Star Ring Mission Chapter 339


Chapter 339 Clearing

Augustus’ expression changed for a while, he solemnly said: “How many people can we gather? ?”

“Not good said, maybe a million, maybe 200,000 can’t be put together. The survivors may not be able to reach the gathering point on the west side, and they will definitely be attacked by large-scale monsters along the way. “

Long Ming pondered.

“Are you confident that you will be able to lay down the City of Praying Dragons?”

“I can’t say for sure. According to the urine nature of the Earth Cup, leaving a continent may be more dangerous. . We need epoch-making new weapons, otherwise when the time comes it will be the same death. What is the difference between early death and late death, we now have to readjust our thinking, not considering who can win the Cup of Earth, but to ensure that some of us live to get it Victory.”

Long Ming rarely shared his most worrying thoughts with Augustus.

“I see.”

Augustus nodded replied.


On the north side of the Qilong Plain, in the dark night, the surviving people on Xiao Wen’s side are marching against the blizzard.

The snow is getting thicker and thicker, the armored vehicles have stopped moving, and the tanks have begun to break down one after another. The person stepped on it with one foot and fell directly into the knee area, but the mecha was not affected.

At this moment, Ma Qi drove mecha from a distance, and his hurried voice sounded in the communication channel.

“We can’t go forward, there are groups of mutation players in front of us, we have to detour.”

“No, we have to detour again, we have detoured several times. , when will we be able to reach the gathering point if we go further around?”

Sun Li replied with tears in her eyes.

They have been detouring for the past few days, and they simply didn’t go far. In this way, it also encountered several attacks by scattered mutation players.

Xiao Wen estimated the time and said to Ma Qi in a low voice: “Aren’t you going to detour?”

“It’s not realistic.”

Ma Qi’s helpless look the head.

“Everyone, take a rest, and Ma Qi and I will discuss the detour route.”

Xiao Wen said briefly.

At this time in the sky, a delta-wing reconnaissance plane, Sentinel, made of an all-metal one-piece structure, passed by ignoring the wind and snow.

The special red scouting eyes kept turning, then locked on to Su Mo and the others on the ground.

One after another Captured images are sent back in real time!

In front of the artificial intelligence in the underground central control room of the City of Dragons.


one after another virtual square image emerges.

It can be seen that the black steel mecha image of Xiao Wen driving emerges.

Then a string of data popped up, type II heavy mecha, estimated battle strength value of 3000, low threat level.

The image frame switches, the Dawn Guardians appear, and another string of values pops up. Type II all-around mecha, estimated battle strength value of 2900, low threat level.

After a while of rotation, the image of the killing blade appeared, the III-type pure mechanical mecha, the estimated battle strength value was 13400, and the operation floating value was 10%! High threat level, priority removal.

Immediately after the image of the salamander mecha is switched out, the type III experimental mecha, the estimated battle strength value is 14300, the operation floating value is 30%, the threat level is high, and the priority is cleared.

When the battle plan is being generated, it is recommended to send the super creature puppet monster.

It is recommended to send a clearer with a combined floating overflow of 50% of the battle strength value.

Playing in the super creature puppet monster screening.

I saw the images of super creature puppet monsters of Type III High Rank kept popping up.

Type III super creature puppet corpse, with a battle strength value of 17000! Check!

Type III super biological puppet Bai Ze, with a battle strength value of 15000! Check!

Type III super creature ghoul, with a battle strength value of 18000! Check!

“Clear the target!”

“The order has been sent!”

During the snowstorm, Xiao Wen and Ma Qi discussed a little bit, and finally the two settled down ,

“Everyone, listen to me, after our discussion, we will go around the edge of the monster group in front, which saves time and distance. If it is found, we can only forcibly rush past. If not Just do it.”

“Okay, just do it.”

Qianchengxue and the others simply replied.

“Let’s go then!”

Xiao Wen controls mecha to walk in the front.

Their entire group cautiously circled to the side of the monster. Su Mo and Qianchengxue kept their eyes on the radar. Once an alienated monster came over, the two of them immediately started to clear it.

At this time, everyone seemed to be dancing on the tip of a knife, walking forward against the edge of the monster’s range of motion.

Everyone held their breaths and walked cautiously, no one said a word.

Time passed by, just when Su Mo and the others were about to pass the monster group without any risk, Xiao Wen who was walking in the front suddenly stopped

Everyone subconsciously lifts the head and looks out into the past.

A humanoid type III super creature with a height of eight meters, semi-metal hardening all over the body, covered with green flare spots, long tusks and gigantic teeth, and three black signal restraints penetrated into the neck. The puppet corpse stood in their way, staring at them with scarlet eyes.

Su Mo had a very bad premonition in his heart when he saw the sudden blocking monster in front of him, and it didn’t seem like he ran into it by accident. He has a very absurd illusion, the other party seems to be specially here to intercept them, and the most important point is that the radar scanning system did not scan the other party. Is it possible that the device is embedded in the metal of the other party and has the function of shielding?

“A corpse dares to be our way, and I chopped it up!”

Sun Li sighed with fire and complained, looking at the corpse in front of him from its size The devil does not look good, she controls the Dawn Guardian to rush up, and the alloy blade in her hand slashes down.

“Sun Li, stop, this monster is not an ordinary monster, it is very dangerous!”

Qianchengxue immediately warned Sun Li.

“It’s okay, Sister Xue, I’ll fix it right away!”

Sun Li was full of confidence, and the sharp alloy blade accurately slashed the puppet corpse, and suddenly made the sound of gold and stone colliding.


The huge anti-shock force made the Dawn Guardian involuntarily take a step back.

“How is that possible!”

Sun Li’s eyes were full of disbelief, and she felt like she was hacked on a super-hard metal block.

The next second, the corpse demon raised its sharp claw and swept straight at it, and Sun Li subconsciously raised his shield to block.


I saw the sturdy giant shield, all split up and in pieces immediately, and then the entire Dawn Guardian flew out like a broken kite, hitting the On the ground, the entire body was constantly bursting with electric sparks, completely paralyzed.

The priority target for the Type III super creature corpse to clear is not Sun Li, so after one hit, it ignores the opponent and doesn’t make up for it.

When Xiao Wen and the others saw this scene, they all took a breath, and they were all ready to fight.

“More than one!”

At this time, Su Mo hoarsely reminded.

Qianchengxue and the others looked all around, and saw a Type III super creature puppet, Bai Ze, on the left, and a Type III super creature puppet, ghoul beast on the right.

(end of this chapter)

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