”

“Wait, aren’t these two from the Heavenly Dragon Guild and the Free Victory Guild?”

” Certainly yes, we received a large-scale notification just now, and they should have changed their tracks to cover this area. As a result, they were locked by the other party and shot down. Let’s not talk about this, we will continue to the west and follow the remaining ones. The troops converge.”

Xiao Wen’s heart became more and more depressed.

Everyone was silent, and silently gathered towards the west area.

At this time, in the southern battlefield area, the players in the dark pressing mutation are like locusts, frantically attacking the surviving players.

One did not have time to escape the green shield mecha, and was directly hit by the sparks of various weapons in the hands of the mutation player. At the same time, countless mutation players jumped on it, and even pushed the cumbersome green shield mecha down, and it was dismembered not very long.

It can be imagined how big the temporary shadow of the driver is.

The whole area was reduced to a purgatory on earth for a time.

But looking down from a high altitude, you can still see that one after another elite heavy weapons force has come together to stand out.

However, in terms of numbers, less than one percent of the original troops escaped.

The air force formations were basically all occupied.

In the largest fleeing troop, a specially modified large command vehicle, both Longming and Augustus are inside.

The two of them looked at the interrupted signal, their faces were extremely ugly.

The entourage next to him didn’t dare to take a breath.

(end of this chapter)

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