Star Ring Mission Chapter 375


Chapter 375 Network Management

However, at this time, Su Mo received the relevant battle video from the Martial God guild instead.

One of the most prominent is Sun Duoxiang, the mainstay of the Martial God Guild.

Su Mo was also interested, clicked on Sun Duoxiang’s battle video, and saw that he was driving the second generation mecha tearing claw, rushing in and out of the monster group.

The technique is quite good, and for some reason, Su Mo feels that Sun Duoxiang’s operation style is very familiar, very similar to himself.

He was also a little surprised. When did this guy’s skills become so good, he seemed to have put in a lot of effort.

He briefly browsed the comments below the post, and there were millions of comments, basically all of which were one-sided compliments.

It seems that Sun Duoxiang is a counterfeit counterattack! The popularity is also getting more and more popular.

Su Mo is also very relieved for Sun Duoxiang, didn’t expect this guy to be able to be alone so soon, it seems that his aptitude and talent are indeed good, they should have been buried before.

But it’s normal. The most important thing in the Star Ring game is players with innate talent, but there is a lack of a stage to show their talents.

For example, among the players who die every day, they can screen out those who have innate talent. The problem is that they don’t even have a chance to show their talents.

“Network manager, open a machine.”

A very young voice sounded.

Su Mo lifts the head, I saw a young man, very individual, with multi-colored hair.

The young man in front of him was boasting with his companions.

“I tell you, I’m now a fighter on a warship, and our ship has sailed to the Baltic Sea.”

“So awesome.”

The people beside him looked envious.

Su Mo watched their conversation and found it interesting, and said.

“B34 machine.”

“The network management will come to pack cigarettes again.”

“Are you 18 years old?”

“That’s necessary, I’m just 18 years old this year.”

“I’m sorry, but smoking is not allowed in the lobby, only in private rooms.”

Su Mo is natural replied .

“Don’t be like this, just smoke a few. Brother, you should also play Star Ring, and I will have a chance to cover you later.”

The young man in front of him said confidently.

Su Mo felt funny too, he laughed replied.

“It’s really not good, unless it’s a private room, it will affect others.”

The brothers who followed him were a little unhappy and said, “You Are you looking down on our big brother, our big brother is very good, isn’t it just a private room.”

“Well, or I’ll give you half a discount!”

Su Mo said casually, the people who come here to surf the Internet are basically the younger generation of the neighbors.

“Okay, thank you brother.”

These young people’s expressions suddenly improved a lot. In fact, they are also very guilty. said it.

Uncle Li came over at this time. He saw so many people around the bar, so he came to take a look.

“What’s wrong with Su Mo?”


Su Mo replied with a smile.

A few young people in front of them saw Uncle Li, each of them like sheep seeing a tiger, and they quickly said hello.

β€œUncle Li.”

β€œThis is not Zhang Yuan’s house, those little bastards, come online.”

β€œYes, yes. “

“I won’t talk about you guys who are usually rash and reckless, but this time you have to look carefully, he is Su Mo, remember to speak politely.”

Uncle Li introduced with them.

Hearing Uncle Li’s words, the young men immediately reacted and stammered.

“You, you are the owned landlord! I said something familiar.”

Although they haven’t seen Su Mo very much, their name is like thunder piercing the ear.

After all, Su Mo rarely shows her face. Even if she collects rent, she always looks for their adults. It only happens once a year. The little child doesn’t know each other, which is forgivable.

“cough cough, don’t call me that, I’m a network administrator now.”

Su Mo laughed and replied.

Some of the waiters next to them also felt very funny, and they almost laughed when they covered their mouths. In fact, they also held back very hard, these boys just said that they would cover Su Mo.

“That Su Mo big brother, I was joking just now, I can’t hold you back, let’s play together if we have a chance.”

“It probably won’t work, I’m already dead

“Ah! Su Mo big brother was so good, he died.”

“Star Ring is cruel, nothing to be surprised about. Okay, nothing to do soon. Come on, private room 65.”

Su Mo replied with a smile.

“Thank you.”

These young people left quickly.

Uncle Li looked at this scene with a smile and said to Su Mo: “Little child is ignorant, don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, isn’t it good. Uncle Li You don’t have to stay here, just go do your work, I’ll call you if I have something.”

Su Mo feels very comfortable, has something to do, and it won’t be too boring.


Uncle Li can’t help but sigh, Su Mo’s personality has changed a lot after going out this time, which really surprised him.

Su Mo kept his head down and continued to pay attention to Star Ring’s wasteland development. From the latest information, the ship that traveled the farthest was the stray wastelander, the Brave.

The ship has sailed into the Chaos Sea Territory.

According to the video they uploaded, the water here is extremely dark and the climate is extremely harsh.

The waves caused by the storm are also super violent, and the entire Brave is up and down, like a small boat, which may be swallowed by the waves at any time.

But fortunately, this brave ship is not an ordinary ship. Although it is a small ship, it is a special dual-purpose type. It belongs to that kind of semi-submersible ship, and the whole ship deck can be closed and switched into a submarine form.

This is also one of the important reasons why it can travel so far, and the ships that sailed with it were all buried in the seabed.

At this time, a man was standing on the deck against the strong wind, explaining to everyone.

“If you are driving this chaotic Sea Territory, you must pay special attention, pay attention to the deep sea and sky, you must not be able to stealth, there are many violent monsters in the sea, which is why the wind and waves are so big, I They didn’t put the Brave into stealth mode. Just yesterday, our sonar system scanned the trail of a Hegemon monster, the size of which is no different from an island.”

“And those dark clouds above, the thicker it is. Keep away from the area. Because there will be natural phenomena of thunderstorms from time to time, maybe you will win the bid.”

β€œIn addition, when we are resting at night, must seal the cabin door or something. Sometimes unfathomable mystery will be messy. My small parasitic monster climbed up, it was a nightmare.”



This made Su Mo recall that when he and Lin Zinuo and the others were raped Bits and pieces of being forced to go out to sea. If he hadn’t died, maybe he would have fought at sea with them now.

Su Mo continues to search for joint force movements.

The Heavenly Dragon guild and the Free Victory Coalition have also set sail, and are said to have now left the Sky Canal and entered the Mirri Sea Territory.

Everything went very smoothly.

However, their driving progress is not fast, it is estimated that it is for stability.

And the sea is like an ominous beast full of unknowns, and it may be completely wiped out.

(end of this chapter)

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