Star Ring Mission Chapter 378


Chapter 378 Embarrassing

Seeing Su Mo’s hesitant expression, Lin Zino explained with a smile: ” Well, you can take me there with confidence, I won’t dislike it.”


Su Mo also has nodded pain, and I don’t know how to explain it.

Lin Zinuo couldn’t help but be suspicious when she saw Su Mo being so awkward, she continued to ask.

“I remember you said that there seems to be no one else at home, is it inconvenient?”

“It’s not inconvenient either.”

Lin Zinuo suddenly became nervous , shouldn’t this family even lose their home, and then they can’t say it out of face? That’s why she found a network manager who would cover the food and cover it, and then she hesitated and said.

“Or the staff dormitory will do.”

Su Mo also didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, which is getting worse and worse, he said helplessly.

“Hey, no, forget it, come with me if you don’t dislike it.”

Lin Zinuo saw Su Mo let go and held Su Mo’s hand very happily. laughed and replied, “I don’t dislike it.”

Su Mo could only brace oneself and take Lin Zinuo to his house.

On the way, Lin Zinuo looked curiously at the old city. The buildings in this area are quite old, and even some buildings in the corners have damaged walls and large demolition characters are sprayed.

“These houses are a few years old, they seem to be demolished.”

“Well, they are going to be demolished.”

Su Mo didn’t plan to hide it. With Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo asked Su Mo’s confirmation with some worry: “Will the demolition have a bad impact on you in the future? If it really doesn’t work, you will take the demolition money back and I will give it to you. You add some, do you buy a new set?”

“Cough cough is not needed, it may not be able to be disassembled.”

Su Mo is a little embarrassed to replied, I don’t know why he always feels Very awkward, does this count as fooling Lin Zino in disguise?

Lin Zinuo didn’t say much after seeing Su Mo’s rejection, everyone has their own temperament.

The two of them soon came to an unremarkable staircase building in the center.

Lin Zino was also a little secretly surprised. There is still a step ladder house these days, and the age of this house is estimated to be about the same as an antique.

Su Mo took Lin Zino to the second floor, opened a door, and the room was pitch black.


Su Mo reached out and turned on the lights, and the entire dark house suddenly lit up.

Lin Zinuo was also stunned when she looked at the spacious house in front of her. She originally thought it must be the kind of house with moldy walls, dirty, messy, and small. didn’t expect it to be so spacious, it’s more than a large flat, at least 200 square meters.

The point is that the interior is still very nice, but that’s not the most important thing.

The most important thing is that the entire house is a custom-made cabinet filled with countless figures and limited-edition collectibles.

Lin Zinuo was dazzled, for a moment, she thought she had gone to the wrong place and had come to a special exhibition hall.

Lin Zinuo walked into the house in amazement and looked carefully at the lifelike figures.


Su Mo’s expression became more and more embarrassed, he was thinking about how to explain to Lin Zino.

At this time, Lin Zinuo exclaimed: “So many figures, it’s quite expensive.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo didn’t know either. What to say.

Lin Zinuo squatted down and looked at a two-dimensional beauty figure that was compared one-to-one, she exclaimed: “You are really rich, although I don’t play with figures, but my friends and theirs do. Such a big figure would cost a few thousand dollars at least, and those small ones are not cheap, they cost a few hundred dollars.”

Su Mo’s expression became more and more embarrassed after hearing this, and he The figure that Lin Zinuo saw cost five million.


Lin Zinuo visited room by room, and couldn’t help but complain: “Su Mo, you are a prodigal, you can do it with so many figures. How much does it cost? You can live in a better neighborhood with this money, you can’t spend it like that, it’s not good.”

“cough cough, I bought it before, but I haven’t bought it recently. Then you are tired too, let me help you clean up a room.”

Su Mo hurriedly haha to change the subject.

“I don’t have to do it myself, you’re tired after a day’s work, but before that, I’ll take a shower.”

Lin Zinuo was not polite at all, just directly Make this your home.

Su Mo didn’t care either, and replied: “Okay.”

Then Su Mo went back to his room and sat by the computer, turned on the computer and continued to browse the Star Ring forum.

He has no other hobby right now, and browsing the forums is his biggest pastime. Looking at the progress of land reclamation from the perspective of a bystander, he feels pretty good too.

“Su Mo!”

At this time, Lin Zino’s shout rang out.


Su Mo got up with a puzzled look and walked to the door of the second bedroom.

“What’s the matter?”

“I forgot to take the shower gel, you help me take it.”

The sound of running water came from the bathroom of the second bedroom And Lin Zino’s shout.

Su Mo reluctantly sighed replied.


He went to his room to get the shower gel, knocked on the door and said.

“Here’s it.”

The bathroom door opened with a gust of wind, and a white hand stretched out to take the shower gel.



Su Mo didn’t care too much, turned around and left, and went back to the room to continue browsing the forum.

A moment later, I saw Lin Zino wrapped in a bath towel and walked behind Su Mo, her wet hair up, she patted Su Mo on the shoulder and asked.

“Where’s the hair dryer?”

Su Mo turned his head to see Lin Zino wrapped in a bath towel, his head was a little cloudy, his fair fragrant shoulders were bare, the chest wrapped in the bath towel was also very large, the heat radiating from the body and the bath The fragrance of the dew makes people feel a little imaginative.

“Over there.”

Su Mo pointed unnaturally to his bathroom.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Lin Zino felt more and more interesting seeing Su Mo’s embarrassment, bent down deliberately, revealing a deep white ditch, and asked laughed.

Su Mo’s face was slightly red, he turned his head away, coughed and said, “Can you pay attention.”

“Haha, didn’t you say I’m your brother? Brother? What is there to care about. Cut, duplicitous guy.”



Lin Zino smiled very happily, She finished teasing Su Mo and left with a hairdryer.

Su Mo was deeply helpless and sighed. She knew that she would insist on just now and book a better hotel for her.

Forget it, rest early.


In the early morning of the next day, Lin Zino got up very early, and she put on a slim-fitting sports suit.

She plans to go out and buy some breakfast before Su Mo wakes up.

So she opened the door and went out.

The scene of the old city in the early morning is still unique, and the air is very fresh. He couldn’t help but let Lin Zinuo raise his arms, take a breath, and stretch his waist.

At this time, the door facing the room also opened, and an uncle walked out.

The two looked at each other, Lin Zinuo politely nodded, and said hello, then closed the door and left.

Leaving only the uncle froze in place, with his mouth wide open, his eyes looking straight, and his dentures falling to the ground in astonishment.

(end of this chapter)

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