Star Ring Mission Chapter 374


Chapter 374 Evacuation

Su Mo didn’t talk nonsense, he simply said to Lei Jiang: “I It’s not that I don’t support the above planning and decision-making. But everything must be handled properly. There are so many tenants here, and a satisfactory solution must be given. I don’t care how much compensation can be paid, I care about the very simple, then How to properly arrange all my tenants. Interstellar airport is not built in a short time, there must be a process, you go back and think about it, and give me a satisfactory solution.”

In Su Mo’s view, no matter how much more The money given to him is also a pile of waste paper and data. The tenants here have more or less feelings for him. He couldn’t bear to see them being driven out and displaced.

Some people may not understand, but if you change the angle, you may be able to understand.

“Mr. Su Mo, this.”

Lei Jiang’s expression is also like eating a big dung, so many people are properly arranged, isn’t this killing him.

“Don’t tell me anything else, the previous conflict is over, you should compensate for the compensation and apologize for the apology. But if you continue to mess up before a reasonable plan is given, you will Don’t blame me for suing you directly. When the time comes, don’t say that you are in a lawsuit, and you don’t even want to tear down this land.”

Su Mo stood with his hands over his shoulder, his tone was flat, but unusually tough. .

Lei Jiang bitterly replied: “Mr. Su Mo, we understand”

Su Mo turned his head to the dark neighbors behind him and said: “Everyone is gone, don’t gather around. Here it is.”


Everyone responded, and then the dark crowd began to disperse.

Zhou Huai looked towards Lei Jiang.

β€œDirector Ray, what should we do now?”

β€œWhat should we do, take down all the work machines. Don’t fight again until an agreement is reached. “

Lei Jiang reprimanded in a sullen manner.

“Okay, okay”

Zhou Huai responded quickly.

After a while, the people on both sides were almost evacuated, and Uncle Zhao was also sighed in relief.

He said apologetically to Su Mo: “I called you back temporarily, didn’t it delay your business?”

Su Mo shook the head and replied: “It’s okay, I just happened to be ready to come back.”

“You’re not going back to Imperial Capital?”

“I’m not going back for the time being, I’ll wait until the matter is settled here, and I’ll have time when I’m free. Go back and have a look.”

Su Mo looked in the direction of Imperial Capital, sighed said.

At this time, Uncle Li also came over, he said with a smile: “It’s alright to stay, Su Mo, while you were away, I have followed your instructions and expanded the Internet cafe, and the business is still there. Very good, if you feel bored, you might as well come to the Internet cafe to surf the Internet. The game cabin you asked for has been reserved. It is too lonely at home alone, and it will be lonely after a long time. It is better to come to the Internet cafe. The atmosphere is still lively and not It will be boring.”


Su Mo agreed after thinking for a while.

Uncle Li heard that Su Mo agreed, and the old face was very happy. He didn’t expect anything at all.

didn’t expect Su Mo really willing to come out.

“very good, I’ll go back and prepare it for you.”

“Don’t be so troublesome, let’s do it, after all, this Star Travel Cafe also has my share. Anyway, I’m also idle. It’s alright, why don’t you just be a free network manager, it’s a help.”

Su Mo said.

“Don’t you play games?”

Uncle Li is also startled slightly.

“My game is dead.”

Su Mo explained.

“Look at my memory, the Star Ring game is indeed no better than ordinary games, and the mortality rate is too high, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the same as watching others play.”

Uncle Li quickly comforted Su Mo, he can clearly feel that Su Mo is not the same as before, too cheerful.

β€œI know.”


A few days later, Su Mo was sitting at the bar of an open-source internet cafe.

The original old Internet cafe has now been renovated.

Rows of helmet machines are located in squares, and when Uncle Li was decorating the Internet cafe, he also made a special reference to the star tour cafe next door, and got a neither too big nor too in the center. A small holographic projection device that broadcasts various Star Ring battle images and celebrity anchors in real time.

Although this Internet cafe is much smaller than the opposite, it is cheaper, so the popularity of the gathering is also extremely strong.

“That’s cool!”

There was a burst of excited cheers.

Su Mo subconsciously lifts the head at the center projection screen video.

At this time, the battle video of Li Dongen, a professional player of the Gaoli Guild, is playing, driving the II-generation cheetah mecha.

The operation is like running water in the same way.

The cheetah mecha shuttles through the alien monster group, and the alloy blade in his hand is like a harvester, harvesting the life of the monster along the way,

blood splatters.

In the corner of the video, there is information and biography about Li Dongen.

Li Dongen Gaoli Guild’s first ace unit mecha battallion Captain.

Famous record: In the offensive and defensive battle of Yellowstone Base, once by the strength of oneself, beheaded seven type II elite-level alien monsters, and one type III general-level alien, captured for the Gaoli Guild The Yellowstone base laid the foundation stone and was nicknamed the Hunter.

Immediately after, the center image changes again.

Appears is a hot and sexy girl driving the III-generation mecha Β· Gale mecha.

Falling straight into the monster-like tide from the sky.

The sharp sickle it wields swept away, and slices of alien monsters were cut in half like tofu.

The black pressure battlefield was immediately cleared out into a vacuum area.



The crowd shouted excitedly.


Kasari, the second ace mecha battallion Captain of the Storm Bear Guild.

Title: Blood Reaper.

Famous record: black liquid battlefield, by the strength of oneself slaughtered 162 mechas of the mythical guild, and then went to the black liquid land, by the strength of oneself killed 3 type III generals, 32 Type III elite monster

Su Mo continued to browse the forum website with his head down. With the opening of the Cup of Earth, the Star Ring game also reached a new climax.

At the same time, the Federal Parliament announced the declaration of an offensive and defensive alliance, and all internal battles were cancelled, so the surviving stragglers all joined the regular army formation.

As a result, they also got first-hand information, and the historical records of the official professional staff of various guilds have been revealed.

The original Battle Ranking List only had roaming experts, but now they are basically wiped out by professional players and regular troops.

After all, roaming is extremely mediocre compared to the combat skills of professional staff. Take that Li Dongen as an example, the ace pilot of the Gaoli Guild is not as good as the ace pilot of the Heavenly Dragon Guild and the Free Victory Guild. But if you throw it out casually, it is also an existence that presses the top free swimmers out of breath, and it is not comparable to ordinary star anchors.

This kind of strong sense of gap instantly detonated the national star chasing, and countless players found new idols.

Unfortunately, Su Mo has no interest at all, and he continues to search the forum for information about the Dawnbreaker Guild.

However, the search results made Su Mo brows tightly frowns.

I couldn’t find any relevant videos and information at all. It seemed that Qianchengxue and the others followed the Heavenly Dragon guild, and all the information was covered up.

(end of this chapter)

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