Star Ring Mission Chapter 372


Chapter 372 Return

Su Mo saw Lin Zinuo’s quiet smile, and his gloomy mood improved a lot. He waved his hand.


So Su Mo followed the crowd into the station.

Lin Zino stood outside, looking at the silhouette of Su Mo drifting away, lowered his head and muttered to himself in a loss.

“He’s still as unscrupulous as ever, and doesn’t know how to turn his head to look at me, but this is the real him.”

A moment later, Su Mo boarded the return high-speed train , the number of passengers returning home is not generally much.

Su Mo found his seat by the window and sat down, leaning his head against the window and looking out the window.

More and more people got on the train, and the carriage became more lively and noisy.

The train slowly moved out.

Su Mo closed his eyes to rest and waited all night at the tea restaurant. He was really tired.

But for some reason, Su Mo just can’t sleep.

He was inexplicably sad, and a fragment of a past memory flashed through his mind intermittently.

Su Mo remembered the first amazing glimpse of the elevator. When I fell into the sea in the game, although I was in a coma at that time, I was confused and did not completely lose my will.

He subconsciously saw Qianchengxue running towards him and rescued him.

When rescuing him, she was quietly watching herself not far away.

Immediately after the memory screen turned, Su Mo felt as if he was back at the Seabreeze Island base, and he was driving the mecha to fight side by side with her.

As he subconsciously stretched out towards it, the memory shattered again.

New memories emerged, and Su Mo saw himself sitting with Qianchengxue, looking up at the starry sky in the forest, full of stars.

Then the memory shattered again, and the next second Su Mo saw himself and Qianchengxue climbing inside the base pipe, the rippling touch.

And in the central control room, when I was alone and desperately facing the artificial intelligence Β· All God, ready to die calmly.

Qianchengxue rushed in with mecha, and when it was finally destroyed, he slammed into the metal closed barrier regardless of his life and death, and was unwilling to leave alone.

Su Mo’s heart ached slightly.

In fact, the Star Ring world is almost no different from the real world, it is really too real.

It’s hard to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. What is the difference between reality and fantasy, in such a real world, everything you make is not the most real choice in your heart.

Unfortunately, she didn’t come in the end.

Maybe she’s too busy.

Or maybe it’s because I’m too self-indulgent.


At this time, several young men and women sitting in the front row of Su Mo complained angrily.

“Chen Tian is about to be killed by you!”

“That is, do you want to sell us?”

“Wu Lei You can’t say that, we all played from childhood to adulthood, how could I have sold you guys. I didn’t know that Director Zhang would eat people and not spit out bones. My salary was also gone, and I was also a victim! “

Chen Tian also wanted to cry without tears.

“Come on, don’t talk about it, pay back the salary, we signed that stupid contract, and we almost had to sell ourselves to them.”

“Aiya ~ it’s really unlucky, Xin. I worked hard and worked hard, not only did I fail to earn money, but I was also threatened.”


“Hehe, that’s not necessarily true.”

Wu Lei suddenly mysterious said with a smile.

“Why not, we will starve to death when we go back.”

Chen Tian sighed.

“Fortunately, I have foresight, let’s see what this is.”

Wu Lei picked up his mobile phone and opened the personal bound Star Ring page, which showed Three golden dots.

“Golden point! How could you have this.”

Chen Tian and the others were stunned.

“Hehe, I have long noticed that there is a problem with that giant guild, so I kept my hand. During the defensive battle, I deliberately removed the main board of the mecha and heavy weapons secretly, and removed the main board of the mecha and heavy weapons. All the gold wires were buckled down and melted into golden dots.”

“Oh! Emotions are your fault, we wondered, how can good weapons be useless! You hurt us.”

“What hurts you, even if those weapons are usable, we will not die in the end. And you see that after we died, the faces of those gangsters changed 180 degrees immediately, not only not giving us wages , and let us pay the sky-high liquidated damages, but fortunately we died early, otherwise we were sold, and we are still working hard for them.”

“It makes sense!”

“Okay, don’t worry about that. Recently, the price of gold points is extremely high, and these can just be exchanged for cash, which can be used as start-up capital for our business back.”

“Enough, you are still smart, Wu Lei. ”

The voices of several people were getting louder and louder, Su Mo slowly opened his eyes and looked at the few people sitting in the front row with some indifference.

He was woken up, and he didn’t want to wake up.

But these guys look a little familiar, as if they’ve seen them somewhere.

At this time, Chen Tian and the others turned their heads and saw Su Mo who opened his eyes, looking very surprised.

“Brother is such a coincidence, you are going home too.”

Su Mo heard what Chen Tian said, and immediately remembered that these guys were not the ones who went to Imperial Capital by himself. When did you meet? That giant guild was unreliable in the first place, so it wasn’t a strange thing to be deceived.

He replied indifferently: “en.”

“Brother, you must have been tricked, and just escaped like us. I told you about those guilds. It’s just too unprofessional, and it will harm us honest people.”

Chen Tian kept complaining.

Su Mo leaned against the window, not interested in chatting at all, and did not answer Chen Tian’s words.

Chen Tian saw that Su Mo ignored him, so he turned his head in embarrassment.

Su Mo looked out the window and looked at the scenery.

With nothing to do, Su Mo remembered that Chen Tian’s guys were discussing the golden point. So he picked up his mobile phone to open his account and looked at the gold and silver points in it. They were still lying quietly in the account and would not be affected in any way by his death.

At this time, Su Mo subconsciously opened the trading platform and took a look to see the price of gold points.

I didn’t know the result, but when I saw it, he was startled.

On the entire trading platform, the transaction price of gold points has soared to 5,000 points, and all the 5,000-marked gold points on the platform have been swept away.

Now the entire trading platform, only 9999 points and the gold point of the blind price are left.

In addition, it is not only the gold point that fluctuates, but the silver point price is also soaring. At this time, the silver point has also reached a record high of 500 points.

“The price is so high?”

Su Mo was also secretly surprised, he quickly browsed the trading posts on the forum.

As a result, I saw a lot of posts for buying gold points and silver points.

“5000 strength will receive gold points in seconds, 500 seconds will receive silver points, how much you can eat, the price can be negotiated for large quantities.”

“5500 gold points”

“6000 Integrity Collection Gold Points”

(end of this chapter)

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