Star Ring Mission Chapter 364


Chapter 364 Phone

“Isn’t it normal to die, people who can survive the Cup of Earth are Not much, it’s just the difference between dying early and dying late. Besides, it’s not really dead, it’s just not being able to play the Star Ring game, it’s just logistics at most, nothing at worst.”

Su Mo’s tone was unusually relaxed.

Seeing Lin Zino hesitated, Su Mo extended the hand and rubbed her hair.

“Well, don’t think about it, it’s nothing.”


Lin Zinuo lifts the head to look at Su Mo, asked uncertainly.

Su Mo smiled dumbly and said, “It’s you who comfort me or I comfort you, I really have nothing to do.”

“You lie, if it’s really okay, you Why don’t you go to work? Hiding at home?”

“Why am I hiding at home? I used to play games all night long, and I was already sleepy. I was making up for sleep. I haven’t slept well. , I was woken up by you.”

“Ah, then go back to sleep.”

Lin Zinuo said apologetically with a slightly red face.

“Forget it, don’t sleep anymore, by the way, how are you guys doing now?”

Su Mo also woke up and asked.

“It’s okay now, but the casualties are very serious. From the 20,000 people who died in the battle, there are only a few hundred people left, but fortunately we have all arrived at the City of Praying Dragons. Reunite with the big army. In addition, there is a super explosive news, Sister Xue got an IV-generation creature mecha. Now Sister Xue is completely famous and has been invited to join the Heavenly Dragon guild. Now the whole guild is boiling, don’t you? Maybe I didn’t watch the group.”

Lin Zinuo became more and more excited as he spoke.

“Please, I’m sleeping. By the way, what’s going on in the City of Dragons?”

Su Mo then asked, he didn’t feel strange about Qianchengxue being reused of. Part of the credit for winning the City of Praying Dragons this time must really go to Qianchengxue.

But then again, Su Mo is also very curious, what chance did Qianchengxue encounter after she separated from herself, and she actually got a complete IV mecha.

Of course none of this matters.

“The area of the city of praying for dragons collapsed on 2/3/2022, and now we are cleaning up and exploring. In addition, Sister Xue is bringing a team of people and is trying to see if they can dig you out. Don’t be discouraged. Maybe I will be able to rescue you when I turn around.”

“Well, I see, I’m going to wash up and get ready to go to work.”

“Uh, don’t you have a lot of rest? “

“What are you taking a break, everyone will misunderstand like you and think what’s wrong with me.”

“Then I’ll treat you to a meal, and then I’ll take you there.” How about going to work.”


Su Mo didn’t refuse, he was really hungry.

“Let’s go, change clothes quickly.”

Lin Zinuo urged in a very good mood, without the preoccupied look of being at first.


Soon after, Lin Zino took Su Mo to the entrance of a giant shopping mall building near the Dawn Group.

“Come to such a high level place?”

Su Mo was also a little surprised.

“You’re all killed, I can’t comfort you, please have a good meal.”

“Are you sure? Have a meal here, maybe you can eat it. Lose most of your salary.”

Su Mo replied with a smile.

“Chop open and eat whatever you want. If I frown, my last name is yours.”

“You said it.”

Su Mo responded with a smile road.

“As I said, it’s guaranteed that you are the only one who can’t eat, and there is no money that I can’t pay.”

“If you have enough confidence, then let’s go in.”


A few minutes later, Lin Zino took Su Mo into a cafeteria, she looked at Su Mo proudly and said

“Eat, open to eat.”

Su Mo looked at Lin Zino helplessly.

“I said why you are so generous all of a sudden, your feelings are well prepared.”

“That’s right, but I’m not kidding you. This buffet is still very good, especially It’s a dessert.”

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try.”

At the table, Lin Zino kindly served Su Mo all kinds of food. of cuisine.

“Come and try this.”

“It’s almost good, I can’t eat that much.”

“Can’t eat, you can eat slowly. Haven’t heard a word, food is the best way to heal a wounded soul?”

Lin Zino smiled and stuffed a peeled prawn into Su Mo’s mouth.

A man sitting next to dinner looked at this scene with a look of envy on his face. How could he find such a beautiful and caring girl these days.

He watched here for a long time, and the girls served the dishes all the time. The most extreme thing was that he even peeled a shrimp and fed it into his mouth. He immediately said with emotion.

“Constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry. With such a good girl, she sat there like a log the whole time, and she disliked the east and the west.”

This The girlfriend who was sitting across from him at the time immediately picked up water and poured it on his face in a fit of anger. He got up and left while complaining angrily.

“hmph, whatever you look at, you will lose your soul. You don’t even look at what you look like. You are so handsome, so naturally you have that kind of treatment. If my mother sees you, it will give you face.

” You can eat here by yourself, the old lady won’t accompany you.”

“Lili, wait for me.”

All the people around dining looked at this scene. Towards Su Mo and Lin Zino, the two of them were also slightly embarrassed.

“I’ll just do it myself.”

Su Mo said with a cough.


Lin Zino also reacted, her face slightly red.

The two ate silently, not knowing what to say for a while.

After eating for a while, Lin Zinuo coughed, broke the silence and said, “I’ll go get an ice cream, and I’ll get you one too.”

“I’ll do it myself. “

“Don’t be so troublesome, just wait here.”

Lin Zino got up and left after saying that.

Su Mo sat alone and waited quietly.

In the end, Lin Zino didn’t come back for a long time, and the strange eyes from all around made Su Mo feel very uncomfortable.

So Su Mo got up and left, moved towards the dessert area.

There are hundreds of different kinds of desserts in the dessert area, which is dazzling and can be said to be really good.

Therefore, many girls are attracted to come here to get it.

Su Mo looked for Lin Zino in the crowd, but after a full circle, he still didn’t see it.

He was also a little confused as to where he ran, so Su Mo circled the cafeteria, and when he turned to the corner, he saw a familiar back.

Lin Zinuo turned his back to Su Mo, was answering the phone, and seemed to be arguing with someone.

“Dad, don’t bother about my affairs, I’m no longer a child.”

“Zi Nuo, it’s not that Dad wants to interfere with you, it’s that I really don’t want to interfere with you. Appropriate. I have always respected your opinion, but that Su Mo is really not suitable. You two are not the same kind of people at all. You two will not have a common language. Of course, I am not saying that his character is not good, but that you two are different It’s not suitable for you. Your father and I are from here, so you can listen to my advice.”

“It’s not what you think, you don’t care about this matter.”

“I’m your father, can I ignore it?”


“Besides, how long have you known each other? How much do you know each other, don’t when the time comes I’ve been deceived. I’m also thinking of your happiness for the rest of my life. Listen to Dad’s advice and end it quickly.”

“Dad, don’t say anything.”

Lin Zinuo Also extremely annoying replied.

“Are you trying to piss off your dad! What do you like about him, don’t you say it’s because he played the Star Ring game well?”

“I think It’s my own business, you don’t need to ask more about him.”

“You are fascinated, crazy? Think about it carefully. He is a person who has not graduated from elementary school, his parents have died, he has no serious job, and he stays at home all day to play games. To put it badly, isn’t he just a scoundrel? How are you a top student? What do you think?”

“You are not allowed to say that, you don’t know anything or understand.”

Lin Zinuo shouted out of control.

At this time, she inadvertently saw Su Mo standing behind her and hung up the phone in a panic.

“Su Mo, why are you here?”

(end of this chapter)

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