Star Ring Mission Chapter 376


Chapter 376 Surprised

However, it is worth mentioning that there is a particularly exciting news that the joint forces are in the Qilongzhi The sea port of the city got the dusty strategic weapon, the Qilong!

The Dragon is a mobile sea fortress.

The entire fortress is twenty kilometers long and ten kilometers wide. The fortress is equipped with more than 50,000 launch ports and various large-scale strategic weapons.

The whole body is constructed of high-strength alloy, and the internal parameters are unknown, which belongs to the extremely confidential level.

It is said that this sea fortress is currently the strongest strategic weapon in the game.

Someone, at the risk of being sued, uploaded a photo of the exterior that made countless people drool.

The fort is said to be now jointly controlled by the Heavenly Dragon Guild and the Free Victory Guild.

Su Mo was deeply shocked when he looked at the photos of the Dragon Boat.

This dragon country is not ordinary rich, to be able to create such a powerful strategic weapon, but this also makes Su Mo feel a little guilty.

Dragon Kingdom is so strong that he chooses to back down in the face of the Cup of Heaven.

What happens when the Cup of Earth ends and they face the Cup of Heaven? is it possible that also choose to withdraw?

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s head hurts a bit.

There is another point that makes Su Mo very curious, according to the information given by Xin Yang. After participating in the Cup of Earth, Long Guo received a reward and said that it was a mechanical soaring, but it was actually an enhanced version of artificial intelligence technology.

Wait until he wins, won’t he also get such a foolish technology?

There is also a little bit of wasteland reclamation in the City of Dragons, which is actually a mess of wasteland reclamation. If the perfect pass in the game is 100% progress, they are less than half of the achievement, and most of the valuable things are buried. But it’s nothing, if it wasn’t for his good luck with Qianchengxue, he might even fail to open up the wasteland.

The main reason is that the upper-level decision-making was wrong. They underestimated the strength of the Dragon Kingdom and miscalculated, and did not treat their enemies as the same kind.

Of course, you can’t blame the upper-level decision makers. Who would have thought that in the past years, no matter how strong the base was, the enemies they faced were rigid, and who knew that they would encounter artificial intelligence smarter than themselves.

“Network administrator, get a bottle of drink.”

A girl in a school uniform shouted excitedly for a long time, and felt dry and ran over to buy a bottle of water.

β€œOne piece of sparkling water.”

Su Mo took a bottle and handed it over.

“Network manager, you said so many experts, who is the most powerful?”

The young girl asked excitedly.

“Not good said, it’s hard to define who is the strongest. However, the combat influences that can be released are basically very difficult to deal with.”

Su Mo’s ambiguous reply.

“Yes, but not my favorite expert.”

“Which expert do you like best?”

“Certainly the most popular top expert recently Qianchengxue, can’t you put up Qianchengxue’s battle video? It’s best to open the battle video of the fourth-generation creature mecha, it will definitely be popular, and now only one photo can be found online.”

The young girl looked at Su Mo expectantly.

Su Mo was stunned for a moment, his calm heart moved slightly, and then returned to normal and explained indifferently.

“Sorry, we don’t have any videos of related resources, so we can’t play it simply.”

“Oh, it’s a pity, if I can see something absolutely cool, I will Not long ago, I watched Star Travel Cafe next door playing the battle clip of August, the president of the Free Victory Guild, driving the IV-generation creature mecha to attack the city of Qilong. It was simply too cool!

The girl in front of me asked each minding their own business.

Su Mo explained with a helpless expression: “Some videos cannot be broadcast casually, and they will be fined.”

“Then the next door is also broadcast.”

“So, they were fined, but they have money.”

Su Mo laughed replied .

“Well, hey, when will I be able to become such a powerful person like Qiancheng Xue.”

“With hard work, there is hope. The so-called expert is also a Accumulate little by little.”

Su Mo said indifferently.

“That makes sense, do you play Star Ring then?”

“I didn’t play it before, and I’ve died in battle.”

“Okay. It’s a pity, then you must have been very difficult to deal with before.”

“Well, it’s okay, so-so”

Su Mo chatted without a word.

β€œMr. Su Mo, turn on the machine.”

Sometimes people come to turn on the machine from time to time. Generally speaking, if the age is relatively older, they basically know Su Mo. Be polite when addressing them.

Of course the people who would call him a charterer are basically elderly people. After all, youngster can’t say such dirty words.


Su Mo is also very easy-going and unassuming.

Su Mo continued to browse the forum with his head down after turning on the machine.

At this time, there was a knocking sound from the bar.

dong dong~

“The network administrator will open a machine.”

A very discordant and awkward voice sounded.

Su Mo lifts the head suspiciously. He always feels that the voice sounds familiar, but strange.

As soon as I lift the head, I see a familiar face.

“Lin Zinuo!”

Su Mo showed a look of great astonishment.

I saw Lin Zinuo pulling a small suitcase, pinching her nose with her left hand, and shouting unearthly.

She said with a bright smile: “I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised.”

“How did you come here, and how did you find this place.”

Su Mo felt like his brain was buzzing, and he felt like what the fuck he was.

“What kind of expression do you have, you look so unwelcome to me.”

“No, it’s not unwelcome, why did you come here, is it possible that you too Sacrifice?”

“Bah, you sacrificed, how could someone as powerful as me be so easy to sacrifice? I’m not worried about you. So come and see, the result is true I guessed it right, your family is fine at all, you just escaped from the company on purpose.”

Lin Zinuo complained angrily.

She has been worrying about what happened to Su Mo’s house in the past few days, and she doesn’t know if he has enough money, so she ran over when she was really worried. She originally wanted to call Su Mo, but she was afraid that Su Mo would make preparations to fool herself when she received a call, so when she arrived in the old city, she tried to stop a youngster with her mobile phone photo, and they replied without even thinking about it. .

“Isn’t this Su Mo? He’s in an open-source Internet cafe.”

So Lin Zinuo touched it by herself. She watched Su Mo receive guests for a long time. .

I can probably guess what’s going on. Su Mo is really too stubborn, and he doesn’t want to stay in the company. He went to this place to be a small network administrator. Lin Zinuo is also angry and distressed when he thinks of it. .

“Nothing like that, don’t talk nonsense.”

Su Mo replied with a headache.

“Then why are you working as a network administrator here?”

“It’s not that I have nothing to do, I’m looking for something to do. Wait, why did you come here, the company doesn’t care? ?”

“Uh, I’m the supervisor, who can take care of me? Besides, I can play games here.”

Lin Zino’s expression suddenly became a little abnormal, She can’t always tell Su Mo. She told Sister Xue that her father was critically ill and needed someone to take care of her. She really had no choice but to apply for going home to work.

Su Mo was also speechless for a while, barely making sense, but he looked at the suitcase in Lin Zinuo’s hand and was speechless,

“Are you sure you just came to see me? See I need to bring a suitcase?”

“What do you mean by that, you despise me.”

Lin Zinuo’s good mood disappeared in an instant, and it really was true to this guy. It is a character incompatibility, saying a few words can make you vomit blood quickly.

“Cough cough, that’s not a problem.”

“I won’t talk to you for now, open for me a private room, I have to play the game quickly, and I will find it after I finish the game. You.”

Lin Zinuo looked at the time on the phone, it was almost time to go online.

(end of this chapter)

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