Star Ring Mission Chapter 34


Chapter 34 Making a fortune

The masters who taught him all said they couldn’t teach him, even the instructor who taught him martial arts , when he taught him his secret skills, he also boasted about how difficult it is to have his own secret skills. It took him more than ten years to learn it at the beginning, but it took Su Mo only ten days to learn it, and he almost mad at his fighting master.

Lan Xi’s mouth can’t close. She has always been in awe of Su Mo. Now came back to his senses, only to find that he is actually quite handsome.

Su Mo crouched down and held the handle with both hands, he turned his head and looked towards Sun Duoxiang and the others.

“What are you still doing?”

“Come on, big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others immediately went up to grab the other handles.



β€œPull hard!”

Su Mo adjusted his breathing, shouting At the end of the road, the first burst of power.

“Ah~~ I can’t do it, big brother, I can’t pull it!”

Sun Duoxiang and Zhang Hao tried their best to pull, but they felt super heavy.

“Give me strength.”

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, bloodshot eyes appeared, and the muscles in his body swelled further.


Sun Duoxiang and several others were also starving, their teeth were about to collapse, and they used all one’s strength.


Finally, with the efforts of everyone, the gate made a rubbing sound that made people sour teeth, and was lifted up a little bit.

“A little higher.”

Lan Xi reminded nervously.

“It’s not tall enough, I can’t stand it anymore.”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was red, and the veins on his forehead were floating.

Su Mo took a deep breath, shouted out loudly, and pulled harder.

The gate was raised again, and Lan Xi followed oneself and rolled in.

“Let go!”

Su Mo shouted at Sun Duoxiang and the others, then let go.


As soon as they let go of the handbrake, the gate fell again.

Sun Duoxiang was lying on the ground, panting heavily, his chest heaving for a long time and could not calm down.

“Huh, big brother, I don’t understand, what’s the use of letting Lan Xi in? is it possible that she can still open the floodgates, she just wants to see what’s inside. If there is a monster in it, Lan Xi will not be able to burp.”

“If you guys can lift the gate completely, I need her to go in?”

“Uh big Brother is right, in fact, Lan Xi is also very good to go in. Let’s see what good things are there, if there are good things, we will find a way to find more people.”

The time passed in a minute. , Lan Xi didn’t react at all after entering, and didn’t run to the door to report the situation inside.

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t sit still, walking around, whispered constantly.

“It’s been so long, is there anything or a monster in it? I have to give a reply. There’s no response for a long time. Could it be an accident?”

“Hey, really a woman It’s just unreliable.”

Su Mo was very calm and didn’t respond at all.

Just then there was a loud click.

The heavy gate slowly raised.

Sun Duoxiang and the others were dumbfounded, the door actually opened.

“I knew it was you who spoke ill of me.”

Lan Xi complained angrily.

“No, it’s not how you opened the gate.”

“Of course I can’t. I found a backup power source, come in quickly.”

“With such good luck, there is such a thing?”

Sun Duoxiang was also a little dumbfounded.

“Go in, close the door.”

Su Mo walked in and said to Lan Xi briefly.

“No problem.”

Lan Xi replied in a good mood. In fact, when she entered the reserve, she was always in a very uneasy mood. She was afraid that she would mess up. Yes, but luckily it turned out pretty good.

“Wait for us.”

Sun Duoxiang and the others hurried in.

Su Mo walked softly in the reserve, watching all around cautiously. Since the emergency power was activated, only the emergency lights on the wall came on.

Of course, there are many cameras on the wall, but it should be of little use.

In addition, some shriveled corpses can be seen, all wearing uniforms. Su Mo crouched down to check carefully, and there was no sign of corpse transformation.

Sun Duoxiang followed Su Mo and did not wander around.

Su Mo stood up after checking and looked towards all around.

This repository is square, with two floors and a small lift in the central area. There’s nothing special in the First Layer, except for an emergency diesel Generator in the corner.

“No, there’s nothing.”

Sun Duoxiang was a little discouraged, and ran to this place with so much energy, but it seemed that he was going to return empty-handed.

“That’s right, isn’t this a military reserve?”

Zhang Hao unfortunately replied.

“Go down and have a look.”

Su Mo didn’t answer them, but went straight to the lift.

Lan Xi and the others hurriedly followed, and Su Mo pulled the mechanical switch beside him.


The lift begins to descend, when it descends to the Second Layer. The rows of wooden boxes and the panther tanks covered in ashes caught the eyes of Su Mo and the others.

Sun Duoxiang and the others couldn’t close their mouths with excitement.

“Oh my God!!!”

“This, this is really an arsenal!”

Compared to Sun Duoxiang and the others’ Excited, Su Mo not only did not have any joy, but a trace of disappointment appeared in his calm eyes. There must be technological products beyond cognition in this world, but the level of this military reserve is too low.

β€œbig brother?”

Sun Duoxiang and the others looked at Su Mo expectantly.

β€œUnpack all the boxes.”

Su Mo said in a tranquil voice.

“No problem.”

Sun Duoxiang and others were waiting for Su Mo’s words.


After some violent disassembly, the box was disassembled.

A brand new QBZ-171 rifle is exposed.

“I’ve made a fortune!”

Sun Duoxiang’s group became more and more excited.

Su Mo leaned against the wall, crossed his hands, quietly watching them unpack the boxes, without any hesitation.

Soon all the boxes were opened.

Sun Duoxiang rushed to Su Mo diligently, and said to him: “Boss, I have roughly counted, there are a total of five brand-new tanks here, but there is no oil. Twenty boxes of QBZ- 171 rifle, each box has five and corresponding magazines, not to mention bullets, there are more than 100 boxes.”

“Well, I see.”

Su Mo replied slightly nodded.

At this time, Lan Xi asked with some doubts.

“We can’t find a gun outside, why are there so many here.”

“It’s very simple, can you see guns in reality? Is it only certain Where is it?”

Su Mo asked indifferently.

“I see, this ruined area used to have a similar system to ours.”

“That’s right.”

Noble Su Mo replied .

“These things are not important, the important thing is big brother. How to deal with these things, or else.” said.

“What do you want to say, just say it.”

Su Mo naturally saw a little sign.

Sun Duoxiang rubbed his hands together and said nervously: “big brother, we can’t use so many weapons. Why don’t we arm ourselves with some, how about selling the rest? These weapons are very difficult in the early stage. It is valuable, but it will soon depreciate as the development progresses.”

“Who do you sell it to?”

“It can be sold to the Wuji Guild, our guild has this aspect. The reputation is still good.”

Sun Duoxiang pleaded that if he could sell these weapons to the guild, he would have made a contribution.


Su Mo did not refuse either.

(end of this chapter)

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