Star Ring Mission Chapter 381


Chapter 381 Trouble

“It’s okay, are you tired? After all, you have run so far.”

Lin Zi Noah asked in a good mood.

“It doesn’t matter if you run that far, the main reason is that you are too heavy.”

“Why, did you do it on purpose?”

Lin Zinuo suddenly Somewhat annoyed, he pumped his little fist.

“Okay, okay, don’t make trouble, I’m just joking, do you want something to drink?”

Su Mo looked around, there were quite a few in the distance small store.

“Give me a cup of milk tea, it just happens to be the first cup of milk tea in autumn.”

Lin Zino said in a good mood.

“Okay, you wait here for me.”

Su Mo said and left.

Lin Zino stretched, walked to the lake, leaned on the stone fence and looked at the lake.

Blowing the cool breeze, I feel very comfortable, I haven’t been so happy for a long time.

But soon her good intentions were thoroughly destroyed, and a sudden voice sounded behind her.

“Hello, beautiful lady.”

Lin Zinuo turned his head to look, and saw a decent-looking man wearing very fashionable clothes with a paintbrush in his hand. The young man with a confident face stood behind her.

A group of young men and women followed behind his youth, who seemed to be his fans.

Lin Zinuo looked at the uninvited guest with a puzzled face.

“Who are you? What’s the matter.”

“Introduce yourself, my name is luk, I’m a big painter. I’m going out to shoot a scene now, can you help me complete a painting ?”

Luk asked confidently.

Lin Zinuo refused without thinking.


Lin Zinuo didn’t want to talk to them anymore after she said that. She has met many people and she has long been accustomed to it. She has seen many people who thought she was very attractive.

“Miss, don’t refuse so quickly, this is a rare opportunity.”

“I said I don’t want it, do you not understand or what?”


Lin Zino was extremely annoyed, this guy is really like a chewing gum, he can’t even shake it off.

Luk saw that Lin Zino was so opposed, so he said with a smile: “Miss, look here, we are broadcasting live here, and there are a lot of fans watching. If you can be willing to be part of my scenery , maybe you may become famous, or even become a star and become the object of focal point of ten thousands.”

Luk is extremely confident, which girl does not love vanity these days, no matter how beautiful a girl is Will not pass up this opportunity.


Lin Zinuo replied firmly.

“Miss, you don’t have to be shy, you have to follow your heart, people live in this world, don’t be afraid, you have to liberate your nature.”

Luk kept persuaded

The fans behind him also cooed with mystifying.

“That’s right, luk is for your face, don’t tell good from bad.”

“What happened?”

At this time, Su Mo mentioned Two cups of milk tea came over, brows slightly wrinkle.

β€œThey have to make me a model, it’s useless to refuse.”

Lin Zino was annoyed and explained to Su Mo.

Su Mo stood directly in front of Lin Zino, blocking luk.

“Please leave.”

When Lin Zino heard Su Mo’s words, her original annoyance turned into inexplicable coursing. With Su Mo standing in front of her, she inexplicably felt very at ease, no one was more reliable than him.

I don’t know if it’s a descendant fearless, or if it’s young and vigorous, but the young man in front of him is fascinated and confident, so he said to Su Mo: “Sir, I believe you should be a reasonable person. shouldn’t be let your friend lose such a rare opportunity? It’s her honor to be my model, but my paintings will be exhibited in well-known high-level art exhibitions.”

Su Mo sighed, he lifted the head and looked at the young man in front of him and said.

“I don’t know what your minds are thinking. I’ve told you that you don’t have to. Do you still not understand? Besides, your inferior tricks are really not very good.”

“How do you say this? I just want to give this lady a picture to record her most beautiful moments. As for such a small belly?”

The young man replies very displeased. .

Lin Zinuo’s face was full of smiles. There is nothing better than being protected by someone he likes, even if he is forced to open a business.

Su Mo was also a little annoyed, this guy is the same as a dog skin plaster, so he replies in a bad tone.

“I solemnly tell you that you don’t need it. Now please step aside, or take responsibility for the consequences.”

“What do you want? How are you all.”

The young man in front of him instinctively took a step back, but then a group of so-called friends appeared behind him, standing by to support him.

“Oh, I really can’t tell the dog.”

Su Mo’s tone was very calm, but his hands were not ambiguous, and then he punched the young man in the eye. superior.


The smile on Lin Zino’s face suddenly stiffened, and she was also shocked, what’s the situation? Su Mo really did it.

“Brothers on!”

The young talents behind him came back to his senses and rushed up.

Su Mo flashed a cold glow in his eyes and punched him

The girls on the scene kept screaming.

After a long time, Su Mo and Lin Zino came out from the guard station after recording their statements.

Lin Zinuo said with some lingering fears.

“Why did you really do it, there are so many of them, what if you suffer a loss.”

“Hey, it’s just a bunch of chickens, not enough to warm up, don’t worry. Now, I’m fine with my senses.”

Su Mo said indifferently.

“Okay, it’s not hard enough for you to accompany me out to play, but you waste your time on the security bureau.”

Lin Zino said disappointedly.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll take you out to play when you’re free.”

Su Mo said something casually.

Lin Zinuo replied with a smile: “You said it!”


Su Mo’s expression is a little weird, did he say something wrong? .

At this time, the young man, accompanied by his friends, also walked out of the guard station. Su Mo glanced at it, and they ran away in fright.

Lin Zinuo is about to burst into laughter, it’s really funny.


At this moment, Lin Zinuo’s cell phone rang suddenly. She took out her cell phone and glanced at it. Seeing a call from Zhao Han, she quickly connected it.

“Sister Zhao.”


“Okay, okay, I’ll be online soon.”

Lin Zinuo and Zhao Han After chatting for a while, I quickly hung up the phone.

“What happened?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously.

“The fleet is in big trouble, we are attacked by alien monsters. It is said that there are also type IV aliens in it. Now the fleet has begun to prepare for battle, I have to go online quickly.”


Lin Zino simply explained to Su Mo.

“Let’s take a taxi back.”

Su Mo replied simply.


Soon after, Su Mo and Lin Zino returned to the internet cafe. He opened a private game cabin for Lin Zino, and Lin Zino hurried upstairs.

Su Mo returned to the bar to continue working, he opened the forum to browse.

I don’t know the result if I don’t see it, I’m shocked when I see it!

A special pioneering team has arrived in the Lost Continent. There are five members of this squad. They took a special aircraft and flew over by force.

(end of this chapter)

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