Star Ring Mission Chapter 362


Chapter 362 perish together

After being approached by artificial intelligence, Quan Shen also began to show fear, begging said.

“Don’t kill me. Actually, we don’t have any hatred. As long as you are willing to let me go, I can give you anything. I can give you endless wealth, weapons for killing, and even I can make you a member of the Dragon Kingdom. The ruler can even give you immortality”

It’s a pity that it’s useless, and it’s still another cold sword to meet it.

The icy Moxue submerged into the bloated body of the artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient again, and the white viscous slurry spewed out again.

Artificial Intelligence 路 Panshen was completely panicked, it said like crazy.

“You can’t kill me, if you kill me, Xin Yang and the others will also die. All the people of the Dragon Kingdom will die, when the time comes you are the biggest executioner, and your hands will be covered with stains. Blood!”

At the same time, the artificial intelligence 路 Full God made a messy begging voice, and there was a very poor little girl.

“Big Brother don’t kill me.”

“Spare us, we don’t want to die.”

“Stop it, you murderer!”

Su Mo pulled out Mo Xue, hearing the chaotic voice, his body slightly paused.

At this moment, the artificial intelligence 路 Full God forcibly cut off a cable with sparks on his body, taking advantage of Su Mo’s hesitation, fiercely threw it behind him.

“Go to hell!”

Unfortunately, it still miscalculated. Just at the moment of its sneak attack, Su Mo volleyed a somersault and avoided the cable coming from behind.

As soon as he fell, he fiercely stabbed the inside of the artificial intelligence 路 Omniscient’s wriggling body.

Artificial Intelligence 路 Quan Shen suddenly let out an unusually shrill scream, and the virtual image frame in front of him kept popping up.

“Warning: Massive loss of biological activity!”

“Warning: Bioreserve data starting to corrupt!”

“Warning: Internal data corruption”

“You really think this will kill me? I’m Undying and Inextinguishable.”

“Data uploader started!”

But just then , Artificial Intelligence 路 Full God began to be confused again, Xin Yang and the others sounded.

“You can’t do it!”

“Su Mo stop it, cut the gray fiber optic cable at the bottom linking the control center metal column. Don’t let it spread its own data uploads Get out so we can never kill it!”

“Su Mo fast! We’d rather die than be assimilated by it!”

Su Mo’s heart skipped a beat and his teeth were pounding Go down, hug the metal post, and look at the fiber optic cable linked above. He quickly found the gray optical cable that Xin Yang and the others mentioned, raised Mo Xue and slashed it with a sword.


The gray fiber optic cable snapped.

Artificial intelligence 路 Panshen let out a desperate roar.

“no! !!”

Its data transfer unfortunately failed.

zi zi ~

The entire artificial intelligence, the bloated body of the gods, sparks everywhere, it seems to have completely collapsed!

“Since you both want to die so much, let’s be buried together!”

“The closed program starts!”


Moment Centered on the central console and itself, all around layers of metal-enclosed walls rise. There are eighteen paths on each side, completely trapping Su Mo inside.

“Activate the burial in the abyss, and bury them all with me!”


Immediately, the entire underground city began to vibrate violently, and the steel pillars supporting the interior began to vibrate violently. , broken one by one!

At this time, the IV generation puppet creature mecha Kalomon, who was fighting with Qianchengxue, lost the remote signal control due to the chaos and madness of the artificial intelligence and full god’s data, and the built-in puppet cabin stopped running. The whole mecha suddenly lost power and came to a standstill.

Qianchengxue was also stunned by this sudden change, and the steel structure at the top of the all around passage also fell off piece by piece.

The entire underground base seems to be collapsing.

鈥淪u Mo!鈥

Qianchengxue immediately controlled the IV-generation creature mecha, turned and rushed to the central control room , looking at the closed central console. Qiancheng Xue gritted her teeth and pushed the lever, and the whole mecha slammed into the thick metal barrier fiercely.

But this time the closed metal barrier is too thick to break through.

Qianchengxue controlled mecha to punch the metal barrier with punch after punch.


The entire central control room vibrated more intensely, but it had no effect at all.

“Su Mo hold on, I’m here to save you.”

So Qiancheng Xue immediately controlled mecha to back up quickly, with full power.


A terrifying beam of radiant energy strikes the thick metal barrier.

After the gunpowder smoke passed, there was only a scorched black hole left on the metal barrier, and it was useless.

At this time, more and more white slurries flowed out of the artificial intelligence 路 Quan Shen, and its main consciousness began to collapse and become confused,

“Are we going to die?”

“My dear, death is not the end, we will be detached.”

“I don’t agree”

“Thank you”

Su Mo Listening to the voice of the wrong words in Artificial Intelligence路Full Divine Physique, my heart is also extremely complicated.

He turned his head and looked towards Qianchengxue, who was desperately crashing into the barrier on the monitor screen. He jumped to the console with an extremely calm heart, adjusted the communication channel to the public channel, and picked up the microphone and pointed at Qiancheng. Snow shouted.

“Sister Xue, hurry up and get out of here. This place is going to collapse. If you don’t leave, you will be buried here.”

“Don’t be discouraged, I must put You rescued me!”

Qianchengxue gritted her teeth, desperately controlling mecha and attacking the metal barrier like crazy, but the super-thick metal barrier had too many layers, and it couldn’t be broken at all.

At the same time, the entire base was shaking more and more, and it was about to collapse.

“Listen to me, hurry up! It’s okay for me to die, but you are different, you still have dreams to achieve.”

“Enough, am I not? I’ll give up.”

Qiancheng Xue blurted out with red eyes.

Su Mo’s heart warmed when he heard Qianchengxue’s words, and a complex expression appeared on his face.

At this moment, Xin Yang’s voice suddenly sounded.

鈥淪u Mo.鈥

鈥淴in Yang? Are you in control?鈥

Su Mo is also very surprised.

“Yes, the artificial intelligence 路 All God’s will has been completely suppressed after the collapse and confusion, and now I can temporarily replace it. It is a pity that this self-destruction program and closed program are impossible once opened. Cancelled, so unfortunately I can’t send you away, sorry.”

Su Mo smiled dumbly, and then replied apologetically.

“I should have said sorry, I messed up and couldn’t save you.”

“No, you’ve done a great job. We’re strangers coming together By chance, we are very grateful for your willingness to lend a helping hand. It’s okay to be relieved like this, thank you, my good friends. I’m really sorry for hurting you.”

” It doesn’t matter.”

“But there is one thing I can do, that is to send Miss Qianchengxue out, and she can still survive.”

“That’s good! “

Su Mo nods.

So artificial intelligence 路 Xin Yang began to use his authority to control the hidden mechanical arm on the metal wall of the central control room, and at the same time deploy the ejection device on the side wall.

(end of this chapter)

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