Star Ring Mission Chapter 354


Chapter 354 Discovery

On the surface of the city of prayers, the fourth generation of puppet creatures mecha Mezzix and the fourth generation Two huge monsters collided violently, and the shock wave of terror swept away, destroying the buildings all around, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.


The two mecha roared like monsters at the same time.

The fighting puppet super creatures and mecha formations all subconsciously stay away from the center of the battlefield for fear of being affected.

Long Ming watched the fierce battle from afar, and the old face was also tense.

Li Ruiqi said in a deep voice: “The situation doesn’t seem to be very good. So far, Augustus has not won the opponent. If he loses, he will be in big trouble.”

“Don’t worry, a puppet is a puppet. How could it be possible to beat Augustus, and how did the other troops attack?”

“It was exceptionally smooth, and the opponent should be unable to stand it. Under the fierce attack of our troops, we are retreating steadily, and we have now occupied nearly half of the city of Qilong.”

“If something goes wrong, there will be monsters, don’t be careless, be careful that the sewer capsizes. .”

“Don’t worry, I have dispatched a large number of personnel to search the captured area to prevent getting caught in the opponent’s trap.”

“Well, in addition to finding the enemy’s Is the central control center?”

“I haven’t found it yet.”

Li Ruiqi hesitated to reply.

At this moment, there was a loud bang and a deafening cheer.

I saw the fourth-generation creature, Mecha Kvasz, grabbed the neck of the IV-generation puppet creature Mecha Metzkes with one hand, and sprinted, knocking down three steel buildings in a row. In the end, the IV generation puppet creature, mecha Mezzix fiercely, was smashed to the ground.

But before everyone’s cheers were over, the fourth-generation puppet creature mecha Mozix’s eyes turned red, and he suddenly raised his foot, kicking the fourth-generation creature mecha Kwassiz with one foot. on the chest.

The fourth-generation creature, Mecha Kwassiz, flew out like a cannonball, smashing heavily on the steel building behind.

The situation has been pulled back.

Long Ming took a deep breath and said: “Look again! If we don’t find the opponent’s central nest, victory will not belong to us.”



In a sewage room at the bottom of the Underground City CenterΒ·Dragon Administrative Council Building.


The cover of the sewage inspection port on the ground was pushed open, and the three of Xin Yang drilled out one by one.

β€œWhere is this place?”

The three of Su Mo looked at the pile of rubbish and the stench in the house.

“This is the abandoned sewage room of the Dragon Administrative Council Building.”

“Artificial Intelligence Β· All God is here?”

“Yes, It’s in the central control room at the bottom. But be careful, this is its long-running lair, and it will be troublesome if exposed.”

Xin Yang gently opened the door and stuck out his head to observe the outside condition.

Confirming that there is no danger for the time being, Xin Yang gently closed the door again. Then his eyes glowed, projecting a projection onto the ground.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue looked at Xin Yang’s projection, their expressions moved slightly and took a deep breath.

“This is?”

“This is the underground structure diagram of this administrative building, which is divided into twelve functional areas, biochemical laboratory, mechanical weapon reserve, biological Hangar, freezer.”

Xin Yang began to introduce.

“The center should be the central control?”


“Where are we now?”

“We are currently on the eastern edge. Under normal circumstances, we should pass through the biochemical laboratory and the freezer. By the way, I forgot to tell you that there are passage gates every other distance. Normally, there are mechanical guards. Guards. And many gates and elevators require permission, and there are various surveillance equipment here.”

Xin Yang pointed to the projection map one after another to explain.

“Will we not be found out as soon as we go out?”

“I can take you to avoid those devices as much as possible.”

“That won’t work, The probability of sneaking in silently is too low, and it will still be discovered sooner or later.”

Su Mo said with great certainty.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“Where can Xin Yang get weapons? We need two mechas so that we can kill them.”

Su Mo felt a little crazy.

Qianchengxue also agreed with Su Mo when she heard Su Mo say this.

“I think it’s feasible.”

“Are you sure? The defense here is very strong in my memory.”

Xin Yang is not very optimistic.

“Normally speaking, it is true that there is no chance, but if there is no accident. The weapons guarded here should all be dispatched to deal with the external battle. Maybe it is really feasible.”

“Okay, then I’ll take you to the arsenal, there should be spare mecha that has not been modified, and the arsenal is not very far from our location.”

Xin Yang nodded replied.

The three of them sneaked out of the sewage room and came to the empty metal corridor.

Underground Central Control Room.

In front of the artificial intelligence Β· All God, a square image popped up immediately.

It is the three Su Mo sneaking around in the image, and their every move is silently captured by him.

The unpleasant mechanical synthesis sounded again.

“The mouse, found.”

“The capture plan is on.”

“Hint: The super-biological reserve is not enough weapons.”

“Hint: Insufficient inventory of large weapons.”

“Generate a backup plan,”

“Dispatch base defenders!”

“Dispatch killing machines Puppets!

“Retreat search formation.”

are guarding various areas, each with a tracked, dual-wielding Gatling, with two gun barrels on their shoulders The eyes of the base guards lit up.

They left their defense zone and moved towards Su Mo and rushed over.

At this time, Xin Yang was leading Su Mo and the two of them. , cautiously against the wall, groping for the arsenal, when they came to a cross.

They stopped when they heard a rumbling sound approaching.


“What kind of sound is that. “

“Somewhat like a tank?” ”

Qianchengxue brows slightly wrinkle.

The next second, they saw a base defender emerge from the left, with a dark Gatling muzzle To them.

“Flash! “

Su Mo eyes shrank shouted.

The three sprint forward.

peng peng ~~

The base guard The attackers opened fire instantly, and the dense rain of bullets swept across the metal wall behind Su Mo and the others, sparks flying.

If the reaction was slow, it would have been beaten into a sieve.

Three people Struggling to run forward.

“What’s the matter, didn’t you say you can avoid the other party? How could it be found not long ago. “

“I don’t know, I tried to avoid all the camera nodes in my memory, unless they were added later. “

Xin Yang also doesn’t understand.

“This is not the time to discuss, how far are we from the arsenal? “

Qiancheng Xue calmly replied.

“It’s not too far, the corridor in front comes to the end, turn left and you’ll be there.” “

Xin Yang immediately replied.

But before Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue raised their hopes, a base guard appeared at the end of the front corridor to block their way. The pitch-black muzzle descended on Su Mo and the others.


(end of this chapter)

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