Star Ring Mission Chapter 367


Chapter 367 Gossip

In the tenth building of the Breaking Dawn Group, Su Mo is sitting at the workstation and browsing the Star Ring forum , pay attention to the game dynamics.

With the opening of the Earth Cup, player mortality is climbing to a new level every day all.

The forum is basically mourning.

Countless people cursed this game for being too perverted.

Of course, even so, there are still a large number of surviving players, and they are all looking for tickets on the forum.

“The high level ticket is asking for a high price.”

“The cute girl is begging for the ticket, you can warm the bed.”

Of course the so-called ticket is not The ticket for the tourist boat is the pit of the ship. If you want to continue to participate in the Cup of Earth, you need to take a ship to the Lost Continent. Although a large number of players are dying now, the number of ships is still in short supply.

Therefore, some players have specially acquired ships and sold the pits on the ships as tickets, so that they can earn a fortune fiercely.

You must know that even if there are ships, the death rate is very high even if they sail to the lost continent. Once they sink, they will lose everything.

Not to mention that with the opening of the Cup of Earth, the sea, which was fairly safe, became extremely violent and dangerous at this time.

Rainstorm, tsunami and all kinds of extremely bad weather swept the whole sea, and at the same time, countless monsters emerged from the seabed, attacking the passing ships.

The death rate of ships is soaring wildly. At this time, smart people try to make money as much as possible and reduce losses.

Su Mo continued to flip through the post, and he also saw an unusually prominent column.

The birth of the first unofficial Legendary hero in history, the tenth Corps Head of the Dawn Guild Β· Qiancheng Xue.

With a high-definition and beautiful photo, I saw Qianchengxue sitting tiredly on the ground, leaning on the IV generation creature mecha Kavik.

All around is the extremely desolate ruins of the city of Qilong, behind which there is an excavated tiankeng, and there are construction vehicles nearby.

The click rate of this post has reached billions, and there are more than 10 million comments. It can be said that Qianchengxue’s reputation has become famous for a while.

“Goddess! Goddess in my mind! So cool!”

“The angle of this photo is really good.”

“It’s weird, Why is there a deep hole in the back of the photo, and why are there so many excavation vehicles on site?”

“You’ve lost the news, Miss Qianchengxue is trying her best to excavate her dead teammates.”

“Really or not? There are still so many feelings these days.”

“Of course it’s true, I told you that poison mist has already partially covered the city of dragons. I heard that it is still digging, and there is no intention to go.”

“If you don’t go, you will have to die inside.”

“Maybe, it will really happen. This happens.”

Su Mo looked at the message with a complicated expression, he didn’t expect Qianchengxue to dig himself up.

That’s when Su Mo was fascinated.

At this time, a rustling voice sounded.


Su Mo froze slightly, lifts the head.

I saw a woman with short hair and a pretty decent appearance. She blushed and placed a pink letter directly in front of Su Mo. Immediately ran away.

Su Mo was stunned when he saw the red letter in his hand, and then didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

This is the third love letter he has received in the past few days.

But with courtesy, Su Mo will not throw it away. But put it away, of course, he will not give any response.

This is better for both parties, and neither will be too embarrassed.

Su Mo stretched and sat for a whole morning, and was a little tired, so he got up and moved towards the coffee machine and walked in.

He took a cup of hot instant coffee and moved towards his workstation while drinking it.

To be honest, if there are no task indicators in the logistics, and management is looser, it is still very comfortable.

As he walked past, Su Mo felt that many eyes were looking at him. Most of them were girls, and their slightly excited conversations could be heard.

“Look, look, come over, really look more handsome.”

“Not only handsome, but also has a good temperament.”

“You think if I send a letter, can I do it?”

A cheerful and sunny girl said with some nympho.

“Forget it. I heard that he and Sister Lin Zinuo are very close, and they seem to be a couple. You see so many people sending him love letters, but he doesn’t even have the slightest heart.”

“Whoever said that he and Lin Zinuo are a couple, it’s good to refute the rumor.”

“It’s true or false, wasn’t it rumored before?”

“Is there still a fake?”

“Then I have a chance!”

“Stop dreaming, even if he has nothing to do with Sister Zinuo, It’s not our turn either. I heard that he and Sister Xue are very close and have a very close relationship, maybe there is a drama, hehe!”

The leading girl said seriously.

“It’s not possible, right?”

“Why is it impossible? You see, Su Mo needs to have good looks and good temperament. The white horse Prince.”

At this time, a handsome man sitting beside him looked a little unhappy, and finally couldn’t help speaking. In fact, he has endured it for a long time. The logistics intelligence team was good, since this guy came. Every girl surrounds him every day, and even his favorite girl sends her love letters, which is really unbearable.

“Can you be realistic, just because he still wants to match Sister Xue? It’s not that I look down on him, he is just stronger, this world is about the right place, can Sister Xue like him? Don’t be too fanciful. He and Lin Zinuo are still reluctant, and want to say something ugly with Sister Xue, that is, toad lusting after a swan’s flesh.”

“You are not allowed to say anything. So say our male god.”

“Okay, return your male god, you defend him so much, he doesn’t look down on you.”

“We are happy. “

“Okay, stop arguing, Su Mo heard it.”

“hmph, you hear it, I’m telling the truth.”

“Shut your mouth.”

Su Mo’s expression didn’t change at this time, but his heart was also a little complicated.

Qianchengxue’s face could not help but come to mind.

He returned to his seat and sat down, staring at the computer screen in a daze.

After a long time, Su Mo’s cell phone rang.

Su Mo picked up the phone and glanced at it, with a hint of unexpected expression on his calm face, so he picked up the phone.

“Hello, Uncle Zhao.”

“Where are you, Su Mo? Are you not at home?”

“I’m not at Imperial Capital, what is there? Is something wrong?”

“Are you in Imperial Capital? Can you come back, something happened here.”

Uncle Zhao was also stunned for a moment, then quickly said.

“I can’t go back now, am I in a hurry? Can I wait a few days?”

Su Mo was also very surprised.

“I’m very anxious, there is a major event, and a group of people are coming to demolish your house.”

Uncle Zhao said very anxiously.

Su Mo was also dumbfounded after hearing this. Under what circumstances, someone was going to demolish his house.

“Okay, I know Uncle Zhao, and I’ll rush back as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with anything when I get back.”

“I understand. “

Uncle Zhao nodded replied.

(end of this chapter)

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