Star Ring Mission Chapter 359


Chapter 359 Playing

In the treasury, a heavy base guard rushed in.

Su Mo clutched his chest, lifted the head with difficulty, and watched a large number of enemies rush in, also a little resigned.

At this moment, he suddenly found that his limbs could move.

Looking at the entrance in front of him, Su Mo’s mouth was slightly raised, a smile appeared, and he won.

He staggered to his feet against the severe pain.

At this time, a station base defender surrounded him, with pitch-black guns aimed at him.

Su Mo sprinted as hard as he could to the center of the front platform and jumped in.


Su Mo felt like he was on a slide, sliding down the narrow passage.

Although I don’t know where this passage will eventually lead, at least a life has been saved.

Su Mo was in a better mood than ever before, he could imagine how furious that artificial intelligence, All God, would be.

Just then, a dim light appeared ahead.

Immediately after, Su Mo slid out and fell heavily on the ground. He couldn’t help but let out a pained groan. Sure enough, one should not be too proud.

Su Mo took a few deep breaths, slowly came over and stood up, looking towards all around is also a glimpse, this is a closed control room with a huge circular metal platform.

There is a tangle of wires all over the place, and a vibrating electronic noise reverberates in the air.

In the central area is a large, dusty, circular central console, with a cylindrical metal pillar standing in the center of the console. The pillars are densely covered with complicated groove loops. Up ahead of the cylinder, a giant ball of white sarcoma chiseled machinery floats in the midair, with super-thick optical cables on its body linked to the metal pillars.


A hoarse mechanical voice sounded.

Su Mo’s face was so gloomy that he could no longer be gloomy, and he fell directly into the enemy’s lair. No, it should be directly attached to the boss’s face.

If Su Mo has a mecha in his hand at this time, even if it is a first-generation mecha green shield, he will definitely be happy.

The problem is that he has nothing but a handful of ink snow.

“Artificial Intelligence 路 All God!”

Su Mo replied coldly.

“Shut up, filthy and inferior creatures can also call God’s name directly.”

Artificial intelligence 路 Panshen made an angry synthetic voice.

Su Mo didn’t intend to get used to the other party. He said with a sneer: “Look at your current appearance. You don’t look like a ghost and you still call yourself a god? What’s the difference between you and a monster now?”

“Arrogant! I gather the wisdom of all people, omnipotent and omniscient!”

Su Mo pumped Mo Xue to prevent this guy from jumping off the wall and attacking suddenly.

But in the next second, something strange happened. The artificial intelligence, the bloated body, burst out with red lightning, and made different voices, some women, some young.

“I’m so scared! Don’t come here.”

“It’s so dark here.”

Su Mo’s thoughts turned, and he reacted immediately.

This guy must have gathered too much thinking, causing him to be a little confused. This is why, he always feels that the enemy’s pursuit is a bit slow.

A normal artificial intelligence with such a powerful algorithm, if it wants to hunt them down, it should be able to easily block all their escape routes, and will not give them a chance to escape at all.

With that said, this guy isn’t invincible either.

In addition, Su Mo also pays attention, this guy doesn’t know if it was too rough when it was made, or it was damaged later.

The white sarcoma inside the artificial intelligence路Quanshen, many parts are exposed. If Mo Xue stabs two swords, it is estimated that the effect is not generally good.

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s eyes flashed decisively, killing the opponent.

He could climb up the cable and stab the guy.

Among them, the most exposed part of the main fiber optic cable link is done. Su Mo rushed forward without saying a word, his figure was almost like an afterimage, and he rushed towards the artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient very quickly.


However, Su Mo just rushed up, suddenly an energy barrier rose up, and he didn’t have time to react, and hit him head-on.

The whole life took a few steps back in pain, and he was also shocked, what happened.

If you look carefully, you can find that the artificial intelligence 路 Panshen raised a transparent Energy Shield on the ground in front of him, dividing the entire central control room into two.

The chaotic artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient makes a harsh sound.

“Stupid ants, really think I’m something you can shake. This is my domain, where I’m God!”

“You want God, I’m you Ancestor, isn’t it an Energy Shield?”

Su Mo slashed Mo Xue fiercely on it.


The huge anti-shock force made Su Mo’s hand holding the sword somewhat numb.

“Haha that’s it! Trifling mortal body, dare to challenge the majesty of War God?”

“hmph don’t be too happy!”

Su Mo Took a deep breath, with a very chilled expression, then raised his left hand to face the energy barrier, and then instantly exerted force.

In the end, nothing happened, and Su Mo also had a black line on his face, it shouldn’t be!

According to the film’s routine, fuse the prismatic spar by yourself. I should get some special abilities, how can I feel like nothing happened!

Could it be the wrong way to turn it on, so Su Mo then tried a few more times. Holding his breath, he used all his strength to wave his left and right hands back and forth.


Unfortunately, it’s still useless.

“Haha, stupid clown, this is your ability? Now it’s my turn, let you see what the true power of God is!”

I see All around the wall unfolded, and the dark muzzles and barrels protruded out.

“Grass ~ this is what you said, the power of God?”

Su Mo was also speechless, which is clearly not about martial arts.

peng peng ~

A heavy rain of bullets came.

Su Mo’s face darkened and he avoided the limit.

Jingle! Jingle!

Su Mo ran quickly and dodged, not daring to stand still. His nerves were tense to the limit, as long as his movements slowed down a little, he would immediately be beaten to a pulp.

But the next second, a cannonball came over.

It landed right up ahead of Su Mo, and the impact of the explosion swept him out, hitting him hard on the ground.

There is no way, with the computing and locking capabilities of artificial intelligence, it is simply not something that an ordinary person can avoid.

At this time, the dark muzzle turned around.

Su Mo put his hands on the ground, got up and dodged to the limit, and just dodged the dense rain of bullets, he hit the spot where he just fell to the ground.

“The ants’ dodging technique is good, but in front of God, they are extremely idiots, making you feel what is called despair!”

Artificial intelligence 路 A machine that gives pleasure Synthetic voice, if someone stands in front of the artificial intelligence 路 All God and sees the attack command it presents, he will find that all its attacks have room for dodging. And Su Mo is like a marionette, dodging the same awkwardly according to its predictions.

(end of this chapter)

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