Star Ring Mission Chapter 343


Chapter 343 Don’t be angry (two more)

Putmi was also speechless for a while, people were unlucky, and drinking water was stuck between his teeth .

“The ghost knows that such a change will happen, don’t you think about the safety of the rear?”

Just as the two were arguing, Zhang Wei suddenly dragged his tired body from the bottom of the packaging box. The micro-exit came out, and he said to the two: “Stop arguing, the debugging is done.”

Hearing Zhang Wei’s words, Li Ruiqi and Putmi asked excitedly.


“This can be false, you can confirm the driver.”

Li Wei responded confidently.

“Immediately report to the president”

At this time, on a slightly raised hillside, Long Ming and other presidents were standing here, holding optical telescopes and looking into the distance. The City of Prayer for Dragons.

The more you observe, the more headaches you get.

“To be honest, as expected, we should already be in the City of Praying Dragons by now, right?”

Long Ming said somewhat self-deprecatingly.

“You’re right, but in the end, we turned out to be bereaved dogs and fled here. I thought we could just stand by and watch the show easily and just reap the results. After a long time, these young The first generation is too ineffective, not reliable at all!”

Augulas criticized unceremoniously.

“In the end, we still have to put our old bones on, it really hurts.”

Long Ming rarely agrees with Augustus.

At this moment, there was a sound of hurried footsteps, followed by a group of young non-commissioned officers.

There are two people taking the lead, one is a middle-aged man with golden hair, a calm face, sharp eyes, full of arrogance, and his muscles are full of explosive power. He is the strongest mecha in the Freedom Victory Guild. Pilot Thuris.

On the other side, a plain-looking young man wearing three generations of mechanical armor stood indifferently with his hands behind his back. This person is Wang Hai, the strongest mecha driver in the Heavenly Dragon guild.

The purpose of their coming here is very simple, to compete for the right to use that new weapon.

At this time, the messenger came out and respectfully reported to Longming and Augustus.

“President Longming, President Augustus, that weapon has been debugged. Now, please decide which side the driver will use. The candidates recommended by both parties have been Take your place.”

“The first mecha Captain of the Heavenly Dragon Guild, Wang Hai, came to report!”

“The first mecha Captain of the Free Victory Guild, Thuris came to report!”

The two stepped forward and saluted each other and reported.

Long Ming said to Augustus with a smile on his face after listening to it.

“Brother Augustus, your talent is obvious to all. And your overall planning and cohesiveness make me admire even more. It’s up to you to lead this matter.”


After hearing this, Augustus’ smile became even brighter, he patted Longming on the shoulder and said.

“Long Ming brother, what you said is a little too praiseworthy. You must know that your talent is not inferior to mine, and your strength is far superior to me. I am sincerely willing to be inferior. This matter You have to do it anyway. You have to show your hand. When you plan in the future, you will be able to make people more convincing.”

“Brother Augustus, you can’t say that, I can’t compare. What about you?”

The two of them flattered each other in an extremely weird style, wishing they could bring each other up to heaven.

The subordinates who are on standby at the back are all dumbfounded, what’s the situation?

Shouldn’t this be a fight?

President Amaterasu couldn’t stand a little longer, he said, “Two presidents, don’t shirk, time is running out.”

Long Ming turned his head dumbfounded at this time. He smiled and said, “Would you like to come to Fujiwaratani?”

Fujiwaratani immediately took two steps back when he heard Longming’s words, and quickly waved his hand: “I just want to remind you, continue, continue.”

Augulas said laughter: “Long Ming, don’t shirk, you have to set an example.”

“cough cough. Brother Augustus, I Look at it like this. There is no way to go on like this, why don’t we guess the boxing? We will decide the outcome once and for all.”

Long Ming also cursed inwardly, the old fox just doesn’t work.


Augustus thought for a moment and said.

So the two faced each other, as if they were facing a big enemy, and they made preparations for guessing.

Standing aside, Thuris and Wang Hai’s face muscles were twitching. If it wasn’t for the military discipline, they would have volunteered to recommend themselves, why would they need such trouble, one by one.

Long Ming deliberately showed his fist for Augustus to take a peek.

Ogulas naturally saw the weak spot exposed by Long Ming, and he complained inwardly.

This old scumbag deliberately let me see his fists. Normally, I should be able to use cloth and he would pull out scissors, but I would definitely not be fooled, so I should be able to punch.

But this stuff is so dark, it’s definitely not that simple, so it’s still changing.

This guy should be able to make cloth, so I should really be scissors.

Thinking of this, Augustus pulled out the scissors without the slightest hesitation, and the result was that the Longming Stone went straight out.

Augulas looked at the stone that Longming stretched out, his expression was like constipation, he couldn’t say a word for a long time, and his old face was extremely red.

Laughed heartily said: “Brother Augustus, you said I specially let you, but you still lost, you really can’t blame me, haha!”


Augulas was coldly snorted, annoyed.

Wang Hai, who was standing beside him, showed a hint of disappointment in his eyes. The chairman won the guessing game, and the driving right fell to the opponent.

The Free Victory Guild’s Thuris showed an excited look, loudly shouted.

“President, Thuris is ready to fight.”

Augustus glanced at Thuris, and coldly snorted said: “What is the battle, I’ll go on my own! ”

As soon as these words came out, everyone present looked of shock except for the presidents of the guilds.

“No way! President.”

Thuris quickly replied.

“What can’t you do, if you guys are more reliable, you still need us? How many weapons have been wasted in your hands, is it possible that now the last weapon is also wasted for you? Myself Come on, give me a good look.”

August’s rant about panting with rage.

“Auglas brother, don’t be angry, keep a good attitude, this is a very important battle, you can’t make a little mistake.”

Long Ming’s old face is full of Laughing to bloom.


Augulas, like a little child, left with some anger, and the Freedom Victory Guild and the others hurriedly followed.

Wang Hai asked in a puzzled way: “President, why did President Augustus want to come in person, and he was so reluctant?”

“That’s because of you both. The strength is not enough. And do you really think that it is a beauty, the real power in this world has to pay a price, and the price of driving that weapon is life.”

Long Ming’s eyes are deep. He said, who would think that his life is too long.

(end of this chapter)

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