Star Ring Mission Chapter 382


Chapter 382 Dispute

The first-hand video materials of the Lost Continent are now being sold online, and the purchase requires ten gold points.

There are hundreds of millions of comments below the posts that sell information. Of course, half of these comments are praise and one is abusive.

“The landlord is awesome, the first to arrive at the Lost Continent!”

“Fuck, ten gold points, the landlord is crazy about money, why don’t you grab it Ah!”

“Ten gold points are not expensive, but people work hard.”

“If you have money, buy it!”

“Wait. Pirated images are revealed.”


Su Mo pays ten gold points decisively with a few clicks.

A prompt popped up immediately.

“Congratulations on becoming a member of the 103rd purchase, please leave your email address and we will provide you with further first-hand information for free.”

Su Mo looked thoughtful looking at the prompt, The click rate exceeded 100 million, but the number of purchasers was only more than 100. It seems that most of them are still too expensive.

However, this team of sellers is also very interesting. They kept their hands and took down those who are willing to pay, so as to find suitable gold owners.

Of course it doesn’t matter, just watch the video first.

Su Mo clicked on the image, and saw a special small stealth aircraft staggering forward in the sky with lightning and thunder.

At the end of the sky in the distance, there is a black continent with no end in sight.

It is said to be a continent. In fact, from the satellite imagery, it is an isolated island, but it is very wide.

Su Mo concentrated attention completely staring at the image, only to see the wobbly aircraft, getting closer and closer to the lost continent.

Su Mo couldn’t help but take a deep breath when he saw this dark continent clearly.

This is a continent made of purely mechanical metal. At first glance, it is extremely desolate and depressing. There are intricate mechanical wreckage everywhere, giving people an extreme oppression.

Soon the aircraft crash-landed on the island of the abandoned continent.

I saw five team members wearing second-generation mechanical armor hurriedly opening the hatch of the aircraft.

“Come on, go down, we have to get out of here quickly, we have already alerted the monster here.”

A rough voice came from the mouth of the leader.


After the five team members left the aircraft, they quickly ran to the right front. At this time, one was only tens of meters high in the distance, with a round head and a transparent surface. Looking closely, you can clearly see the wriggling material inside, and the lower body is a type III alien alien similar to octopus tentacles, moved towards here to gather.

The video is very difficult to deal with, and it can be seen that this squad is desperately escaping.

Occasionally, players can be heard gasping for breath.

“Hansen is hurrying, don’t let the bastards catch up.”

“Got it”


Just when Su Mo was fascinated, the video screen was interrupted, and an information collection box popped up, please enter an email address.

Su Mo was also a little unsure, so he filled in his email address.

It didn’t take long for him to receive another video compression package.

Su Mo opened the video archive and saw that in the video, there were only three people left in the five-person team. And all three were battered and exhausted, with some sticky liquid on their bodies.

Leading a rough man to walk in front of the image, self-introduced.

“Hi, hello, we are the Hege pioneering mercenary group. We are lucky to be the first to arrive at the lost continent. I believe that all the sponsors are very interested in the lost continent and are full of unknown expectations. .But everything I’m going to tell you next will disappoint you, but it’s definitely worth the money you paid.”

“From our current exploration of the area, This is a mechanical desert island. To be incorrect, it should be a mechanically barren continent, because its area is too large. Basically, there are barren here. But it does not mean that there are no lifeforms here. Those aliens are the biggest nightmare. They Their battle strength is much stronger than regular xenomorphs, and their blood is full of unknown viruses, and can even corrode high-strength mechanical armor. Two of our companions were unfortunately killed, so they sacrificed.”

“Of course, we have also discovered a lot of valuable information, which can help the sponsors to better battle this continent and win the Cup of Earth.”

“But there is a saying that Well, there is no free lunch in this world, we are desperately trying to be the first to board the lost continent in order to earn the first pot of gold, after all, making money is not ashamed. So the next information is the highest price, you can reverse Send us an email for a quotation, and we will send you all the first-hand information we have explored, and we can also sell your life to you to provide you with targeted exploration of designated areas for information, thank you.”

Su Mo see After this video, I feel more and more interesting.

To be honest, if he didn’t hang up, he would really make an impulse bid and hire this mercenary group to explore.

Of course now Su Mo is just interested, he doesn’t plan to spend a lot of money to make an offer. Because even if you get first-hand information, it won’t be of much use. After all, he has already died, and the Cup of Earth must have missed him.

In addition, Su Mo doesn’t care about the reward of the Cup of Earth. Judging from the rewards obtained by the Dragon Kingdom, Su Mo has a strong guess that the reward of the Cup of Earth is likely to be used to make up for the shortcomings of civilization, so that it has Eligible to participate in the Cup of Heaven.

So the reward of the Earth Cup will surely fall into the hands of the Federation Council.

In addition, the recent construction of interstellar airports in various regions makes Su Mo feel more and more that times are changing.

After a long time, Lin Zinuo came down from the upstairs, walked to the bar, and said to Su Mo.

“Bring me a bottle of milk and some bread, I’m starving”

“Is it done?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“What’s done, luck is on the back. We ran into that type IV alien monster. It was outrageous. Sister Xue drove the IV generation creature mecha herself, and there was no way to deal with it.

It caused substantial damage. Instead, it overturned many of our ships, with heavy casualties, and the Helan was almost overturned.”

Lin Zinuo couldn’t help complaining.

Su Mo’s heart thumped slightly, he hesitated and asked, “Is Qianchengxue all right?”

