Star Ring Mission Chapter 348


Chapter 348 The Intruder

But she thought about it a little, the idea like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, said Maybe it really works, so Qianchengxue replied without the slightest hesitation.


So the two of them started to work. Since they didn’t have any decent tools, they could only pity his Moxue.

Although the digging process was very difficult, it still couldn’t stop the two of them. Under the blessing of genetic evolution, the physical strength of the two is far beyond that of normal people, and digging a hole is naturally nothing difficult.

A few hours later, Su Mo and Qianchengxue successfully dug a deep hole along the pipeline.

The two saw a giant pipe buried at the bottom.

Su Mo pulled out Mo Xue directly, slashed the pipe with a sword, and the sharp Mo Xue cut the pipe section.

A thick green mist spread out from inside, and Su Mo and Qianchengxue smelled a little disgusting. However, the virus did not have much impact on the two people who have evolved genes and Tinder.

“Go in?”

Su Mo raised his look towards Qiancheng Xue and asked tentatively.

“Go in!”

Qianchengxue drew out the automatic pistol, without the slightest hesitation.

The two of them without the slightest hesitation moved towards the pipe in the direction of the City of Prayer and got into it.

The inside of the pipe is pitch black and almost nothing can be seen. At this time, Qianchengxue took out two black short sticks from her backpack. She twisted the two short sticks in the opposite direction, and it suddenly lit up. These were two glow sticks, and she handed one of them back to Su Mo.


“Thank you.”

Su Mo took it.

It was nothing at all, but when he lifted the head, he was stunned, and then lowered his head in shame.

“Su Mo, what are you doing? Hurry up!”

Qianchengxue, who was crawling ahead to clear the way, turned around and asked suspiciously when Su Mo didn’t follow.

“Oh, okay, here we go.”

Su Mo replied in a panic.

Soon the two of them made their way down the pipe, and the more they climbed in, the wider the pipe became.

I don’t know how long it took to climb, but both of them were able to stand up and go inside.

“Su Mo, if we just keep walking in this way, will we reach the City of Praying Dragons?”

“Probability is great, but what worries me the most is the great Can the troops invade the City of Praying Dragons? We will wait for us to enter the City of Praying Dragons. If they did not enter, we might end up being a lamb in a tiger’s den.”

Su Mo estimated that a Fan said.

“That’s right, but it’s true, it’s also quite interesting, we invaded the city of Qilong before the big army.”

Qianchengxue’s I was in a good mood, and even spoke with a touch of warmth.

Su Mo was slightly surprised, and he thought about it.

“It seems to be the case.”

Three days later, in the control room of the underground central center of the City of Dragons, the virtual image of the one after another block flashed alternately in front of the artificial intelligence.

In each virtual image, the capture is the actual battle image.

There is no doubt that the external invading enemy has invaded the city of Qilong, and is fighting a melee with a large number of super-biological puppet monsters.

Among them, four generations of creatures, mecha Kwassiz, are listed as high level dangerous existences.

“There is a high level danger, the estimated battle strength value is 130,000, and a response plan is being generated.”

“The first plan is to dispatch the IV generation creature mecha Mezzix!”


“Backup plan, high-intensity CDW-02 nuclear mine, leveling everything on the ground.”

At this moment, another prompt popped up.

“Reminder, an unknown lifeform entered the City of Praying Dragons through the pipeline.”

“Generate a response plan!”

“Option 1, pipeline heating! “

“Alternative plan, dispatch pipe cleaners.”

In the dark pipe, Su Mo and Qianchengxue walked in cautiously. At this time, they encountered a very troublesome problem, that is, the pipeline began to fork.

“Where should we go?”

Su Mo asked with a headache.

Qianchengxue stood at the fork, closed her eyes, and said after feeling it.

“The poison mist is blowing from the front left, it should be right to go here.”

“en. ”

Su Mo .

The two continued to walk inside. To be honest, the silent and long pipeline was very depressing, which made people unconsciously fear.

After walking a section of the road, Su Mo felt more and more sultry, his breathing became rapid, and fine sweat began to ooze out of his forehead.

“Qiancheng Xue, do you feel very hot?”

“Yes, we should not be leading to the combustion chamber.”

Qianchengxue was also a bit unbearably hot. After all, the three generations of protection on their bodies were damaged in many places and had lost most of their effects. Although she didn’t know how many degrees the temperature in the pipe had reached, her body was obviously unwell.

“Hold on a little longer and see if there are any other forks.”

Su Mo calmly comforted.


Qianchengxue nodded replied.

The two continued to walk forward, but the temperature was getting higher and higher, and Su Mo felt that his back was completely soaked.

Su Mo took a deep breath, and then took off the broken mechanical individual armor, leaving only the shoes. But even so, it was still unbearably hot. He hesitated and took off his shirt, revealing a very strong body.

At this time, Qianchengxue also took off the damaged third-generation mechanical armor, and her underwear was soaked, clinging to her exquisite body.

The perspiration mixed with the body fragrance diffused out.

Su Mo at close range smelled the smell, her throat was involuntarily a little dry, and her heart began to feel restless.

The two inadvertently glanced at each other, and subconsciously looked away, Qianchengxue’s cheeks suddenly flushed.

They walked on without saying a word.

Walking, when passing the corner of the pipe, Su Mo’s peripheral vision swept over the metal pipe wall, he suddenly stopped, he felt as if something moved.

“What’s the matter?”

Qianchengxue asked suspiciously.

Su Mo picked up the light stick in his hand and carefully illuminated it towards the pipe overhead, when suddenly he saw a hidden camera.

He waved Mo Xue without the slightest hesitation, slashed down with his sword, smashed the camera, and said in a deep voice.

“It’s a probe, we’re being watched.”

“You said there are still people alive in the city of praying dragons?”

Qianchengxue couldn’t believe it asked, knowing that she has never seen a living person in the Star Ring for so long.

“It doesn’t have to be a living person, you forget, the technology in this world is so deformed, maybe there is a completely unconstrained artificial intelligence. Of course, this is just my guess, but no matter what the truth is , we are in a very dangerous situation now, we should have been discovered, the reason why the pipeline is so hot, maybe the other party took the means to destroy us.”

Su Mo said calmly.

“Then what should I do now?”

“We can’t go any further, the other party should be ready to pack us up and find another exit!”

Su Mo said and started knocking on the metal pipes all around.

Qianchengxue immediately reacted, and also began to knock all around the metal pipe wall to see where it was hollow, so it could be broken,

Don’t say it, the camera was being chopped to pieces. The overhead pipe, Su Mo knocked it out and it turned out to be hollow.

“It’s here!”

Su Mo without the slightest hesitation starts to swipe the ink snow and start to split the pipe barrier,


(end of this chapter)

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