Star Ring Mission Chapter 38


Chapter 38 Heads-Up

At the same time in different positions in the gym, there are special snipers and machine gunners on guard. If there is a slight movement in the captured crowd, they will be killed directly.

Su Mo can tell that these guys are elites. And it’s not an ordinary elite, it’s a professional.

Normally speaking, so many people shouldn’t be taken down so easily, but the bad thing is that now players basically don’t have any weapons, and they mainly use knives and sticks. In addition, not long ago, the main combat players left the Safety Sector to go out to develop, and the people who stayed behind were basically life players.

The few remaining combat players should have been killed by sneak attack.

Otherwise, no matter how powerful these people are, they would not dare to be so arrogant.

In the center of the gym, York glanced at the time of the wristband and said with satisfaction: “It’s done well, 10 minutes earlier than the expected time, you have ten minutes to play.”

“Haha, very good.”

A teammate with a mighty physique, twisted his neck, made a rattling sound, and replied excitedly.

“Zate be careful, don’t mess it up.”

The teammates next to him said with a smile.

Zate didn’t care at all, he walked up to the many prisoners and said arrogantly in the Z language: “A bunch of trash, whoever wants to come out with two hands, can beat me, just let it go. You go.”


Among the crowd, a young man with a rather muscular body stood up, as if he had also practiced.

“Good courage, come and announce your name.”

There was a hint of excitement in Zate’s tone.

“Wang Ji.”

Wang Ji walked out of the crowd and responded.

β€œcome on.”

Zate sneered, hooked.

“hmph ~”

Wang Ji rushed up and smashed his right hook fiercely, imposing manner extremely fierce.

Zate raised his left hand to block, but because of the strength, he couldn’t help but take a step back, then said with a smile.

“Not bad!”

Wang Ji was also stunned, his full strength attack was easily blocked.

“It’s my turn.”

At this moment, Zat slammed his fist into Wang Ji.

As soon as Wang Ji blocked, he felt a pain and kept backing away.

However, Zate didn’t mean to keep his hands, and his fists were swung harder and faster and faster. Wang Ji was beaten on the spot and could not fight back at all, so he could only retreat blindly.

At this time, Zart suddenly raised his foot sharply, and fiercely kicked Wang Ji’s chest.

Wang Ji fell directly to the ground, struggling in pain.

“Who else!”

Zate shouted to the crowd excitedly.

“I! Cui Qiang, I refuse to accept it!”

A brawny man stood up from the crowd and walked out.

Zate seemed even more excited, and when he went up, he punched him cleanly.

As a result, Cui Qiang also not to be outdone, and also punched in the past.

The two smashed their fists into each other’s body, and Zart took a step back in pain.

Zate couldn’t help but frowned after stabilizing his body. Then he took a step forward angrily, and swept away another left hook.

As a result, Cui Qiang seized the opportunity, caught his fist, folded over his shoulders and fell to the ground.


Many of the captive players present couldn’t help clapping their hands and applauding.

Zate couldn’t hold back his face, endured the pain, and just wanted to get up and fight back.

“Enough Zart.”

York said chillingly.

Zate reluctantly said to Cui Qiang in front of him, “You can go.”

However, Cui Qiang pointed at York and said, “I want to challenge you. .”

Hearing Cui Qiang’s words, Zate and the others laughed disdainfully, is this guy crazy? They even wanted to challenge their instructors, knowing that Zate’s melee combat was good, but compared to the instructors, he was a baby.

“Okay, if you win, I’ll let you all person.”

York also seemed to be interested. He hadn’t had a hand addiction for a long time. , throw it to the next player.

Cui Qiang then shouted out loudly, his fists moved towards York, but York did not dodge, his eyes became very sharp, like an ominous beast, his eyes were chilling. He slammed the punches in the past, and the strikes were faster and more ruthless!


After a muffled sound.

The result is no suspense. York took less than half a second to finish punching and closing.

Fiercely, Cui Qiang slammed into Cui Qiang’s face with a punch, his teeth popped, and his whole head was buzzing.

Then, before he could react, Yorke punched him in the stomach again, and then punched him on the left cheek, knocking him down easily in three or two strokes.

The many captive players who were still excited were all dumbfounded.

On the third floor of the gymnasium, Su Mo was looking at the fight below when he suddenly turned his head and shouted in a low voice.


Lan Xi walked out stiffly from the corner door, and she kept winking at Su Mo.

“It’s me.”

Su Mo stepped forward calmly, and said lightly, “Why did you come online so late.”

Just then The moment she approached, Su Mo waved her fingers down, signaling her to squat down.

Lan Xi gritted her teeth and squatted down, Su Mo burst out like a leopard. With a sharp kick, Lanxi kicked over the top of Lanxi’s head and kicked the gun behind him.

That special operator didn’t expect to be smothered, his left hand immediately pulled a dagger from his thigh and moved towards Su Mo’s neck.

Su Mo’s upper body leaned back, and the dagger almost passed by.

Immediately after, Su Mo extended the hand and clasped the wrist of the opponent holding the dagger, twisted it sharply, and twisted the dagger from his hand.

Immediately after kicking the opponent’s leg, the opponent immediately one-knee kneels to the ground.

Immediately, Su Mo took a step forward, raised his left foot, and slammed his knee directly on the opponent’s chin.

With a painful and dull voice, the special team member fell to the ground in pain. Su Mo then raised his foot and stepped on his neck indifferently.


No accidental deaths on the spot.

Lan Xi was dumbfounded, covering her mouth in surprise.

At this moment, Su Mo pulled Lan Xi away and retreated!


A shuttle of bullets swept across from a distance, and two special forces members noticed something was wrong and rushed over.

As they approached, they became angry when they saw the body of their companion.

“Fuck! That guy actually killed Captain Jeddo.”

When Su Mo heard the tone of the other party’s words, he couldn’t help but frowned, this group of people turned out to be foreign players.

In fact, in this operation, all of their squads requested to communicate in the Z language. But sometimes out of habit, there will be a sentence or two of M Mandarin from time to time.

Su Mo quickly pulled Lan Xi to hide behind a concrete pillar, then he lifted QBZ-171 and turned sideways to give a sharp counterattack.

peng~ peng~!!


A special operator was hit in the lower leg and couldn’t help making a painful sound.

“Menu hold on.”

A team member next to him directly pulled him to the bunker next to him.

At this time, two more special forces came around from both sides, intending to sneak attack Su Mo.

However, Su Mo seemed to have noticed it for a long time. As soon as they approached, Su Mo launched an attack first and shot with precision.

York and the others below the gym had a great time. At this time, they heard the gunshots coming from above, and their expressions sank. It was obvious that something had happened, and there were players who resisted.

(end of this chapter)

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