Star Ring Mission Chapter 360


Chapter 360 cunning

To put it bluntly, artificial intelligence Β· Quan Shen is fully capable of calculating all attack trajectories in one breath The one who shot Su Mo.

But it just doesn’t do it. It is venting its anger and playing with the mouse in front of it. Anyway, it has energy barrier protection and is invincible.


The overhead of the central control room opens the launch ports one by one.

The twin-headed beam rotating blades are ejected one by one, and these beam blades automatically lock on Su Mo and attack at high speed from all directions.

Su Mo leaned back and flew a spinning beam flying blade against his forehead.

At this time, two rotating beams hit the left and the right.

Su Mo twisted his body to the limit and tried to dodge sideways!

“Left shoulder!”

Artificial intelligence Β· Panshen made a mechanical hoarse voice.

Suddenly, a rotating beam blade suddenly changed its flight path.


Blood splash!

Su Mo’s left shoulder was immediately cut with a horrible to see wound.

He gritted his teeth and endured the pain as he rushed towards the artificial intelligence.

“Right shoulder!”


Before Su Mo could react, another incision was cut in his right shoulder by the spinning beam blade. At this time, the artificial intelligence Β· omniscient is like a god, whichever part of Su Mo’s body is to be cut, whichever position is cut.

“Give up the struggle!”


Su Mo still refuses to admit defeat and rushes towards the artificial intelligence Β· All God, but that energy barrier It was like an insurmountable mountain separating the two.

“Stupid, go to hell!”

Intensive and terrifying artillery fire came over.

“hmph ~”

Su Mo suddenly slammed to the ground, all the attacks from all directions didn’t hit Su Mo, but strikes on the energy barrier.

Rumble, big bang.

Su Mo played a trick. Since he couldn’t break the energy barrier, he used the enemy’s spear to pierce his own shield.

Unfortunately, when the fireworks of the explosion dissipated, the energy barrier still had nothing to do with it.

Su Mo’s heart sinks to the bottom, and he also feels a little hopeless. The battle between the two of them is not a contest of one level at all, it is a one-sided play.

“Haha, clever, but you have to pay for your cleverness! Fire!”

ka ka!

The metal ground suddenly opened, one after another The crater is exposed, spewing raging flames at Su Mo.

Su Mo rolled to the left in embarrassment, and was still rubbed by the raging flames. His entire right skin was a little burnt, and the pain of the burn made him grin.

“I won’t play with you! Cage!”

A metal cage suddenly rose from the ground, and Su Mo was directly trapped in it.

“Damn it!”

Su Mo swung the ink snow on the railing of the metal cage, but it didn’t work at all, it was too strong.

β€œHaha, despair! Soon you will die in despair. Make you regret everything you have done, and I will make your corpse taxidermy when you die!”


After the artificial intelligence Β· Quan Shen finished speaking, the bottom of the entire cage began to release drama poison qi.

Su Mo immediately covered his nose, but it was of no use at all. The moment the highly poisonous poison touched Su Mo’s skin, his skin began to show purple spots, and then he fell to the ground, his body Uncontrolled twitching.

He curled up in pain.

Artificial Intelligence Β· Full God is like watching little white mouse with great interest.

Just as Su Mo’s consciousness became more and more hazy, he reached into his backpack.

Then Su Mo fell to the ground motionless, like it was cold!

“Scan target!”

“Confirm target has no Life Aura!”

“Target is dead!”

one after another The prompt pops up in front of the artificial intelligence: Full God.

“Stupid rat! That’s the end of offending God”

The artificial intelligence Β· All God was so pleased with the result that it retracted its cage.

At the same time, the metal wall on the left cracked, and a mechanical hand extended out, moving towards Su Mo’s body and grabbing it.

Suddenly, Su Mo, who fell to the ground, suddenly opened his eyes and his injuries recovered as before.

“Hehe, what are you happy about, I’m not dead yet!”

Just now, all the sparks in the backpack behind him have been turned on, and they will work as long as they die. .

At this moment, the artificial intelligence is like being played with, and it is very angry.

“Damn cockroaches, it’s kind of cunning, but that’s more interesting.”

The AI didn’t care, of course, it knew what Su Mo was resurrected with. But so what, just right, you can kill one more time.

So it started to kill!

ka ka!

In an instant, there were hundreds of gaps in the wall of the central control room, and the densely packed muzzle extended out.

At the same time, the artificial intelligence fully locks on Su Mo and calculates the attack position in all directions.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, rushing towards the energy barrier again with extreme speed.

The so-called Energy Shield is not generated out of thin air, but is generated by an underground transmitter. He can destroy the barrier in front of him as long as he inserts Moxue along the gap and attacks the launch device at the bottom.

Although the other party played him like a mouse just now.

But Su Mo is using the other party’s trick to find a breakthrough point.

As long as you break through to the artificial intelligence Β· All God, then the victory is yours.

However, when Su Mo rushed out seven or eight meters away, his head was shot in an instant, and he couldn’t die any longer.

But in the next second, Su Mo got up again, and the injuries all over his body recovered as before.

The artificial intelligence Β· omniscient synthetic machine made a doubtful sound.

“Not dead yet?”

“hehe, if you’re a god, I’m immortal!”

Su Mo smiled sarcastically.

The synthetic voice of artificial intelligence and full of rage machinery sounded.

“Damn rats! I’m going to tear you apart!”


Su Mo is not afraid of death at all, and still sprints forward, as if dancing on the fingertips of Death God, he dodges lightly.


The spinning beam blade missed his body and hit the ground.

Su Mo looks more focused and more confident. As long as he is not afraid of death and let go of his hands and feet, his strength will increase several times at once.

Artificial intelligence Β· Full God became more and more furious, and the bloated body began to emit a lot of electric sparks, and then a red lightning slammed down from the top of the metal ceiling.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes, concentrated one’s mind, dodging with all his might.


The red lightning didn’t hit Su Mo, but hit a lot of chaotic lines.

The lines were destroyed and sparks flew.

The entire central control room became extremely lively, and the artificial intelligence became more and more angry!

“Damn rats!”

“Maybe you will become dead in the future It’s a rat.”

Su Mo sneered unceremoniously, but of course he didn’t do it for his own sake. The purpose is to interfere with the other party’s thoughts and make the other party’s spirit more and more confused.

He found that the more angry the artificial intelligence Β· omniscient, the bigger the deviation of its calculated values, the current attack is not as good as at first.

(end of this chapter)

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