Star Ring Mission Chapter 361


Chapter 361 Accidents

If this guy regains his senses and figures out what to do, he will be in big trouble.


Artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient body constantly emits electric sparks.

A prompt box keeps popping up in front of it.

“Warning, the circuit is wrong!”

“Warning, the internal biological substance is unstable.”

Su Mo’s spirit is getting more and more excited, and the explosion is faster.

Artificial intelligence 路 All-in-one instant control of dense beam muzzle locking Su Mo!

zi zi!

Su Mo dodged frantically, he dodged one after another attack. But the attack density was too high. His left leg was hit first, and his entire body staggered to a standstill. He was hit by one after another beam in an instant, and he fell to the ground again, blood dyed into a red area.

This time Su Mo didn’t get up, like really dead.

The artificial intelligence 路 Quan Shen was really alert, so it controlled the top of the ceiling to crack, and a super-thick beam muzzle extended. It’s in order to guard against the unexpected, ready to wipe Su Mo clean.


A super-coarse beam slammed down.

At this time, motionless lying on the ground is like a dead Su Mo, jumping up, no longer pretending to be dead, hurry up and dodge!

The beam hits the metal ground, directly penetrating a deep pit.

Escaped, Su Mo secretly sighed in relief, almost skeleton doesn’t exist. However, the situation is good, and he can still be resurrected a dozen times.

Artificial intelligence 路 stared at Su Mo with all his attention, and the synthetic mechanical voice began to be confused.

“Damn, you actually have so much fire, so you won’t waste time with you.”

Artificial intelligence 路 All God directly locked Su Mo’s backpack.

It started to think that Su Mo just had one or two sparks, didn’t expect as many as the other party had. Then we can’t continue to make troubles. Changes are prone to occur, and all unstable factors must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Su Mo heard the words of Artificial Intelligence 路 All God, and his heart skipped a beat. What does this guy want to do.

Artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient makes an infiltrating voice.

“Activate the backup IV-generation biological puppet mecha 路Karol beast!”

The next second, the metal wall on the left side of the central control room burst open.

One is 33 meters high, with black metal armor embedded in the whole body, with a Tyrant Dragon-like head, black metal spikes inserted up and down the whole body, a square puppet metal cabin embedded in the center of the chest, its eyes Instantly lit up.

The IV-generation creature puppet mecha Kalomon instantly woke up from a dormant state.

If you look carefully, you can see that the mecha of this creature is not completely completed. The armor of its back spine is bare, and it is connected with a large number of optical cables.

But even if it is a semifinished product , which is also completely sufficient against Su Mo.

After awakening, the IV-generation creature puppet mecha Kalomon suddenly opened its mouth and let out a roar, and the terrifying creature breath spread out instantly.

Su Mo was startled, his whole person was like falling into an ice cave, and a very bad premonition haunted him.

Sure enough, in the next second, the IV-generation creature puppet mecha Kalomon turned his head and stared at Su Mo.

Immediately, the one after another fire in Su Mo’s backpack flew out, and all of it was absorbed by the IV-generation creature puppet mecha 路 Kalomon. The biological tissue inside the IV-generation biological puppet Mecha Kalomon that had devoured the fire seemed to be rejuvenated, and swelled up one after another. The entire IV-generation biological puppet Mecha Kalomon exuded a breath that became even more terrifying, and the inside of its mouth became even more terrifying. There was a terrifying low roar.

Artificial intelligence 路 Panshen let out a harsh laugh and gave orders to the IV-generation creature puppet mecha 路 Kalomon.

“ji茅 ji茅! Let’s see if you’re dead this time! Caro beast killed him!”

Su Mo’s heart suddenly cooled, and his greatest honor guard was given to him by the other party. Erased, this time is really dead.

Su Mo, who ran to the energy barrier, hurriedly inserted Mo Xue into the gap. Unfortunately, because the gap was too small, Mo Xue couldn’t insert it for a while and got stuck.

“I rely on it!”

When a real person has a back, drinking cold water also jams his teeth.


Su Mo had no choice but to give up and prepare for death.

IV generation creature puppet mecha 路 Kalomon lifted the giant claws and was about to shoot Su Mo to death.


The door of the central control room was slammed open, and a 30-meter-high, pitch-black IV-generation humanoid mecha rushed in. Fiercely rammed the IV creature puppet, Mecha Kalomon, and rammed it into the energy barrier on Su Mo’s left.

The huge impact made the entire central control and energy barrier shake violently, and the lines were broken.

Artificial intelligence 路 All God saw this mecha, and it was also both shocked and angry to make an incredible mechanical synthesis sound.

