Star Ring Mission Chapter 383


Chapter 383 Invitation

In the open source Internet cafe, Su Mo sits at the bar every day, waiting for Lin Zinuo to play games.

My colleagues in the internet cafe have gradually gotten used to it, and they no longer make a fuss about nothing.

Su Mo sighed, picked up his phone and glanced at it, it was already nine o’clock in the evening, and Lin Zino hadn’t played the game yet, so it was estimated that he was in trouble again in Star Ring.

She has been working overtime a lot recently.

Su Mo opened the forum and browsed for a while. As the first pioneering team arrived in the Lost Continent, they made a lot of money from selling information, and all the pioneering pioneering teams fought chicken blood.

In just two or three days, more than a thousand teams entered the Lost Continent from different directions.

Now the entire forum is selling information.

Although these information are mixed, they still reveal the true face of the lost continent to a certain extent. This continent is not left over from that world civilization, but more like an alien civilization.

And the source of the destruction of those civilizations in the Dragon Kingdom is this lost continent.

The team that goes up to explore will be less than one third after 24 hours. Aliens everywhere, and some wandering mechanical guards.

In addition, according to the information provided by Lin Zino, their combined forces have joined the Storm Bear Guild and the Mythical Guild in the Sea of Grey Stream, not far from the lost continent, they are all waiting so far The upper level confirms the login location.

According to the known information, anyone who goes to the island will be attacked by monsters, and the greater the movement on the island, the greater the scale of enemy attacks.

So it can be expected that there will be a tough battle after the joint forces land on the island.

According to Lin Zinuo’s statement, her gaming career may be coming to an end, and she herself has no confidence in the later game progress.

She now deeply feels the cruelty of this game.

While Su Mo was thinking, there was a commotion at the door of the open source Internet cafe.

Su Mo naturally heard the movement. He turned his head and looked towards the surveillance camera next to him. Looking at the surveillance video at the door, he was also a little surprised.

A highest black and gold business car parked in front of the Internet cafe.

People who came to the Internet watched curiously.

“How can such a top-level luxury car come here.”

“I don’t know, I heard that this car can’t be bought with money, and it needs a certain identity. .”

“Look at its license plate.”


“It’s awesome.”

At this time the door When he opened it, an old man in a black tuxedo and a bow tie came down, and he went straight into the Internet cafe.

Su Mo’s eyes couldn’t help narrowing. It doesn’t feel right for such a good car to come here.

Sure enough, after the old man came in, he moved towards the bar.

“Welcome, do you want to get on the plane?”

Su Mo replied calmly.

The old man in front of him showed a faint smile, then he bowed slightly to Su Mo and said gracefully, “Hello, Mr. Su Mo.”

“Who are you?”

Su Mo carefully looked at the old man in front of him, and he could confirm that he had never seen him.

“Don’t be surprised, I introduce myself as Cao Yuan, the steward of the Cao Family. Our family will hold a charity banquet tomorrow night, and you are specially invited. Please be sure to attend.”

Cao Yuan took out a beautiful invitation from his chest and handed it to Su Mo.

β€œCao Family?”

Su Mo is also at a loss, when did he have any intersection with the Cao Family.

“patriarch is Cao Wen.”

Cao Yuan explained with a smile.

Su Mo was also taken aback when he heard the words Cao Wen. People who live in the magic capital can not know anyone, but it is absolutely impossible not to know Cao Wen.

Because Cao Wen has been in charge of Magic Capital for ten years, his reputation and reputation are very good.

Hearing the words Cao Wen, Su Mo was also a little hesitant and could not refuse.

It is obvious that the other party invites himself at this juncture, most likely it is for the demolition, the one who should come will still come, and there is no way to avoid it.

So Su Mo reached out and took it.


“Thank you very much, there will be a special car to pick you up when the time comes, then I will say goodbye.”

said Cao Wen saluted again, and then left.

Su Mo looked at the back of Cao Wen’s departure, fell into contemplation, and felt a little troublesome.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Lin Zinuo suddenly appeared, frightened and flustered deliberately to frighten Su Mo.

Su Mo helplessly replied: “No, I’m thinking about something.”

“Who is that person, it doesn’t seem to be an ordinary person, why is he looking for you. “

Lin Zinuo didn’t believe it was okay, she just came down and saw the whole process.

“That’s from the steward of the Cao Family. They’re hosting a charity party in the high wall tomorrow night. He’s here to send me an invitation.”

Su Mo also I didn’t plan to hide it from Lin Zinuo and handed her the invitation directly.

Lin Zinuo took the invitation, opened it and looked at it, with an unbelievable look on his face.

“Cao Wen invited you.”


Su Mo nods.

“Well, then this is not a celebrity banquet.”

Lin Zinuo said hesitantly.

“That’s right.”

Su Mo doesn’t care if he is famous or not. What he is worried about now is what is the purpose of the other party’s invitation to him, is it a warning before the demolition? Or are you planning to show up?

This is the most troublesome place for Su Mo. Although he doesn’t care about the demolition money, he cares about the resettlement after the demolition.

Lin Zinuo’s expression became unnatural after listening to Su Mo’s words. Although her family is not a wealthy family, it is also a scholarly Aristocratic Family, so she was forced to attend several upper-class banquets since she was a child.

No matter what the name of the banquet is, it’s just a social meeting, and people like Su Mo are handsome and rich.

It’s just a sweet pastry, when the time comes the gang of courtesans don’t come around like bees smelling nectar.

And this big idiot knew at first glance that he had not attended the banquet very much.

When I turn around and ask someone to drink some wine, I have an unclear relationship with which girl, or I didn’t resist the temptation, and followed the way of others.

Then he was kidnapped, Lin Zinuo became more and more entangled the more he thought about it.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo’s unfathomable mystery tangled expression, and asked suspiciously; “What’s wrong with you?”

“No, no.”

Lin Zinuo responded in a panic, as if something bad was almost discovered.

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo didn’t care too much either.

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo’s calm face, took a deep breath and gave up, so he said, “Su Mo.”

“What’s wrong?”


Su Mo looked at Lin Zino suspiciously, he always felt that something was wrong with her state.

“Then, that.”

“Anything to say directly, or do you want to borrow money again?”

Su Mo sees Lin Zino hesitating. , thought she was short of money again. But this time he was full of confidence, and it was over to go out to experience life. Although there is not much money left in the card, there is only 3.1 billion left, but it is enough.

Lin Zino, who was awkward and didn’t know how to speak, suddenly got angry when he heard Su Mo’s words.

(end of this chapter)

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