Star Ring Mission Chapter 341


Chapter 341 Gap

In the cab, Su Mo showed a wry smile, a pair of two was still too much.

Bai Ze opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, directly accumulating an energy ball full of violent heat radiation. Prepare to kill Su Mo directly at close range, without caring whether or not he will be affected.

At this moment, a strong sound of breaking the air struck.

A jet-black bone chain spear flew over and penetrated Bai Ze’s mouth with precision.


The huge explosion swept away and the whole Bai Ze suddenly all split up and in pieces, and the flesh and mechanical fragments were scattered all over the place.

Killing Blade subconsciously turned his head to look over, and saw the axolotl with scarlet eyes in an overclocked state chasing after him. The whole body of the axolotl was covered with dark red blood, and wounds were everywhere. Among them, abdominal wounds are the most horrible to see, and the internal biological tissue can be seen.

I can imagine how brutal this mecha was just now.

Type III super creature puppet corpse ghost beast turned its head looking towards the axolotl, automatically identifying the target with a higher level of danger.

without the slightest hesitation Abandoned the attack on Su Mo and moved towards the axolotl.

I saw the axolotl slam the bone spear without the slightest hesitation moved towards the ghoul, and the pitch-black long spear ran towards each other.

The ghoul’s head swerved to avoid, and the sharp claw tore at the axolotl.

The axolotl didn’t dodge either, but raised another monster-like claw and swept it.


The two sharp claws were stuck together, and the strength was evenly divided for a while.

However, at this time, the ghoul’s dark body suddenly closed its eyes one after another and opened its eyes.

“Be careful!”

Su Mo’s nerves were tense, he controlled the killing blade mecha and quickly got up and shouted.

It’s a pity that it’s still a step too late.

Here we go!

One after another beam of orangutan red light shoots, strikes on the axolotl.


The violent explosion continued to explode, and the body of the axolotl was blown to pieces for a while.

At this time, Su Mo’s eyes were bloodshot, and he forcibly controlled the killing blade and rushed forward.

“Go to hell!”

The two beam sabers crossed moved towards the back of the ghoul beast.

The puppet ghoul felt danger and instinctively wanted to turn around and block. However, at this time, Mecha, the axolotl demon, who was blown to pieces, suddenly abandoned the bone chain spear and grabbed the puppet corpse ghost and beast with both hands like pincers.


An ugly head flew up, and dark green blood spurted out of the incision like a fountain.

“Sister Xue, are you all right?”

Su Mo asked in a panic.

After a long time, Qianchengxue’s weak voice came from the communication channel.

“I’m fine.”

Hearing Qianchengxue’s words, Su Mo’s tense nerves suddenly loosened.

The axolotl mecha couldn’t hold on at this moment, staggering about to fall, Su Mo quickly controlled the killing blade extend the hand to support the axolotl.

A high-altitude Sentinel reconnaissance plane immediately sent back images of the battle.

The central control room deep underground in the City of Prayer.

The artificial intelligence received the transmitted image and saw that the sent super-biological puppet monsters were all killed.

“Failed to clear!”

“Danger level raised!”

“Redraw battle plan!”

“Deploy IV generation The puppet creature mecha Mechax!”

“Remove all instability!”

In the snow, two dilapidated mechas were leaning against each other.

In the cab, Su Mo looked at Qianchengxue with a complicated expression.

“Thank you for saving me, but next time it is not as a last resort, don’t turn on the overclocking mode of the biological machine. After all, biological pollution seems to have a serious mental load, and it might affect reality. body.”

“If you were driving the Mecha, would you also enter overclocking mode without the slightest hesitation.”

Qianchengxue asked hoarsely. .


Su Mo answered without any hesitation or hesitation.

“Then what’s there to thank.”

“Yes, can I get up again? We have to meet Xiao Wen and the others.”

Su Mo With a smile, he replied.

“No problem.”

Qianchengxue took a short rest and regained a lot of strength. She controlled the axolotl to get up.

At this moment, a meteor fell in the sky.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, he instinctively controlled the mecha extend the hand and pulled Qianchengxue back.

In an instant, the stream of light hit the ground, the entire ground seemed to be concave, and the terrifying shock wave spread.

