Star Ring Mission Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Kawaii

When I was still struggling to survive in the game, large guilds had already occupied different areas The base, with the base as the foundation, expands the site outwards.

Meanwhile they have started a program called Hummingbird, in airspace and on the ground in various areas. Dispatching drones and erecting a large terrestrial communication base station to implement large-scale signal coverage, and want to achieve in-game communication as soon as possible.

But it’s not surprising, after all, the big guild has a lot of people and a lot of resources. They have a unified command, unified scheduling, can concentrate a large number of people to attack the hard stubble, collect a variety of weapons, and assign them to the best people to use.

Su Mo even saw mecha in a post from one of the elite players in brother club.

A serious mecha, although it looks a little rough on the outside. But it is indeed the existence of genuine, which makes Su Mo a little excited.

In addition to discussing the progress of those big guilds in the forum, they are all recruiting people who are hiding the sky and covering the earth.

All guilds are hiring like crazy.

Some people even spend a lot of money to buy the advertising space on the forum homepage and pin their posts.

“Xinghui Guild has invested heavily in recruiting top players in the field of wasteland! Whether you are programming expertise, biology expertise, mechanic, etc., everything is required!! In addition, Supreme limited treatment, recruiting the highest combat players, take you The battle data and video to cast. As long as you are strong enough! The pay is open! he said the important thing three times, welcome the highest combat players to cast!! One more thing, if the record is played with heavy weapons, it is not used to cast! What we want is comprehensive combat players, we have no shortage of weapons and equipment!!!”

In this post, millions of comments have been left.

“Please join the guild!”

“Please contain!”

“Brothers are gone, this guild has too strict recruiting standards. What are you recruiting for? Those who specialize in programming actually need to be certified by a realistic professional certificate and graduate from a famous university. Combatants are even more ridiculous. They are required to pick two or three zombies with cold weapons. TM’s father sees zombies and his legs are shaking. , it’s almost the same with a gun, and the idiot will go up to the tough.”

“Don’t listen to the idiot BB upstairs, I have joined the club, the treatment is really good! Five insurances and one housing fund, a monthly salary of 1000+, I It’s also a white-collar worker haha!!”

Su Mo then scrolled down the posts, and read thousands of posts, all of which were recruiting.

Su Mo couldn’t help showing a strange look on his face. He finally understood why Chen Xin of the Wuji Guild always wanted to recruit him. His feelings were not only recruiting people, but all the guilds were recruiting. Frontline combat players. It seems that pioneering the wasteland, in addition to the rapid expansion and development of the various guilds, has also resulted in heavy casualties among elites, and needs to be replenished urgently.

Dong Dong~

A crisp knock on the door interrupted Su Mo’s thoughts.

He went to the door and opened it, a delivery man gasped and handed Su Mo the delivery.

“Sir, your takeaway.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo took it and closed the door before returning to the computer.

He was browsing the forums while eating takeout, the more he read, the more interesting he became. The strongest monster discovered so far is the Type II mutant monster, which is said to be beyond the conventional cognition range.

It has super terrifying radiation on its body. Conventional weapons are scum in front of it, and some are even paralyzed as soon as they get close.

At the same time, the density of body tissue is abnormally high, which can withstand high temperature and heavy blows.

And they also hold a radiant energy that can be released in different forms.

It’s a nightmare-level large biological carrier weapon.

However, it is said that these variants, whether I or II, are not recommended for mass siege. Because of the crowd tactics that players are proud of, not only has no effect on it, but it may cause even worse results.

Like this thread Su Mo is reading, a small guild leader crying on the forum how stupid the people he recruited were.

Their guild occupied a small town. The guild had a very cute girl. She took a group of big men to kill an elite monster, but the team members were all wiped out.

Then this girl will go back to the guild to shake people and take people to death indefinitely.

It was so good that I didn’t die. I wasn’t online at the time. After I went online, the entire guild was almost dead.

This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the elite monster, after absorbing enough fire, directly evolved into a type I mutant. The whole town was destroyed, and he could only escape with people like a bereaved dog.

A photo of a middle-aged man with a haggard face and beard all over his face is attached below. As a result, in the corner of the photo, there was a girl with big eyes and a cute looking girl who made a Y gesture.

In the post, countless players replied.

“After the appraisal, she is indeed a cute girl.”

“Such a cute girl, if the landlord doesn’t want it, just let me.”

“This is Is it the beginning of the legendary Mary Su drama that loves and kills each other? Love it! Love it!”

Su Mo couldn’t help shouting the head.

After the player is killed by the opponent, the power of the fire will be absorbed by it. The more the mutants absorb, the faster the injury on the body will recover, and it will even evolve and become more terrifying.

But if there are fewer people to surround and kill, it is very likely that they will be killed due to insufficient firepower.

So now there is a very painful problem, that is, the choice of teammates is very important. A strong combat team is not allowed to have too many rookies, otherwise, not only will they not be able to carry them, but they will also kill themselves.

Su Mo browsed the forum for a long time, and finally it was dawn, and he stopped to rest.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Su Mo full of energy returns to Star Travel Cafe.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Su Mo, is it still the old position?”

Xiao An kept a bright smile and greeted Su Mo who came over.

“en. ”

Su Mo swiped his card and went up.

Xiao An looked at Su Mo’s back as he went upstairs, a little fascinated.

“Don’t look, everyone is going upstairs. It’s time to change shifts, and you should be online too.”

Xiaokui came out from behind with a smile and said to Xiaoan .


Xiao An replied with a smile.

On the other side, Su Mo returned to his private room. He skillfully lay down in the game cabin and slowly closed his eyes.

When Su Mo opened his eyes again, he appeared on the third floor of the gymnasium, but Su Mo who just logged in could not help browsing slightly wrinkle, he felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, the Safety Sector was usually very noisy, It’s ridiculously quiet now.

He watched all around vigilantly, making sure there was no danger. He moved a little towards the front glass partition, he walked to the edge and looked down cautiously.

At this time, in the central playground of the stadium, thousands of players were squatting holding their heads.

Ten fully armed players, all armed with rifles, aimed at the banned players.

(end of this chapter)

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