Star Ring Mission Chapter 344


Chapter 344 ET force field (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (three more)

As for that weapon, it is The various guilds joined together and dug it out from another ruin at the cost of blood. However, because it was too disruptive, it was never used. Because it is taken out for use, there is no point in training troops.

Wang Hai froze in place when he heard Long Ming’s words.

Long Ming extended the hand on his shoulder and said: “Look carefully, this will help you in your future growth. Well, don’t be in a daze, everyone go back and prepare, and the attack will be imminent. It’s about to begin.”

On the other hand, Augustus brought a group of people to the place where the weapons were.

At this point the giant packing box has been moved to the ground and has long since been deployed.

One is 30 meters high, and its ugly head is embedded layer by layer by white metal armor plates. There is a metal cyst horn on its forehead, and eight non-human blue eyes are exposed on its face. The arms are embedded with metal scales and claws like demons, and a humanoid fourth-generation mecha Kvassiz is attached to a super-metallic blade on his waist.

At the same time, a pipeline is connected to various parts of the mecha body, and another section is connected to a multi-purpose reserve vehicle all around.

It looks amazing.

“This is the fourth generation machine?”

The people who followed were a little speechless.

Augulas said with a sneer: “It’s mecha, in my eyes it’s more like a monster!”

Zhang Wei saw that the person who came was Ogula Si, the old face sighed slightly in relief, but luckily it wasn’t Long Ming.

“Get on the plane!”

Augustus said to Zhang Wei neatly and neatly, since the matter was settled, he didn’t hesitate, but prepared to spare no effort.


Zhang Wei nodded without the slightest hesitation.

At this time, a three-generation mecha next to me squatted down respectfully and extended the hand to Augustus. The assistant on the side also quickly brought up the fourth-generation protective clothing.

“No need!”

Augustus swung his hand around, tore his clothes, and threw it out, revealing his sturdy body, and jumped up without the slightest hesitation.

The third-generation mecha respectfully raised his hand and sent President Augustus to the chest of the fourth-generation mecha, and the control box embedded in the chest automatically opened.

Augulas lay straight in.

Zhang Wei saw this scene and immediately walked to a giant external console and began to input commands.

“Inject active thawing solution!”


Colleagues on the side are busy, and the startup of the fourth-generation mecha is not that simple. If it is forced to start, it will cause overload consequences for both the mecha and the driver.

“Active thawing liquid injection completed!”

“Monitor auxiliary voltage!”

“Everything is normal!”

“Switch off the external Power sockets, unlink!”

“Got it!”


Cables disconnected and fell to the ground!

“Release the external restraint!”

“The depth of the built-in life cockpit is adjusted, and the depth is maintained at 30!”

“The adjustment is completed, and the error is maintained at + 2 to -1!”

“The cockpit of the life cockpit is fixed!”

“The life support fluid is injected, and the communication link is opened.”

Zhang Weijin Then give the order.


gu lu lu ~In the cockpit of the fourth-generation mecha Kwassitz life, all around the metal barriers began to open one by one, and the translucent green liquid was poured into the cockpit. Enter, instantly covering Augustus.

August’s expression didn’t change at all.

“President Augustus, how are you feeling?”

“Very good, it’s the familiar feeling.”

Augustus is calm replied.

“Very good, activate the biological mode, the T30 neural link starts!”

When Zhang Wei heard Augustus’ answer, he stopped talking nonsense and went straight to the topic.

“The nerve restriction is lifted, the first neural link starts, and the link is normal.”

“Open the exchange circuit!”

“Synaptic measurement, synchronization The rate is 47.2%!”

“The synchronization rate is on the rise!”

Zhang Wei looked at the preliminary synchronization rate and couldn’t help but take a breath, really strong! Initially it has a value.

β€œSync rate 53%”





Excited reporting by the deputy in charge of reporting.

The next second, the originally dead fourth generation mecha Kwassiz opened one after another’s eyes suddenly, and a suffocating terrifying aura swept across in an instant. Then the fourth generation mecha Kwassiz raised his head and let out a terrifying roar.

Zhang Wei sees the successful activation of the fourth-generation machine, without the slightest hesitation passing the information to the frontline commander.

Long Ming, who was heading to the front line at this time, gave an order without the slightest hesitation after hearing Zhentian’s roar and the message passed over.


The mecha, which was ready to go, immediately rushed out like a loose arrow.

At the same time, the rocket cars behind them fired one after another of gray cylindrical missiles. These missiles were not aimed at the City of Qilong, but landed on the battlefield in chaos.

At this time, the steel wall on the Western District side of Qilongzhi opened one by one, and the black beam cannons extended out.

It’s chilling behind the eyes.

But the charging mecha squad did not fear and slow down, but instead accelerated one by one.

At this time, the one after another cylinder missile landed, and one after another burst open.

Some of the fog is coming out of the sky, and some are constantly releasing arcs.

These missiles are all different types of jamming bombs, which are used to interfere with the dense beam cannons on the city wall of Qilong City, preventing the opponent from locking and cleaning in one wave.

Sure enough, those beam cannons are not as accurate as they used to be.

One after another beam missed, and only a few unlucky ones were hit and killed.

“Effective president!”

Tang Qin said excitedly to Long Ming.

Long Ming didn’t hesitate to see this, he waved his hand and issued the second order.

“The heavy-weapon troops are advancing, and the heavy artillery begins to adjust the angle, ready to attack!”

At this moment, a sudden change occurred. Countless missiles rose from the city of prayer dragons, instantly covering the entire sky, and the sky darkened.

Everyone felt incomparable despair and fear when they saw the dense missiles covering the sky.

No one would have imagined that the beam cannon would be interfered with, and the opponent’s firepower coverage could be so fierce.

“It’s over!”

This wave will definitely kill you, don’t interfere, just kill.

Long Ming’s heart also twitched, but his old face was extremely calm!

At this time, a silhouette fell first from the sky like a shooting star, and fiercely stepped on the center of the battlefield.


The earth is sunken and dusty.

Looking at the sudden horror silhouette, many of the commanders who were watching the battle couldn’t close their mouths in surprise.

At this time, the barrage fell from the sky.

Augulas lifts the head violently, his old face is bloodshot, unusually hideous, and then growls like a wild beast.


The fourth generation Mecha Kwassiz raised his head and roared, raising his hands in the air.

Here we go!

The invisible ET force field suddenly unfolded.

(end of this chapter)

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