The killing blade and the salamander mecha flew out heavily, rolling several hundred meters out.

But even so, Su Mo still controlled the killing blade and held on to the salamander’s hand and did not let go.

zi zi ~

Although the two mechas were not destroyed, the whole body kept emitting electric sparks.

In the operation room, red warning boxes popped up one by one.

Su Mo struggled to control the mecha lifts the head, he looked towards the front in horror. What the hell was it that almost killed them, it was too terrifying.

I saw the fourth-generation puppet creature mecha Mechax, which was more than 30 meters high, into his eyes.

Mezzix lifts the head violently, and his enchanting pupils lock onto Su Mo and Qianchengxue.

Su Mo felt as if his heart was being tugged at this moment.

In the next second, the IV generation puppet creature, Mecha Mezzix, stepped on the ground and turned into a stream of light and rushed over.

β€œGet out of the way!”

Qianchengxue pushed Su Mo away.

A salamander in this state has no way to participate in the war at all, it’s just a burden.


The viscous liquid sputters out.

The entire left hand of the IV generation puppet creature mecha Mechax directly penetrated the cockpit of the chest of the axolotl mecha, and also penetrated Qianchengxue’s body.

The blood stained the entire cockpit red.

Qianchengxue’s vision became more and more blurred, she showed a hint of sadness, she used all her strength, turned her head, looked towards Su Mo and said.


Su Mo saw this scene, his whole body was like falling into an ice cave.

Extreme anger and rationality intertwined, his expression darkened, he pulled the control lever and waved, controlled the killing blade to charge up, and swung the beam saber to slash at the IV generation puppet creature mecha Mezzix.

Bright spots splattered, but left no trace on it.

The gap between the two is not a level at all.

At this time, the fourth-generation puppet creature, mecha Metzkes, turned his head sharply, looking towards Su Mo, and his mouth was still steaming.

In the next second, the IV generation puppet creature Mecha Mozix slammed out the hand of the penetrating axolotl and swept it across.

Su Mo controls mecha’s ultimate dodge.

The terrifying claws clearly did not touch the killing blade, but with the wind pressure, the killing blade was marked with one after another trace.

Su Mo controlled mecha and slashed towards mecha Mezzix with a backhand sword again.

The puppet creature of the IV generation, mecha Mezzix, did not dodge, and his right hand slammed through.


The beam saber was shot directly into the sky by Mezzix’s claws, and then the imposing manner was undiminished, just like piercing through tofu, without any suspense piercing through the killing. Blade mecha control cabin.

Su Mo didn’t feel any pain in the cab, and his eyes went black and he lost consciousness. After death, the hand hangs in the backpack placed next to it, and the blood flows in with the arm.

The IV generation puppet creature mecha Mezzix withdrew his hand and glanced at the two mechas.

A prompt pops up on the screen in the puppet cabin

β€œConfirm inanimate features.”

β€œConfirm kill!”

β€œ Mission accomplished!”

Immediately, the IV generation puppet creature, Mecha Mezzix, opened the metal auxiliary wings, turned into a stream of light on the spot and rushed to the sky.

The entire killing process was less than 3 minutes, and the two III-generation mechas were completely destroyed. If it wasn’t for Su Mo’s strong instinctive response at the beginning, he would have avoided the disaster, maybe even thirty seconds.

There’s no resistance throughout.

Snowflakes kept falling, falling on the bodies of the two damaged mechas.

Title of the book: Mysterious world, I can change my destiny

This is a world of a humane dynasty that slays all sentient beings!

This is the underworld of Yang Sector, Heaven and Earth, which is rampant!

Immemorial’s immortal Buddha disappeared, leaving only dao fruit to return to the ruins.

The myth of the past is revived, waiting for the gate of God to open.

Top Ten True Dragons, Destiny Demon Star, Demonic Party, Martial Bone Saint Physique…

Facing the splendid world of all beings, Ji Yuan’s head is brilliant , foot the beacon of smoke.

Climb to the top of the mountain step by step, be assertive for eternity!

“there cannot be two suns in the sky, only Ji is alone! The emperor Heaven and Earth are all bowing their heads!”

Popular version: All things have destiny, but Ji Yuan can change it.

(end of this chapter)

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