Star Ring Mission Chapter 346


Chapter 346 Talking (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Qiancheng Xue naturally also sees Su Mo It was a little cold, so he said, “I’ll get some branches and leaves to make a fire.”

“Don’t be so troublesome, there are alien monsters everywhere now, and making a fire is not a good choice.”

Su Mo shook the head.

“But you won’t be able to stand it if you go on like this. You probably haven’t used the type II genetic medicine. Instead of freezing to death, you might as well take some risks.”

Qiancheng Xue’s expression was very firm, and she was not worried about attracting monsters.


Su Mo suddenly thought of something when he heard Qianchengxue’s words. He turned on his wristband and checked his own fire evolution value.

It turns out that unconsciously, it has reached 100% of the full value.

Among them, the Type III super creature contributed a lot to the ghoul, and the other is the alienated players, whose evolutionary value is extremely rich.

So Su Mo took out the Type II Gene Elixir TSDI Almighty Gene Enhancement Injection (perfect) from his backpack.

Qianchengxue saw Su Mo and found Type II Genetic medicine is not surprising at all. Just sincerely admire, Su Mo can always give people unexpected surprises.

“I’ll use this injection, you help me look all around, don’t let other things disturb me.”


Qianchengxue replied without the slightest hesitation.

Su Mo didn’t hesitate to stick the gene injection on his arm and inject it.

Immediately after the injection, Su Mo felt that his heart was beating violently. The faster and faster it was beating, it was like it was about to burst open. The internal organs of the whole body began to twitch violently. The severe pain almost made Su Mo faint.

He clenched his teeth and held on, and after an unknown amount of time, the intense pain began to subside. But it started to itch all over the body, as if there were countless ants biting on the body.

Pearl-sized sweat dripped from his forehead.

At this moment, a pattern of flames appeared on Su Mo Su Mo’s chest, and then with it as the center, countless cracks spread out like spider webs, and red fireworks covered his whole body with the cracks.

Qianchengxue looked at Su Mo’s painful expression and said nothing. She believed that it would not be a problem to survive with Su Mo’s perseverance.

About half an hour later, the negative state of Su Mo’s body gradually subsided, and his expression gradually eased.

“How do you feel?”

Qiancheng Xue took out a bottle of frozen mineral water from her backpack and handed it over, asking with concern.

Su Mo took a deep breath, and the whole person’s breath changed in an instant, he calmly replied: “Very good!”

At this moment, Su Mo felt unprecedented Well, this feeling is very wonderful, I feel that the whole person is light and airy, the thoughts in the head are extremely clear, and the thinking turns faster.

He clicked on the bracelet to open the Tinder column.

It was clearly written above.

Tier II fire evolution (10%)

Effect 1: Passive enhancement of life toughness by 10%

Effect 2: Deterrence to First Rank creatures.

Su Mo then opened the system log, and he clearly saw a prompt in it.

Tips: Congratulations on successfully using Type II Gene MedicineΒ·TSDI Gene Enhancement Injection (Perfect)

Tips 1: Congratulations on your basic strength in all aspects of your body being strengthened by 3.1 times.

Tip 2: Congratulations on your Level 2 Radiation Resistance.

Tip 3: Congratulations on your Level 2 Antivirus.

Tips 4: Congratulations on strengthening your neural response by 2.3 times (the effect is floating)

Tips 5: Congratulations on increasing your life toughness by 2 times.

Tip 6: Congratulations on your intelligence enhancement 1.7 times.

Tip 7: Congratulations on successfully activating the hidden gene sequence and gaining resistance to mental pollution.

Su Mo looked at the series of prompts and checked his body to make sure that there was no mutation in his body. He was very satisfied, especially the mental pollution resistance that was activated at the end.

This resistance seems to be used to resist the pollution of biological machines. Although it is only activated, the degree of resistance obtained is not very high, but it is better than nothing.

Qiancheng Xue sat on the side and waited quietly for Su Mo to observe the state of her body before asking.

“Are you still afraid of the cold?”

“Not anymore.”

Su Mo felt a little, the low temperature and biting cold wind blowing through his body, He didn’t respond at all, and felt that after evolving to Type II, his body was completely out of the realm of ordinary people.

“It seems that the genetic medicine you used is very good, and it has greatly improved your strength.”

“No matter how big it is, it is useless. In fact, it means that I will not be frozen. Just die.”

Su Mo replies embarrassedly.


Qianchengxue was helpless nodded.

Then the two fell silent, not knowing what to talk about for a while.

The night is getting darker and the snowstorm is gradually subsiding.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue leaned against the dry tree and looked up at the starry sky.

I don’t know when the gray clouds gradually dispersed, and the starry sky flickered.

The starlight is gentle, the evening breeze is cool, and thousands of stars shine on the two of them through the withered branches.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue both tend to be quiet, and there is basically nothing to talk about.

The atmosphere became a little subtle for a while, and the atmosphere also seemed a little awkward.

After all, the two of them have never been alone, and they didn’t get used to it for a while.

After a long time, Qianchengxue broke the silence and asked.

“Su Mo, I have a question, can I ask you a question?”


Su Mo replied nervously.

Qianchengxue seemed to see something, smiled dumbly, and said to Su Mo: “It’s just the two of us here, we have lived and died together, we should be friends. You don’t have to worry about anything. The relationship between superiors and subordinates, relax and talk.”


Su Mo nodded heavily.

Qiancheng Xue turned her head to look at Su Mo’s face carefully, making Su Mo more and more uncomfortable.

At this time, Qianchengxue asked curiously: “Su Mo, I’m very curious, you don’t look like a low-level person. Your talent and strength are very outstanding, especially when you show it inadvertently. The temperament is not possessed by ordinary people at all. Why did you come to our guild?”

After hearing this, Su Mo also responded a little embarrassedly: “Actually, I came to your guild by accident. , more for repayment.”

After Qianchengxue heard it, the head replied: “That’s even more strange. People at the bottom won’t refuse money, and I gave it to me. You have so many chances, but you don’t care at all.”

“Isn’t that for paying off the debt?”

“And after paying it off?”

“Hey~ Actually, for me, if one person is full, the whole family will not be hungry, and there is no worry or burden. Money is this thing, it’s enough.”

“I don’t think so. I tell you this, money is extremely important to people at the bottom, even more important than life. At first I thought you just didn’t care about money, but later I found out that it wasn’t, you didn’t care at all. If You are really a low-level person, so the idea that you don’t care about money is really stupid and naive. In this world, the class is fixed and generally does not change. The ordinary person will not change much in his life. People like you who suddenly burst out with such strong strength and innate talent in Star Ring, if you are really a low-level person, you should better grasp these opportunities, because if you miss the opportunity, there will be no more.”

Qianchengxue said very seriously.

Su Mo’s heart warmed after listening to it. Although Qianchengxue didn’t say it well, most of it was for his sake, so Su Mo stared at Qianchengxue.

“Do you really want to know?”

(end of this chapter)

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