Star Ring Mission Chapter 352


Chapter 352 Inside Story

Hearing this, Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue couldn’t help shivering. This The idea is crazy enough.

“You really did that later?”

“When people are desperate, they become irrational, just like a drowning person desperately grabbing the last straw. .So this plan passed, and then they carried out inhuman experiments. The Underground City you see now was actually a burial pit with white bones underneath. All those who opposed were buried as experiments. It’s down there, and later the mechanical ascension succeeded, and the underground city of praying for dragons was established here.”

Xin Yang explained sadly.

Su Mo brows tightly frowns, staring at Xin Yang and saying: “Xin Yang is not that I don’t believe you, you look very small, you should be a child before you switch, why do you know so comprehensively ?”

“You’re right, if it’s a complete self, I’m impossible to know. But in fact, I was swallowed up by artificial intelligence Β· Omniscient, and then by chance coincidence. Splitting it out, I have some of its data. Speaking from a certain perspective, I am no longer my original self, even if I say that I am a small artificial intelligence, there is nothing wrong with it. Let me ask a question, from the moment we mechanically ascended, how? Prove that we are still our original selves, and all our memories may be just a piece of data.”

Xin Yang nodded explained.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue looked at each other, and they said with shock in their hearts.

“Then what went wrong after your mechanical ascension?”

“The conversion at first went quite smoothly. The people who have been converted are quite similar to the original ones, everyone. It seems to see new hope. But then many converted people began to disappear. In fact, they disappeared, or rather, they were swallowed by the central artificial intelligence. It began to devour everyone frantically, until finally everyone was concentrated in its body. .”

“What is that artificial intelligence?”

Qianchengxue tried to ask.

“Rod, the one who proposed this plan. But why it did this, I don’t know, it belongs to the core data, and I didn’t get it.”

Xin Yangshook the head replied.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue felt like a stormy sea at this time and could not calm down for a long time.

They get the terrifying information that this world actually exists. And they also participated in the Star Ring, and also refused to participate in the Cup of Heaven.

If they also refuse to participate in the Celestial Cup, will they end up doing the same?

And what is the difference between the Cup of Heaven and the Cup of Earth, that the Dragon Kingdom actually became a deserter?

Qianchengxue asked eagerly when she thought of this.

“Xin Yang, how much do you know about the inside story of the Cup of Heaven?”

“I don’t know, I don’t have much data on this. If you want to know this information, maybe only ask artificial intelligence Β· Quan Shen, all the data is on it.”

Xin Yang shook the head replied .

“There’s no hope for that. If you go out, you will be courting death. It’s all its territory outside.”

Su Mo shook the head.

“If you want to find it, it’s not impossible, I know where it is, it’s under the central dome building.”

Xin Yang gave an order to the two Surprising information.

“Are you sure? Even if it’s there, there are so many mechanical guards watching outside. And the entire city of praying dragons should be under its surveillance, how could we escape those enemies, and more Don’t say sneaking in front of it.”

Su Mo asked in disbelief.

“You are right, the whole city of praying dragons is under its monitoring. But excluding the underground pipes, it has very weak monitoring for the bottom pipes. I know which way to avoid it. Turn on its surveillance.”

Xin Yang said confidently.

Su Mo thought about what Xin Yang said, and it makes sense in theory. No one knows himself better than himself.

Although Xin Yang’s personality is biased towards children, his database is indeed split from the artificial intelligence center here.

It’s just that there is still some confusion in some places, Su Mo asked.

“I don’t quite understand, why do you want to help us? Is it just because the enemy of the enemy is a friend?”

Xin Yang shook the head, he said, “I think Free all the enslaved people, but my strength alone is not enough. So I need your help, I don’t want to stay in a world of marionettes forever.”

“I believe in you, We are friends from now on.”

Qianchengxue extended the hand to Xin Yang.

A bright smile appeared on Xin Yang’s face, and he also stretched out his small hand and held it with Qian Chengxue’s hand.

“Is this a friend? I’m so happy.”

Su Mo felt strange in his heart when he heard Xin Yang’s words, and a very sad feeling rose spontaneously. How many years does he have to hide here alone before he is so happy because he has a friend.

In an instant, Su Mo couldn’t tell whether he was a human or a machine.

Qianchengxue said to Su Mo, who was in a daze: “Su Mo, let’s take a break, eat something to restore our strength, and leave later.”


Su Mo replied with a nod.

So Su Mo found a place to sit down, and he unloaded his backpack. Searching for compressed biscuits inside, preparing to replenish his stamina, fighting and escaping continuously, consuming a lot of his stamina.

Turning over and over, Su Mo suddenly found that the unknown crystal stone placed in the backpack emitted faint rays of light, and he could not help but startled slightly.

“Why, there’s no food left? I still have some here.”

Qianchengxue asked Su Mo thoughtfully after seeing Su Mo stop rummaging.

“No need, I still have it here.”

Su Mo took out the compressed biscuits, unpacked them, and ate them casually. There is a saying that the heart of defending people is indispensable, and the heart of harming others is indispensable. Su Mo can trust Qianchengxue, but he does not completely trust Xin Yang, so he did not mention this strange phenomenon.

Xin Yang squatted beside him, curiously watching the two eat.

Seeing this, Qiancheng Xue handed over the beef jerky in her hand and asked, “Do you want to eat it?”

Xin Yang’s involuntarily extended the hand wanted to pick it up, and then quickly retracted When he came back, he said a little disappointed.

“No, I don’t need to eat. I’m just envious. It’s a blessing to be able to eat.”

Seeing this, Qiancheng Xue took back the beef jerky, Change the subject.

“Xin Yang, do you still have a companion like you?”

“I don’t know, maybe there is. But I’ve never seen one before, if it’s not necessary, I’m generally Don’t leave here, once they find out that my transmission device is broken, they will definitely capture me.”

“How long have you been hiding here?”

“I don’t know. , the timing data is somewhat disordered.”

Xin Yang shook the head.

“en. ”

Qianchengxue didn’t ask any more questions. She ate as soon as possible to maximize her recovery. If there is no accident, it will be a tough battle next, and she doesn’t know how far she will be able to do it in the end.

(end of this chapter)

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