“That’s all right, although Sister Xue can’t beat that monster, but Self-defense is still no problem. In the end, we forced a breakout, and the monster didn’t give up and tried to catch up, but was picked up by the Fiercely! You don’t know how shocking the scene was and how fierce the Fierce was. The sea is about to collapse.”

Lin Zinuo’s eyes darkened, and then quickly returned to normal, and the more he talked, the more excited he became.

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightlyβ€”β€”

In the office of the administrative building of the Magic City Center, a middle-aged man with a noble manner and a very good temperament, wearing a white shirt and a loose coat, Sitting at the desk, looking at the document in hand.

At this time, a stylish, tall female secretary walked in.

β€œMr. Cao Wen, the people from Imperial Capital are coming soon. Would you like to go to the meeting first.”

β€œAny other people coming.”

β€œ It’s all here.”


Cao Wen calmly got up and left the office.

Not very long, Cao Wen came to the conference hall. There were many people in the conference hall who had been waiting for a long time. They were all administrative officials and local conglomerates of the magic capital.

They all stood up and saluted Cao Wen.

“Your Excellency.”

“Without so much etiquette, the people from Imperial Capital will be here soon. You should discuss it with them.”

Cao Wen responded slightly by nomination.


Everyone present responded in nodded manner.

Also not very long, person No. 16 walked in under the guidance of a staff member.

Headed by Guo Gao, Deputy Director of the Planning Department of Imperial Capital, followed by a group of designers and experts.

Guo Gao and Cao Wen shook hands and exchanged a few words of greetings.

“Welcome, Mr. Guo Gao. I’ve been too busy recently to make time to greet you in person.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Cao Wen, the family will not talk about two families. If so, we are also very pressed for time, so we will avoid the polite words, let’s start discussing about the construction of the interstellar airport.”


Cao Wen replied with a smile .

Guo Gao turned his head and said politely to a serious middle-aged man behind him.

“Lin Wei will help you. I know you are not in good health, but this matter is very important, so I have to ask you to run in person.”

“This is what I should do. I did it, and besides, I was just about to come to the Magic Capital.”

Lin Wei sternly looked the head replied.

Cao Wen turned his head and looked towards Zheng Yuan, his powerful confidant.

Zheng Yuan smiled and took out a thick stack of proposal documents, laughed said.

“Then let’s discuss about the construction of the interstellar airport.”

Cao Wen and Guo Gao sat quietly drinking tea, and had no intention of participating at all.

Time flies by.

The discussion between the two sides is getting more and more heated, and the atmosphere of the Conference Hall is getting worse and worse.

Lin Wei’s brows became tighter and his voice became higher and higher. He pointed to the document very seriously and said, “The total planning and budget is so much. You haven’t done anything about the demolition until now, and you have offered compensation. The gold is still so high. Tell me, what are you going to do in the future? When the time comes, there will definitely be problems with the progress.”

“Mr. Lin Wei, listen to me, we are here in the magic capital. The land price is not lost to Imperial Capital. But you can’t let us buy it at a 30% discount or lower. They are not fools.

“In short, the planned amount is so much. Otherwise, you will have to raise your own funds. But I said here, I will give you a maximum of one month. The demolition work must be completed. If the process is delayed, the materials will be in the later stage. Anything will go up.”

“You are not embarrassing us. You are raising funds for the interstellar airport this time. The budget you gave is insufficient, and we have to put in a lot of money ourselves.”

“This is your business, and you made this result yourself. If you followed our blueprints, you wouldn’t have so many problems. You could obviously build an interstellar airport of a similar size. But your current The plan is almost catching up with the scale of the Imperial Capital interstellar airport, isn’t this nonsense?”

“It can’t be said that, the economy in our magic capital has always been very prosperous, and the flow of people is large. If If you don’t make it in one step, it will be very troublesome in the later stage.”

β€œbite off more than one can chew, be careful of the unfinished ending.”

Guo Gao lightly opened the mouth and said: “Don’t get angry, Mr. Lin Wei, I think we’ve been talking for a long time today, so let’s stop here.”

“I think so too.”

Cao Wen echoed with a smile. road.

“Then let’s go first.”

Guo Gao got up and took the people and left without any courtesy. In other words, he didn’t give much face.

Cao Wen doesn’t care at all, he’s used to it.

At this time, Zheng Yuan said angrily after seeing them go far away: “Sir, these people from above are really aloof and remote, and they have a great sense of superiority.”

“I know, that doesn’t matter, the key is that we have to do our own business well, and the interstellar airport must be built. And it can’t shrink, and the Federal Parliament will be formally established soon. This interstellar airport is not just about the magic capital. The future is also about, when the time comes I will compete for a seat in the federal parliament.”

Cao Wen solemnly said.

“Lord Cao Wen, you don’t have to worry too much about funding, we will do our best to support you. Although our Old Guys are not as good as Wulongshou, our background is not bad. Where are you going?”

Sitting in the corner at this time, three old men stood up, the three local conglomerates, Lei Family, Zhao Family, and Hai Family.

“If you speak, I naturally don’t panic.”

Cao Wen replied with a smile.

“However, the demolition is really a bit of a hassle. It’s probably enough for such a large area.”

The three people thought for a while and added.

“Don’t worry about this matter, I will find a way to solve it properly, you just need to ensure the project funds. The only thing that surprises me is that we didn’t expect that the rich are hidden in the magic capital. There are many.”


Everyone responded.

(end of this chapter)

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