Star Ring Mission Chapter 380


Chapter 380 Play

However, in the face of Lin Zinuo’s concern, Su Mo can only understand.

He sighed and said, “Stop talking about that, let’s eat.”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Okay, I see. Forget about that, try the buns here, the taste is very good, by the way, are you busy today?”

Su Mo took out a bun and ate it by himself, while not forgetting to take out a bun and stuff it directly into Lin Zino’s mouth.

Lin Zinuo took a bite and replied; “It’s alright, it’s okay for now, they will call me to inform me if something happens. I’m on the Helan in Star Ring, and the Helan is now following the big army. Sailing, why do you suddenly ask about this?”

Su Mo replies while eating: “It’s rare for you to come and play, I can’t do the landlord’s friendship and take you around for a walk.”

When Lin Zinuo heard this, her eyes immediately lit up, and she didn’t expect Su Mo to accompany her.


“You don’t have to be so excited, okay?”

“Then eat quickly, eat well and go out to play, you have to bring Where do I go to play?”

“Uh, let’s walk around.”

Su Mo is also a little troubled, don’t look at him living in the magic capital for so long. In fact, he has never left the old city, and the magic city is no different from a strange city to him.

“Okay, but do you want to take a leave of absence from the Internet cafe first, will it delay work? No, you are so rich, why would you go to work in an Internet cafe?”

Lin Zinuo replied very happily, he didn’t care where Su Mo took him to play, he was willing to accompany him anyway.

“Actually, that Internet cafe is also mine. I partner with an uncle.”

Su Mo responded with a smile.

“I don’t think it’s right. How could someone so rich still go to work? Let’s go.”

Lin Zinuo replied in a good mood.

“cough cough, don’t worry, eat before you go.”

“eat while walking.”

After a while, Su Mo and Lin Zino Sit on a public rail car that goes to the city.

Lin Zino looked at Su Mo with a dark expression.

“Su Mo, how can I complain about you, you can be considered a rich man even if you are large and small.”


Su Mo is A very generous acknowledgment.

“You really didn’t buy a car?”

“Yes, isn’t it in the showcase?”

“Ah~ I said It’s a car!”

“Oh~ no, I don’t like to drive, it’s too troublesome to drive, mainly because it needs regular maintenance, and I don’t like to go out anyway.”

Su Mo gave a very weird reason.

Lin Zinuo rolled her eyes at Su Mo, but of course it was only contempt. She was not surprised at all that this guy did such a weird thing.

“Dear passengers, Downtown Park Station is about to arrive. Passengers who need to get off, please prepare in advance.”

The sweet announcement sounded.

Su Mo thought about it and asked; “How about we get off here, it should be a little more fun here.”

He really couldn’t think of where It’s fun, in Su Mo’s eyes, it’s meaningless to play anything. If it’s really fun to let him tell the truth, it’s Star Ring.

However, Su Mo still has a bit of emotional intelligence. Lin Zino and the others treat Star Ring as a job, not as a kind of enjoyment. If he opened his mouth and said that Star Ring was more fun, he would probably be scolded half to death.


Lin Zino nodded replied.

Soon the public rail car stopped, and Lin Zino happily pulled Su Mo out of the car.

They came to the entrance of the downtown park. Although this park is not big, it is all pure natural green plants, which is very pleasing to the eye.

The two walked inside on foot. Many people came here to play, basically all young people. The people who played along the way were talking and laughing, full of vigor and vitality.

In addition, Su Mo and Lin Zino were walking on the road and attracted a lot of attention.

A lot of young people who came out to play kept staring at the two of them.

“That woman is so pretty.”

“What’s more, that man is also very handsome.”

“The infrastructure of the magic capital is honestly true. It’s pretty good, and I can compete with Imperial Capital.”

Lin Zinuo looked around and said with emotion.

Su Mo thought about the replied: “The economy here has always been good, and the security is also very good.”

“It’s really good, I like it a little bit.”


Lin Zino smiled brightly and ran happily to the forest path in the park.

β€œWait for me.”

Su Mo also shouted slightly startled.

“You’re chasing me.”

Lin Zino didn’t forget to turn around and waved at Su Mo. The soft sunlight shone on her body, and her smooth and slender black hair faced the wind. fluttering.

Su Mo had no choice but to catch up.

The two entered the forest, and the golden leaves kept floating down and landed on the road paved with bluestone.

Lin Zinuo took Su Mo to run in the artificial forest, and ran very happily.

Lin Zino stopped after a long time.

“Stop for a while.”

Su Mo caught up and suggested helplessly.

“No, the trees on the hillside over there are so beautiful, let’s go pick some leaves as a souvenir.”

“Wait, it’s not allowed to pick here.”


“It’s alright, I’ll just run faster later.”

Lin Zino is just like a child, very excited and happy.

As she said that, she pulled Su Mo to the right, climbed the bluestone stairs, and came to the biggest maple tree.

“Isn’t it? This tree is so tall.”

Su Mo said with a cough.

“Su Mo, you squat down.”


“Squat down! Just this time, okay?”


Su Mo squatted subconsciously, but just squatted down. Lin Zino showed a sly smile and jumped directly on Su Mo’s neck.


β€œWhat are you doing, get up, say to play with me today, I’m the biggest.”


Su Mo stood up helplessly.

Lin Zino happily picked the golden leaves on the tree.

“Is it okay?”

“It will be fine in a while, then right away. You point to the right. The leaves over there are better, yes, right.”

“.You hurry up.”

Although Su Mo complained, his body still cooperated honestly. After all, Lin Zino was not very heavy.

Just as the two of them were enjoying the harvest, a shout came from a distance.

“What are you doing, stop me.”

Lin Zinuo turned his head to look over and saw a security guard running over.

She happily said to Su Mo: “Su Mo run!”

Su Mo had a black line on his face.

“Then you won’t come down.”

“I can’t run, you carry me, don’t worry about this, run quickly, or you will be caught.”


Su Mo was also speechless for a while, and could only run with Lin Zinuo on his back.

Lin Zinuo also excitedly waved to the security guard in the distance.

“uncle, run slowly, don’t flash to your waist.”

“Stop for me.”

Unfortunately, it’s useless, Su Mo The physique is super good, so I ran away not very long with Lin Zinuo on my back.

After a while, the two ran to an artificial lake, the lake was sparkling, and the shore was full of Willow Trees, and the scenery was very beautiful.

There are a lot of people who play.

Su Mo put Lin Zino down here, took a long breath, and said helplessly.

“Have fun.”

(end of chapter)

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