Star Ring Mission Chapter 373


Chapter 373 Embarrassed

Su Mo looked at the buying post and thought it was absurd that the price was so high. If you continue to do this according to the forums, the price of the trading platform will soar sooner or later.

However, Su Mo thought about it carefully and still felt that there was a problem.

Indeed, now Star Ring has entered the Earth Cup life and death pursuit, a large number of players have died and gone to sea, and the number of gold and silver points has created a new historical low. But you must know that the use of gold points and silver points has not yet been opened, so there is no need to use them at all. The major guilds must have more or less stock in their hands. There is no reason for the price to fluctuate so terribly.

This is already It is not described as hype, this is at all costs in the acquisition,

So much money pours into the purchase of gold points and silver points, it feels wrong. Thinking of this, Su Mo was even more sure that he was doing the right thing at the time.


In the old city area,

black and pressed groups of neighbors with sticks all gathered together, with a group of white-collar blue clothed wearing hard hats security guards confronted.

“If you dare to come here again, we will fight with you!”

At this time, a manager in a suit and a blue-field manager who took the lead, stepped forward and cursed. road.

“You old stubborn, you are blatantly blocking the construction!”

“Damn, this is our house. Why don’t you go to your own house for construction, today if you If you dare to take a step forward, we will fight with you.”

Uncle Zhao cursed angrily.

“Fight them!”

all around the neighbors shouted excitedly.

“Reverse, reverse!”

The lead manager is also flustered and exasperated.

“Manager Zhou, what should I do now, there are too many of them. If there is a conflict, we may not be able to do it.” , There are too many people living here.

“It’s okay to do it, it’s okay to do it, it’s done here!”

Manager Zhou clenching one’s teeth and said.

“Since you said so, then our brother will fight.”

Captain, the lead security guard, changed his expression for a while, and was ready to fight.

A loudly shouted sounded as the two sides prepared for a massive confrontation.


The scene that had been intensified to the extreme suddenly quieted down.

Uncle Zhao and the others turned their heads to look, only to see Su Mo walking over with a very ugly face.

Seeing Su Mo’s presence, all the neighbors and neighbors shouted excitedly: “The charterer is back.”

“Su Mo!”

All of a sudden People gathered around.

Manager Zhou was stunned when he saw this scene. Holy crap, the master of the urban village is back, this is even better.

“What happened to Uncle Zhao.”

Su Mo asked Uncle Zhao, pressing the anger in his heart.

“Su Mo, you can count it back, this group of people who came out of nowhere is going to demolish our entire old city. They said they were going to build some interstellar airport, their attitude was very barbaric, and they were desperate to demolish it. You see, the walls of the buildings on the west side have all been damaged, and several of our theoretical people have been injured.”

Uncle Zhao angrily accused.

“Is the injured person okay?”

“It’s okay, they have been sent to the hospital.”

Uncle Zhao nodded replied.

At this time, the manager Zhou squeezed over with a smile on his face, and respectfully picked up a business card and handed it to Su Mo.

“Hello, I’m Zhou Huai from Leikedun Company. You are the owner of this urban village.”

“I am, what’s the matter.”

Su Mo didn’t answer the other party’s business card and replied in a cold voice.

“That’s great, please let the rioters spread out. This area is being expropriated and will be demolished, and an interstellar airport will be built. You are going to make a fortune!”

Zhou Huai smiles Said with a full face.

“Who allowed you to dismantle it, did I agree?”

“Aren’t you joking, sir, the compensation is very generous. Who will pay the money? I can’t make it through. Besides, this is a serious official project, don’t dare to delay.”

“I solemnly warn you! I have never signed any demolition agreement, you are this Illegal demolition and injuring my tenants. You should immediately evacuate people and apologize, otherwise you will have to wait for a lawsuit, which will be yours to lose to Imperial Capital, and I can send you in one by one!”

Su Mo said very strongly.

When Zhou Huai heard Su Mo’s words, his face turned black, but he couldn’t really get angry this time, and he wasn’t as tough as before.

Because the other party was right, and since they couldn’t get in touch with Su Mo, they didn’t sign any agreement at all.

Forcibly demolished is indeed illegal, and this guy is not comparable to these poor diaosi. You must know that if you can own such a large area, you are also an invisible rich man. When the time comes, you can make an appointment. Maybe you really want to go in.

Zhou Huai wiped the sweat from her forehead and said with an ugly smile.

“Wait a moment.”

Zhou Huai picked up the phone and quickly dialed a number, walked to the side and whispered a few words to the other side of the phone.

not very long, a special bus drove over.

The car was parked in the vicinity, and a man in professional uniform came down from above, leading a shrewd fatty.

Su Mo looked at the logo on their clothes and couldn’t help brows slightly wrinkle, isn’t this the construction department.

I saw the fatty walking over and said to Su Mo with a big smile.

“You should be the owner of this place, Mr. Su Mo. Hello! I’m Lei Jiang, director of the Construction Department. Please bear with me on this matter, after all, this is for the public. “

“How much benefit they give you.”

Su Mo suddenly said something.


Lei Jiang was also taken aback.

“I’ll give you twice!”

Su Mo said directly.

“No, Mr. Su Mo, you misunderstood.”

Lei Jiang was a little confused.

“Three times!”


“Five times!”

Lei Jiang’s expression was very wonderful after listening to it , Sweat came out of his forehead.

“Mr. Su Mo, please listen to my explanation.”

“Ten times!”

Su Mo directly gave a high price promise.

Lei Jiang also wanted to cry but had no tears, he quickly explained: “Mr. Su Mo, you really misunderstood, how dare I accept any benefits, I am really doing business. I really want to build an interstellar here. The airport, we couldn’t find you before, and the above planning date is approaching again. So we did this out of urgency, and this is really for ourselves. You also know that there is nowhere to build an interstellar airport now.”

Su Mo’s expression became more and more solemn when he heard Lei Jiang’s words, this time he was in big trouble.

Looking at his posture, it doesn’t seem like a personal group wants to make a profit. It is really possible to build an interstellar airport.

“Okay! Since it’s the above plan, I’m not someone who doesn’t cooperate. There are millions of tenants living here. How do you plan to arrange them?”

” This, this, how to arrange it, there is no place.”

Lei Jiang was also very embarrassed.

Seeing this, Manager Zhou Huai hurried forward to say with a smile.

“This house is not theirs, as long as your compensation is not in place. And even if it is to be resettled, it is easy, at worst move out and resettle in another city.”

“Why don’t you move out and live, would you like to live in a city outside?”

Su Mo was speechless for a while. Although the life here is stressful, the supporting facilities here are also good. Whether it is going to school, employment, or medical care, it is not comparable to other cities.

Zhou Huai suddenly slumped and closed his mouth, he naturally didn’t want to.

(end of this chapter)

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