Star Ring Mission Chapter 340


Chapter 340 leads off

These three super creatures, Puppet Beast, staring naked at Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue, The two instinctively felt that it was very dangerous, and if there was no accident, it would be directed at them.

Su Mo’s mind is racing so fast that he can’t fight here, there’s absolutely no chance of winning. Since the other party came for them, they should not be allowed to escape. If you forcibly break through, you should be able to attract their attention.

He took a deep breath, pushed the power engine to the maximum, then entered the overclocking mode, moved towards the Type III super creature puppet, the ghoul, and rushed over.

“I’ll lure them away, you can take the opportunity to escape.”

“Su Mo!”

Qiancheng Xue was shocked and led them away , no less than suicide!

The ghoul opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, accumulated a terrifying red beam, moved towards Su Mo and sprayed it directly.

Su Mo’s muscles tightened, abandoning all distracting thoughts, maintaining absolute rationality, and pushing the operating lever quickly like a cold machine.

The fast-moving Killing Blade makes a precise sideways dodge.

Scarlet beams swept past the mecha almost against the mecha, landing on the snow in the distance.

Boom! Babel explosion rose directly.

Su Mo controlled the killing blade to get close, and he slashed with a beam saber.

The ghoul beast in front of him raised his sharp claw to block straight ahead.

The two collided, sparking everywhere.

The attack of the beam saber was completely blocked, and the sharp claw of the ghoul was not damaged at all.

At the same time, the two bodies were staggered, Su Mo fully activated the back auxiliary jet device, and the entire killing blade mecha fled at high speed.

This behavior directly stimulates the presence of the super-biological puppet monster.

“The target is fleeing, give priority to capture and kill!”

Immediately, the ghoul and Bai Ze moved at the same time, and moved towards Su Mo to catch up.

Qianchengxue saw this scene and gritted her teeth to control the axolotl and rushed towards the Type III super creature corpse.

“You guys go!”

“Sister Xue, how could we leave you.”

Tang Yao and the others didn’t want to run away alone, they just thought Go up and help.

The Type III puppet creature, the corpse demon, ran up to meet it, one big and one small collided, and a huge shock wave swept away.

The aftermath of the battle made Tang Yao and the others unable to approach, and a startling scene appeared. The met axolotl mecha kept retreating, and its power was actually lost to the III super creature corpse.

At this time, Ma Qi said anxiously: “Not good, the battle is moving here, and the monster group is attracted. If you don’t go, you won’t be able to go.”

The distance is like The tide alienated players swarmed.

Xiao Wen gritted his teeth and gave the order.

“All withdraw! We won’t help much by staying here, it will only cause them trouble.”

“Damn! We withdraw!”

Don The demon couldn’t help cursing, she controlled the mecha moved towards the fallen Sun Li and rushed over, forcibly opened the cockpit and took the unconscious Sun Li away.

On the other side, Su Mo drove the Killing Blade all the way, his eyes became more and more solemn, and the Type III super creature, the ghoul and Bai Ze were catching up very quickly.

They move much faster than their normal counterparts of the same level.

Immediately afterwards, Bai Ze and the ghoul opened their mouths at the same time.

Su Mo jerked the control lever, the high-speed moving mecha stopped forcibly, and the whole mecha slid out dozens of meters in place.

Here we go!

Two light beams swept staggeredly in front of his eyes, blasting into the distance.

Su Mo’s eyes became more and more gloomy. Although he forcibly stopped mecha to avoid the attack, he was also outflanked.

If it is one-on-one, even if he can’t kill the opponent, he is absolutely sure that he will retreat. But a pair of two is really going to die here.

But even knowing the odds are low, Su Mo isn’t going to sit still.

He glanced left and right at Bai Ze and the ghoul, and quickly made a decision in his heart. The two Bai Ze are relatively weak, because their body should not be as strong as the corpse ghost beast, so let’s kill Bai Ze first.

Su Mo without the slightest hesitation Links two beam sabers to the mecha, making it charged.

Bai Ze jumped up first, and Su Mo controlled mecha to dodge quickly. At this time, Bai Ze’s three tails came through like a lance.

Su Mo raised his beam saber to block.


At this time, a burst of sound came, the ghouls rushed up, and the sharp claw swept over.

Su Mo can only raise another beam saber to block.


The successive collisions made the killing blade keep retreating, and the ghoul opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and moved towards Su Mo and bit it.

Su Mo reverses the dorsal jet auxiliary wing and uses the reverse thrust to force the distance and avoid the bite.

Before Su Mo could catch his breath, Bai Ze’s three tail gaps were all split, and one after another beam moved towards Su Mo staggered.

Su Mo swung his beam saber to block, and the beam splattered.

However, in the next second, a beam of gorilla red light hit the front, brushed past the blocking beam saber, and instantly hit the killing blade.


The killing blade flew out heavily and hit the ground. In the cab, Su Mo’s head fiercely slammed on the console, and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

A prompt pops up constantly on the operation screen.

“Warning, circuit VLC03 is damaged!”

“Warning, the chest armor is damaged!”

Su Mo lifts the head with gritted teeth, Pull up the joystick immediately to control mecha to get up, swing the beam saber, moved towards Bai Ze who rushed towards the sky and swept over.


The sparks are flying!

The beam saber hit Bai Ze’s chest, cutting a horrible to see wound. Su Mo can clearly see the incision, and there are special metal lines densely covered in the flesh and blood tissue of Bai Ze.

It makes people have one’s hair stand on end!

Bai Ze fell heavily to the ground, then got up immediately, without a single whimper of pain, black lightning suddenly appeared from the black restraint embedded in the back of his neck.

The whole Bai Ze seemed to become more violent, roaring into the sky.

Su Mo didn’t have time to care about the mutation that appeared in Bai Ze, the type III super-biological puppet ghoul had already slammed into his face.

The sharp claws swept over, forcing Su Mo to keep retreating.

At the same time, he frantically swung two beam sabers, one after another slashed at the ghoul, sparks flying everywhere.

The metal skin on its body is not generally strong.

The beam saber can only leave a shallow trace on its body. Obviously, this level of attack is ineffective and misses the point.

Of course, Su Mo also knew that the opponent’s key point was most likely the back of the neck and cervical vertebrae, but he couldn’t make it.

He’s a bit of a hell, is this really a monster? The degree of its tricky attack angle is simply indescribable.

Su Mo even wondered if he was fighting a monster controlled by a top expert. The violent oppression made him almost suffocate, let alone expect an effective counterattack. Just when Su Mo was in a stalemate with the ghouls and was overwhelmed, the Type III super creature, Bai Ze, like a Nether Ghost, burst out from the side.

The massive body slammed into the Killing Blade, knocking it to the ground.

The three tails instantly wrapped around Su Mo’s neck and hands.

“It’s over!”

(end of chapter)

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