Star Ring Mission Chapter 377


Chapter 377 Curious

“Go to the innermost VIP0 private room on the second floor, there is a game cabin inside.”

Su Mo sighed helplessly, forget it, let her play the game first.

“It’s a surprise that you still have a game cabin here! But then again, you just open the game cabin for me when you come up, shouldn’t you be trying to trick me?”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo suspiciously, this guy wouldn’t be using himself to boost his performance.

“I’ll treat you.”

“Hehe, it’s almost the same, we’ll talk later!”

Lin Zinuo left happily.

Su Mo had some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh shook the head, he lowered his head and continued to browse the forum.

Judging from the current situation, poison mist is almost covering the continent in all directions. In the next day or two, all players will be driven to sea.

When the time comes it is estimated to be another wave of blood cleansing.

Judging from the latest wristband statistics, there are less than 100 million surviving players, among which there are only about one third player.

According to the time of the contraction of poison mist, the cup of earth is estimated to end in half a month.

Su Mo continued to browse, and then he saw a new post about the gold point and silver acquisitions.

These two strategic materials have appreciated again. The official price of gold point has officially broken through 6000, and silver has also broken through 600.

Su Mo is also surprised, the strength of this appreciation is a bit outrageous. It stands to reason that the number of deaths of players in the game has skyrocketed, and the game is getting closer to the end, and the price should have collapsed, but now it is the other way around.

This reinforces Su Mo’s confirmation that gold and silver points must be important and that their real usefulness has yet to emerge.

To know this purchase price, it means that all the purchasers have taken out the coffin book and pressed it. It is really stake all on one throw.

In the middle of the night, Su Mo sat at the bar in every possible way. There are no new guests now, so it is relatively leisurely.

At this time, Lin Zinuo came down from the second floor in a very good mood and ran to the bar.

“Hey, it’s been a while.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo replied.

“che, you are so boring, you don’t have the slightest reaction.”

Lin Zinuo rolled the eyes.

“Have you eaten yet?”

Su Mo asked.

“I don’t have time to eat, I went straight here as soon as I got off the car. And after coming here, I will play the game. You have some conscience, and you know how to ask me if I have eaten.”

Lin Zinuo felt warm in her heart when she heard Su Mo’s greetings, but it was a pity that it was just like that. moment.

The next second, Su Mo took out a bucket of instant noodles from the back counter and gave Lin Zino a soak.

“Just invite me to eat this.”

Lin Zino looked at Su Mo with a puffed face.

“Today is too late, let’s deal with it first, and take you to eat something good tomorrow.”

Su Mo added eggs and sausages to the instant noodles. .

“You can’t go back on what you said.”

Lin Zinuo happily took the instant noodles and ate it.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zino who was eating instant noodles, and curiously asked: “How is Legion now?”

Lin Zino, who was very happy at first, heard Su Mo’s question, The smile on his face suddenly stiffened.

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo clearly saw that something was wrong, and browsers tightly frowns continued to ask: “Did something happen?”

“No more, we’re joining the army now, and there’s nothing to do. It’s just that Sister Xue announced the latest policy. Hey”

“What policy?”

“It’s us. Legion has officially merged into the First Army of the Dawning Group. From now on, she will fully obey the command of Ye Wuhen, the head of the First Army. Sister Xue has become the Deputy Corps Head. In fact, this is nothing. Our daily life has not been affected in any way, and even the wages are still I’ve gotten taller, but I always feel very uncomfortable.”

Lin Zinuo said this, and his interest also became very low.

Su Mo didn’t feel good after listening to it. At the beginning, Qian Chengxue was unwilling to go in together, so it was so difficult, but unfortunately he still compromised in the end.

But this is Qianchengxue’s own choice after all, and he can’t say anything, everyone has their own difficulties.

He could imagine that when Qianchengxue made this decision, it was probably more difficult than anyone else. After all, this Legion was built by herself.

Of course Su Mo didn’t know that Qianchengxue gave up entirely because of his departure. As a result, the last straw in her heart was also overwhelmed, and in the end, she was disheartened and chose to compromise.

She waited for Su Mo one day one night by the Jing’an Lake that day, but in the end she didn’t wait for him to come.

In the face of disappointment in family, career, love, etc., she completely collapsed. The whole world has completely lost its color, like the walking corpse is alive.

This was also the second time she shed tears after her mother left. That night, she shed all her tears for more than ten years.

Su Mo didn’t know what to say for a while, and could only be comforted.

“Don’t care too much, just do your own thing.”

Lin Zinuo readjusted his mood and said, “Well, it makes sense.”

At this time, the waiters all around, and some customers started to notice Lin Zino who was talking and laughing with Su Mo.

They murmured and talked.

“Have you seen that the pretty girl at the bar seems to be very close to Su Mo. She is also carrying a suitcase, so she must have come to look for Su Mo.”


“How is that possible? The charterer hasn’t seen him go out for hundreds of years. How could he possibly know that girl very well when he lives at home every year.”

“That’s why I say that. It’s big news!”

“There’s no real inside story, right?”

Su Mo on the bar also obviously felt that the atmosphere was not right. Many guests in the house turned their attention from the game broadcast to him and Lin Zino.

Su Mo’s expression became more and more embarrassed, so he turned his head and shouted at a waiter next to him.

“Zeng Tuo, come on duty.”


Zeng Tuo responded quickly with a smile.

“Are you off work?”

Lin Zinuo asked more and more curiously.

“cough cough, that’s almost it, let’s go.”

Su Mo quickly pulled Lin Zino away from the Internet cafe, these guys are getting more and more gossip, and there will be trouble if they don’t get it right. What an oolong.


Lin Zino didn’t think much, and followed Su Mo to leave the Internet cafe.

As for the enthusiastic gazes of the people around her, she didn’t care too much. She met them every time she went out.

After leaving the internet cafe, Su Mo sighed in relief, he said to Lin Zino: “It’s getting late, you should be tired too, let me open a better room for you.”


Lin Zinuo shook the head and said: “No need, why waste that money, I’ll live in your house.”

She had such a plan in her heart, just Su Mo’s eccentric temper, It is estimated that the company’s money has been almost defeated by him, and there must be no money on him.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t run to do a network management job. This is a better room in the magic capital, and it costs a lot of money. If it’s just a day or two, it’s fine. She’s here to stay for a while, and Su Mo will definitely not be able to take it.


Su Mo was in trouble for a while.

(end of this chapter)

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