Star Ring Mission Chapter 357


Chapter 357 Unidentified Crystals

Just when Su Mo was sore and happy.

On the other side, Qiancheng Xue was dragging Xin Yang on a life-threatening escape.

A station base guard was chasing after him, and a dense rain of bullets kept shooting from behind.

Xin Yang kept giving hints.

“Thirty centimeters to the left, thirty-six centimeters to the right”

Qianchengxue fled, while following Xin Yang’s instructions to blindly evade.

Not to mention that Xin Yang’s tips were very accurate, all the bullets and beams that came from the back were avoided by Qianchengxue.

It’s almost like a small artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the tacit cooperation between the two, they were not immediately killed by the enemy.

But even so, Qianchengxue’s situation is not very optimistic. No matter where they run, they will run into the blocking enemy head-on.

A large number of micro-mechanical spiders even began to appear, and some of the weapons that were sent to the sewers to encircle them have returned.

“We can’t go on like this, we are about to be driven to a dead end.”

Xin Yang reminded Qianchengxue after analyzing their current position.

Qianchengxue bit her lip lightly, she didn’t need Xin Yang to say it, she knew it.

“Isn’t there any way to get past it?”

“No, all roads leading to the arsenal and the central control room are blocked. The other party predicted our behavior. , unless you can kill it, but you don’t have any weapons in your hands, it becomes an endless loop.”

Xin Yangshook the head.

As far as the two of them were speaking, at the corner of the corridor ahead, black tentacles covered with suction cups extended out.

“Not good is a super biological puppet!”

Xin Yang said in horror.

Qiancheng Xue instinctively stepped back, but a rumbling sound came from behind.

The base defenders rushed over and blocked the escape route.

Qianchengxue bit her lip, but was finally blocked by the other party. It was all over, although she was very unwilling and finally came here, but she really had no choice.

Anyone is powerless in this situation.

“Target clearing!”

A station base defender raises the barrel.

But at this moment, suddenly one after another gloomy and dull orb appeared inexplicably in the metal corridor.


Suddenly, the smoke exploded in the sky, and then a mechanical dragonfly flew out of the smoke. These mechanical dragonfly tails are equipped with special induced interference devices, and each red dot flashes.

Immediately, those base defenders immediately changed their attack targets and strafeed at those mechanical dragonflies.

But those mechanical dragonflies were exceptionally agile, easily dodging the attack, and then those mechanical dragonflies rammed directly into the base defenders and those black tentacles.


A violent explosion continued.

Qianchengxue was choked by the thick fog and tears were almost streaming down her cheeks, and she had no idea what was going on.

At this time, one hand grabbed Qianchengxue’s hand.

Qianchengxue was subconsciously startled, she instinctively turned her head to look over, and was about to resist.

It turned out to be a very delicate and pretty, gentle girl who grabbed her hand, the girl in front of her said.

“I’m not an enemy, come with me.”

“Hurry up, Han Min.”

A voice came from the ground, through the thick fog Qianchengxue found that the metal ground was lifted at an unknown time.

“Let’s go, it will be too late.”


Qianchengxue didn’t think much about it, and let’s get rid of the danger first, because No matter how bad it is, it can’t be worse than death.

So she dragged Xin Yang and followed them into the ground.

The following is a very narrow passage, and there are three people hiding in it. They leave here immediately after they come down.

The central control room of the City of Dragons.

One after another prompt keeps popping up in front of artificial intelligence Β· All God.

“Warning, unknown attack!”

“Warning, missing target!”

A hoarse, synthetic mechanical voice echoed in the central control room.

“This group of stupid mice can’t help showing up at last!”

“Execute the tracking plan!”

“I will strangle the target immediately!”

At this time, another prompt box popped up.

“Warning: Trigger system startup, someone invaded the treasury.”

“Stupid mouse, dare to touch my treasury!”

“Evil thief !”

“Stupid thief!”


Artificial intelligence Β· bloated body constantly emits electric sparks, making extremely harsh the sound of.

“Strangling! Strangling! Strangling all!”


In the treasury of Dragon City, Su Mo took 20 bottles of tinder to spare, more There’s no use.

Of course this is a comforting word, but the reality is that he really can’t hold it, so he can only give it up with tears.

He took another tour of the treasury.

The wealth and goodies stored here are truly innumerable.

Unfortunately, except for the gold and silver points, most of them are useless for Su Mo.

Su Mo walked to the center platform again and looked at the special prismatic spar floating in front of him.

When his expression became more and more tangled, he suddenly heard a strange movement from outside the treasury behind him.

Su Mo’s expression changed slightly, if there is no accident, the enemy should have found his position.

In fact, the enemy came later than expected, and it should have been disturbed by the spar in front of him.

In addition, the reason why he was discovered should be that he was too greedy. Converting all the gold and silver mountains away must have triggered an alarm device.

It is said that people will lose their minds in the face of money, didn’t expect that they will fall into place.

Su Mo’s expression changed, and he finally decided to give it a shot.

He stepped onto the mechanical platform head-on and embedded the crystal in his hand into the giant crystal.

In an instant, the entire giant prismatic crystal erupted into bright radiance.

Su Mo also feels extremely dazzling.

That’s when something strange happened.

The giant prismatic shackles and mechanical tentacles all burst into brilliant sparks.

In the center of the metal platform, a gap was also cracked, exposing a channel.

Then the giant prism began to shrink and moved towards Su Mo.

Su Mo raised his hand to block it, and when the prismatic crystals touched his hand, they penetrated directly into his body.


Su Mo felt her heart pounding violently.

The pain of suffocation swept over, and he immediately one-knee kneels down.

My brain is blank!

Damn, this is.

Su Mo tried his best to suppress the pain, he didn’t know what the prism could be used for. But there is one thing Su Mo is very clear about, if he continues to kneel here, when the enemy kills him, he can be killed with one shot.

But the severe pain made him simply unable to move. At this time, he was in severe pain even breathing.

If it was a turtle that was blocked into a urn before, then it was more or less able to resist or escape, and now it is a lamb to be slaughtered.

And at the moment when the spar disappeared, all the interference disappeared completely.

The roaring sound of heavy weapons moving closer and closer.

Su Mo is also getting more and more anxious.

A moment ago, on the surface battlefield of Dragon City, Augustus was solving the enemy’s four generations of mecha. Then he drove the fourth-generation creature mecha Kwassiz and rushed to those type III super-biological puppet monsters.

Blow up one with one punch, imposing manner like Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

Under its one-sided slaughter, the combined forces instantly occupied most of the city of Qilong.

(end of this chapter)

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