Star Ring Mission Chapter 353


Chapter 353 Dodging

After a long time, Su Mo and Qianchengxue finally recovered their physical strength to the best state.

“Okay, you can go.”

Qiancheng Xue put the automatic pistol in her hand into a new magazine and stood up.

“Come with me.”

Xin Yang took the two to the corner of the basement room. He picked up the garbage piled up in the corner and exposed a hole.

He took the lead to get in, Su Mo and Qianchengxue also followed closely from behind, and it was because they were not fat, otherwise they might not be able to get in.

The inside of the pipe is dark and has a very pungent smell. If there is no accident, the pipe should be an abandoned sewage pipe.


A small exclamation sounded suddenly.

Su Mo was also stunned, as if he felt his face hit, something soft and elastic.

Then the whole body trembled, and he quickly slowed down his crawling speed.

About ten minutes later, a trident appeared in front.

Xin Yang swiftly crawled to the left without thinking. In fact, robots still have many advantages over humans. For example, in terms of memory, as long as the data is not damaged, they can easily recall all key points.

The three were like rats, crawling through the complex network of underground pipes.

In the control room of the underground central control room of the City of Dragons, in front of the artificial intelligence Β· All God, the feedback image squares kept popping up one by one.

The corners of the Underground City are shown in the image squares.

Artificial intelligence Β· Panshen constantly analyzes each feedback video, and did not find the silhouettes of Su Mo and Qianchengxue at all.

The one after another prompt pops up.

“Search failed!”

“Lost target!”


At this time, the bloated body of the artificial intelligence keeps surging. Electric sparks came out, and the hoarse voice of mechanical synthesis sounded.

“Where did the wicked mouse go?”

“Hide and seek, it’s fun!”

“Hide quickly, don’t let me catch Here it is.”


The artificial intelligence Β· All God’s synthetic voice suddenly became extremely sharp.

“Don’t think that if you hide, I will not be able to find you. I am this world Sovereign. Since I cannot find it on the surface, I will hide in the ground.”

Immediately after A virtual image prompt box pops up.

“A new combat order is being generated.”

“A super-biological type II Corrosive Worm is dispatched*100!”

“A motive micro-mechanical spider is dispatched*10000 “

“Send out the super-biological type III soft-bodied synthetic beast.”

One after another command was quickly conveyed.

Suddenly, a large number of micro-mechanical spiders and type II corrosive worms with disgusting green hair and black bloated bodies appeared in every corner of the underground city of praying for dragons, and they burrowed into the underground pipes one after another. .

Look for invaders like locusts.

In a closed space at the bottom of the pipe, a gate was opened, and a mass of soft tentacles, a type III soft-bodied synthetic beast like seaweed, wriggled out, and its soft body drilled straight into the main pipe.

At this moment, Su Mo and the others were taking him when Xin Yang, who was crawling on the pipe, suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Qianchengxue, who followed behind, asked suspiciously.

“I heard a sound that I shouldn’t have heard, and I felt a slight and chaotic vibration in the pipeline.”

Xin Yang replied in a low voice.

“What does this mean?”

“Judging from the vibration frequency and sound, it should be a mechanical spider crawling over the pipeline near us. If there is no accident, it should be artificial The intelligence, Quan Shen sent out to hunt you down, it should have guessed that you ran to the underground pipeline.”

“What should I do then?”

Su Mo looked at Xin. Yang, he also admires Xin Yang’s ability, the function of the machine is indeed much stronger than that of the human in some aspects. Just like the vibrations and abnormal noises he said just now, if he is dead, he will judge that there is an enemy approaching, and it is impossible to judge what the opponent is.

“We have to speed up and reach the central building before the other party finds us. Otherwise, once we are found, we have no chance of winning, and there is absolutely no possibility of escape.”

Xin Yang also started to get nervous.


Su Mo and Qianchengxue responded at the same time.

So the three of them accelerated and climbed forward. At the same time, Xin Yang also stopped from time to time, put his ears on the pipe, and felt the vibration of the pipe to judge whether the pipe in front was safe.

Xin Yang kept changing his route.

Suddenly Xin Yang was startled and accelerated her crawling speed.

“Hurry up!”

Although they didn’t know what was going on, Su Mo and Qianchengxue immediately obeyed Xin Yang’s words and speeded up their crawling.

Soon Xin Yang climbed to the middle of a section of the pipe, and he pushed hard on the side pipe wall.

Suddenly there was a gap in the wall of the metal pipe.

β€œGo in!”

Su Mo and the two followed and climbed in. There was a very narrow escape space, which was a bit like a safe house.

Immediately, Xin Yang re-sealed the wall of the pipe, and the three of them sat quietly on the High Level.

At this time, sticky tentacles squirmed in, and the three Su Mo, who were hiding in the inner safe house area, could clearly hear the strange sound. All three remained extremely calm, holding their breaths, without making any movement.

After a while, there was gradually no movement outside, and everyone was relieved.

It was only when Su Mo found out that the place where they were was very crowded, the left shoulder was leaning against something soft, and every now and then a faint fragrance could be smelled.

In the darkness, Qianchengxue lowered her head, her long silver hair covering her flushed cheeks. At this moment, she could clearly feel that something was pressing against her right chest, and her whole body felt like an electric shock.

Xin Yang saw that the crisis was over, reopened the exit, and climbed out.

“It’s safe for now, let’s go!”


Su Mo and Qianchengxue crawled out in a panic.

At this time, I saw a lot of sticky liquid in the original dirty pipe.

“What monster is this?”

Su Mo asked, shifting the atmosphere.

“It should be a monster of a puppet super creature. It’s a very high-ranking monster. If we encounter it, there is absolutely no way to survive.”

Xin Yang explained rationally.

“I really look up to us.”

Su Mo didn’t know whether to be happy or a headache.

“Let me tell you this, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence Β· All God is, it is only a central system after all. If people succeed in getting close, no matter how weak you are, they will still pose a threat to them. .”

Xin Yang tilted his head and explained in a popular way.

“You mean that if we enter the central control room, we have a chance to defeat him?”

Qianchengxue heard the unspoken implication.

“Theoretically, this is the case.”

Xin Yang replied as he crawled forward.

“Are all the pipes here so narrow?”

Su Mo asked in confusion as his knees hurt a little.

“There is a relatively large main pipeline, but I avoided all of them. That pipeline is too dangerous. Hold on, we are very close to our destination.”

” Good.”

Although Su Mo said so, he was inexplicably lost in his heart.

(end of this chapter)

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