Star Ring Mission Chapter 349


Chapter 349 Underground City

Although Moxue is very sharp, the built-in pipe barriers in this base are very thick and very difficult to break.

Just then, there was a dull sound in the distance of the pipe.

“Su Mo, did you hear any abnormal noise?”

Su Mo stopped and listened for a while, and found that the deep voice was getting closer, and couldn’t help saying solemnly: “Yes, it’s for us.”

Qianchengxue immediately pulled out another collector’s edition silenced automatic pistol attached to her waist.

Su Mo slashes faster.

The dull sound was getting closer and closer, and soon a pair of scarlet eyes appeared in the distance, and the micro-mechanical spiders rushed over at a very high speed.

Qianchengxue’s shot without the slightest hesitation.

peng peng ~

The guns hit the mechanical spiders, and the few mechanical spiders that rushed in front were immediately killed.

Su Mo saw this scene, quickened his action, and cleaved the thick metal barrier with all his might, and soon a gap was cleaved.

“Qianchengxue go up!”

“You go first.”

Qianchengxue shot and replies extremely calmly.

Su Mo didn’t talk nonsense after hearing it, he quickly climbed up the gap, and then shouted.

“Come up!”

Qianchengxue took out a grenade from her waist and threw it towards the mechanical spider, then extended the hand and grabbed Su Mo’s hand.

Su Mo’s powerful arm directly pulled Qianchengxue up.


Throw the grenade and it explodes.

The two looked at each other all around. Above the pipe was a very short mezzanine with tangled and complicated lines everywhere!

“Let’s go!”

Su Mo held Mo Xue tightly, opened the blocked line, and walked forward.

He had a strong premonition that danger was approaching.

Pray for the underground central system of the City of Dragons, and a prompt box will pop up in front of the artificial intelligence.

“Failed to clear, the mice entered the city of praying dragons.”

Unfortunately, most of the artificial intelligence operations focus on the frontal battlefield. Daimecha has met and is now playing heaven falls and earth rends on the surface of Dragon City.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly generating various combat data, transmitting it to the puppet system remotely, and

guide the weapons to defeat the target.

Unfortunately, it didn’t all go well.

Therefore, after the task of clearing the mouse fails, the artificial intelligence automatically generates the next level 1 conventional response plan.

“The liquidator killing machine is dispatched.”

No more powerful superhuman beings are dispatched to strangle!

On the other side, Su Mo ran inside the mezzanine with Qianchengxue. It’s a pity that he didn’t run too far, Qianchengxue glanced back and saw a group of mechanical spiders chasing after him.

“The other party is catching up.”

“I know.”

Su Mo replied in a deep voice, his head hurts a lot now.

At this time, Su Mo saw a light on the side, and he changed the direction of escape without saying a word.

I have to say that they are really lucky. There is a vent in the front, which should be the end.

Su Mo waved Mo Xue and split open the vent cover in three or two strokes.

“Go down!”

Qiancheng Xue Li jumped down and landed firmly on the ground. She watched all around, and there were machinery and equipment running everywhere in front of her. It was a computer room, and no danger was found.

“Come down! There are no enemies here.”

Su Mo was about to jump down when suddenly the sharp metal tentacles swept over, and Su Mo subconsciously raised Moxue to block.

The huge force knocked him out directly.

Su Mo, who flew out, didn’t react, and suddenly caught himself with both hands. He felt as if he was bumping into something soft, and the aroma was fragrant.

Su Mo came back to his senses and found himself lying in Qianchengxue’s arms. At the juncture of the crisis just now, she caught herself, and the two fell heavily to the ground. Then Su Mo got up in embarrassment and apologized.

“I’m sorry.”

Now with a bang!

The sharp metal blade fiercely slashed at the vent, and the giant mechanical spider tried to force it out, but the volume was too large and the outlet of the pipe was too small, so it couldn’t get out for a while.

“Go, get out of here quickly.”

Qianchengxue also got up at this time, her face said in a tranquil voice.


The two observed the all around environment a little, and found a steel door not far away.

He moved towards the exit and ran over, opened the door of the computer room and rushed out.

The dazzling rays of light are directly reflected in the eyes of the two people.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue subconsciously raised their hands to cover their eyes. They have been in a dark environment for a long time, and it was a little uncomfortable to enter a bright area for a while.

After more than ten seconds, the eyes of the two gradually slowed down, and then the scene in front of them completely shocked them.

I saw two people appear in an underground cavity made of steel, and at the bottom of the cavity sits a giant abandoned mechanical city.

At a glance, this abandoned city is filled with various steel buildings, and there is a magnificent dome in the center.

The most bizarre scene, all kinds of lighting facilities in the whole city are brightly lit, like a living city.

And they were standing on a high slope at the edge of the city.

“What’s the matter, how can there be a city under the city of Qilong. If this is a real city, what is above it?”

“I don’t know, but This city looks so weird!”


A loud bang interrupted their thoughts.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue turned their heads and glanced at the door of the computer room. The giant mechanical spider couldn’t get out due to its size. Started to forcibly retract to make way for the coming micro-mechanical spiders.


Su Mo shivered and took the lead to slide down a slope directly.

Qianchengxue did not hesitate to follow.

Soon the two slipped to the edge of the city in embarrassment, and the two ran into the city and into a street.

The street here is no different from the real city street, the street is poured concrete. A large number of green plants are planted on both sides. The strangest thing is that these green plants are all lush, and there is no sign of withering.

There are all kinds of shops on both sides of the street, and there are posters of big sale on the shop windows.

On the street ahead, you can see the backs of some people.

There is a family of three, wearing stylish clothes, holding hands, and the middle child is holding a floating balloon.

For a time, the whole city gives the senses, and the city outside is simply as different as heaven and earth.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue were also stunned. Does anyone really live in this city? The two quickly hid beside the street seats.

“There seems to be someone in front of us, do we want to get close?”

“It’s a little troublesome, if there are real people, most likely they are hostile. After all, we seem to be intruders now, It’s better not to let them find us.”

Su Mo replied with a headache.

“If there are really living people, we have to contact them and try to solve the misunderstanding.”

Qianchengxue shook the head and replied calmly.

“You’re right, but now it seems to me that it’s not that simple. Because if there were people alive, they would have stood up long ago. Impossible has not said a word until now, unless they are Trapped here.”

Su Mo directly stated his conjecture.

“No, the probability you mentioned is too low.”

Qianchengxue directly rejected it.


Su Mo curiously asked.

“It’s very simple, the scene in front of me is too harmonious, so it looks a little weird.”

“You said that, I found it. Or I’ll find a place first. Hide and do another check?”

Su Mo directly suggested.

“Okay, do this.”

Qianchengxue had no other way but to accept Su Mo’s opinion.

(end of this chapter)

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