Star Ring Mission Chapter 356


Chapter 356 Treasury

Artificial intelligence Β· Omniscient can not care about the mice in the base, it will once again Attention shifted to the frontal battlefield.

“Starting alternate options.”

“Unlocking the arsenal of nuclear mines”

“Send a suicide order to activate mecha Mezzix self, a Generation IV puppet creature -destruct program.”

“Send a command to rage all super creature puppet monsters.”

In the surface area of the city of dragons, Augustus controls the fourth generation with red eyes The creature, mecha Kvasz, punched the puppet IV Mecha Metzkes with punch after punch.

The armor on its surface was shattered, revealing the deep biological tissue, and the flesh flew out for a while.

Augulas felt like there was an inexhaustible anger in his heart, swallowing his reason.

He’s like a wild beast about to tear his enemies to pieces.

This bloody and brutal scene made the onlookers feel not the joy of victory, but the fear from their hearts.

At this moment, the bloody Mezzix who was beaten suddenly swelled up.

Li Ruiqi’s expression changed slightly, and his voice trembled as he said: “The other party wants to be self-destructed!”

The players of the Free Guild saw this scene and shouted in horror: “President, hurry up. Hide!”

“Don’t panic, Augustus will handle everything!”

Long Ming is still very confident in Augustus.

At this time, Augustus killed Red Eye, ignoring the sign that the other party wanted to self-destruct. Kvassiz, which he controlled, let out a wild beast roar, and the heat radiation reaction value in his body soared, and the next second, his right hand completely penetrated the swollen Mozzix chest.

Mezze’s body began to wither away like a deflated balloon. At the same time, a column of blood sprayed into the sky, causing a rain of polluted blood.

All around the signal rods inserted into the cervical spine of the surviving super-biological Puppet Beast burst out with red lightning.

The super creatures Puppet Beast who survived on the scene suddenly went berserk and moved towards the combined forces to launch a suicide attack.

The battlefield is getting harder.

Under the cover of intense fighting, high-intensity CDW-02 nuclear mines are being transported up through special pipelines.

Underground City CenterΒ·Dragon’s Administrative Council Building.

Su Mo followed the directions and ran all the way. He didn’t remember how many times he turned, and he didn’t know if it was good luck or other reasons.

Along the way, he ran exceptionally smooth, and the guard weapons he encountered along the way were all still, as if he could not feel him, or he was paralyzed by interference. There is an 80% probability that the spar in his hand played a role.

In the end, he followed the directions and ran to the end. The crystal stone in his hand, the rays of light emitted by him were already extremely strong.

In front of you is a golden gate with a height of more than 50 meters, a magnificent imposing manner and a lifelike giant dragon embossed on the surface.

There are two rows of heavy base defenders at the entrance, but their eyes are all extinguished.


Su Mo is also a little bit unbelievable, there is such a luxurious scene in the city of praying dragons. His impression was either a steel structure or a dead body.

In addition, this gate will not be made of pure gold.

Su Mo cautiously walked through the guards, extended the hand subconsciously, and touched the golden gate.

As a result, the bracelet immediately pops up a prompt.

“Is it converted into a golden point?”

Su Mo was dumbfounded. Really pure gold.


He chose to confirm without saying a word.

“The conversion is successful.”

In the next second, the golden gate disappeared out of thin air, and the Su Mo bracelet received 30 million gold points.

Before Su Mo came back to his senses from his amazed emotions, the extremely shocking scene in front of him came directly into his eyes. A huge treasury is displayed, and at a glance, there are mountains of gold and silver piled up here.

The golden gold can brighten everyone’s eyes, and Su Mo feels a little dry in his throat.

He walked in step by step.

Su Mo thinks he doesn’t feel anything about money, but his heart is not calm at the moment.

Uncontrolled acceleration of heartbeat.

Su Mo took a few deep breaths to calm down a bit. Immediately start to do it, and convert these golden mountains and silver mountains into golden points and silver points.

If he guessed correctly, these gold and silver should have been prepared by the Dragon Kingdom to participate in the Cup of Heaven. Only then they gave up, and the gold and silver are left here.

Watching the gold and silver points on the bracelet skyrocket, Su Mo felt happier than ever.

In just one hour, Su Mo converted all the gold and silver stored here into points.

He looked at the bracelet, he now holds 1.321 billion gold points and 12.689 billion silver points, which are so many that Su Mo is somewhat numb.

A strange thought appeared in his mind, if he suddenly exchanged these gold and silver points for cash.

Have you become the richest man in the world in seconds?

He did a little conversion, and if gold points and silver points don’t depreciate, it seems to be true.

Of course Su Mo was just thinking about it, he wasn’t stupid enough to do it.

He had a hunch that these gold and silver points would definitely be of great use in the future, but he didn’t know how to use them.

Su Mo calmed down a little and turned to observe the treasury. In addition to the piles of gold and silver mountains, there are also many luxury goods such as jewelry and antiques.

Of course he subconsciously ignores that these things are worthless.

But there was something in the very center of the treasury that completely caught Su Mo’s attention.

In the central area, there is a huge metal platform, with countless mechanical tentacles clipping a prismatic spar with a special halo.

But there’s a corner missing from that prismatic spar.

The missing corner, so immortal shape, is very consistent with the spar in Su Mo’s hand.

Of course, the two spar stones don’t seem to have any difference in material, it’s just a matter of size.

If I guessed correctly, it should be Dandan’s grandfather, who secretly detained it in order to save his granddaughter.

At that time, Su Mo could probably tell from the base, documents, photos, and the famous quotes left behind. Dandan’s grandfather should also be a great scientist. As for why he went to such a remote place, it may be because of someone’s idea.

Looking at the spar in front of him again, Su Mo’s expression is constantly changing. According to normal urine, this spar should be re-embedded on this large prismatic spar.

But Su Mo really didn’t dare to do it casually.

The ghost knows what will happen if you do this, what if you strengthen the enemy?

Su Mo’s expression changed, and he decided to ignore this matter for the time being. He first observed the treasury, and the other what.

Soon a bottle of fire was placed in unusual order, completely attracting Su Mo’s attention.

There are a hundred bottles of fire here.

Su Mo’s head is a little dizzy, and the wealth of this stock is too exaggerated, so exaggerated that he doesn’t know what to do.

With so much fire, he can’t fit in his backpack.

But whatever, fill it up first.

(end of this chapter)

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