“Damn rebels. No, how could you possibly be driving the IV mecha Kavik! This is impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

The sudden change made Su Mo was also stunned, what is this mecha?

At this time, I was extremely shocked by the artificial intelligence, and the bloated body continued to emit electric sparks.

zi zi ~

Suddenly artificial intelligence 路 All God made a Xin Yang voice.

鈥淪u Mo.鈥

鈥淴in Yang?鈥

Su Mo was shocked!

“Quick, kill it!”

“You guys dare to defy my will, get out of my sight!”

“Brothers hold on”

For a moment, the artificial intelligence 路 Quan Shen seemed to be in extreme chaos, and Xin Yang and the others, who were swallowed up, were struggling to resist.

At this time, the IV-generation creature mecha Kavik violently threw the IV-generation creature mecha Kalomon out, then turned his head and moved towards Su Mo extend the hand and shouted.

“Su Mo!”

“Thousands of Snows!”

Su Mo was also surprised and delighted, he immediately rushed towards the IV generation creature mecha路ka Vic.

Qianchengxue controlled the IV-generation creature mecha Kavik to open his mouth suddenly, and an ultra-thick thermal radiation beam moved towards Artificial Intelligence. Instantly hits the energy barrier of artificial intelligence and all the gods up ahead.


The incomparably strong energy barrier was suddenly blasted with a gap.

“Su Mo, the opportunity is here!”

Qianchengxue immediately controlled the IV-generation creature mecha Kavik to grab Su Mo, controlled her strength and threw it out.

The next second, the IV-generation creature mecha Kalomon let out a furious roar, rushed up like a madman, and knocked Qianchengxue fiercely out of the central control room.

At this moment, Su Mo roared out, flew in through the gap in the energy barrier, and fiercely hit a half-meter-thick optical fiber cable. Immediately falling down, Su Mo, who was in great pain, endured the pain, reacted very quickly, grabbed the optical cable, and climbed up.

At this moment, for the first time, he looked directly at the artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient.

The cooperation between the two is also unusually tacit.

Without the slightest hesitation, Su Mo has unconditional trust in Qianchengxue. Even though Su Mo’s body has been strengthened now, if Qianchengxue doesn’t grasp the strength of his grasp, he will be crushed accidentally like a bubble.

Qianchengxue is also full of confidence in Su Mo, without the slightest hesitation for his assist.

Artificial intelligence 路 Pantheon Su Mo broke through its barrier and successfully approached, and frantically suppressed Xin Yang and the others and regained control.

“It’s up to you, and you think you can kill me! I’ll kill you first!”

“It’s not certain who will die!”

Su Mo raised Mo Xue in his hand and rushed towards the artificial intelligence 路 All God!

Artificial intelligence 路 The bloated body of artificial intelligence constantly emits electric sparks, and then releases one after another electric arc to hit Su Mo.

Su Mo dexterously jumped to the side of the optical cable, dodging the attack with great agility.

Artificial intelligence 路 Panshen suddenly became more and more flustered, constantly releasing arc random attacks, completely at all costs, even if it affected some of his own lines, he would not hesitate.

At this time, Su Mo was like an afterimage, dodging the attack of the artificial intelligence and omniscient,

Seeing that the distance was getting closer, the blood in Su Mo’s body boiled completely. , his speed is getting faster and faster.

At the moment of approaching, the artificial intelligence 路 Panshen made a sound in confusion.

“What are you doing?”

Artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient did not think that one day, its voice will also appear fear.

“Kill you!”

Su Mo, without any nonsense, raised Mo Xue with a sword and stabbed it into the naked white substance of artificial intelligence.


This poke is like squeezing a pimple, and the viscous and disgusting white serum suddenly flows down.

Artificial Intelligence 路 Panshen let out bursts of mourning, it felt the threat of death for the first time, and trembled inexplicably. You must know that the sword was stabbed on its body, but it caused immeasurable damage to its internal organization. If it was attacked a few more times, then the body would really die.

Then the one after another prompt box pops up.

“Warning: Life activity is impaired.”

“Warning: Internal biological circuits are damaged!”

Su Mo’s eyes were extremely indifferent, and fiercely pulled out the ink Snow, viscous slurry mixed with scarlet blood splattered on him.

Su Mo at this moment is like a killer.

Title: The formidable person of the American Society

In 1984, the appearance of Sean added another fire and poured a bucket to the already chaotic public order in the United States Oil…

What? You say he’s a source of chaos and a total badass?

You are gone!

Rebirth, Beauty Comprehensive, Coquettish Lawyer, Poison Master, Shanzhai, Hollywood, Iron Crotch, Security Group, a comprehensive business empire.

(end of this chapter)

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