Star Ring Mission Chapter 384


Chapter 384 Supreme Services

“Borrowing your head, I just wanted to ask if you could take me there too.”

After Lin Zinuo finished speaking, her face turned slightly red, and her heartbeat speeded up involuntarily, for fear that Su Mo would refuse.


Su Mo subconsciously replied .

After Lin Zino finished listening, she blinked and looked at Su Mo in confusion.

“Just one? No more?”

“Otherwise, what else do you want, just go together if you want.”

Su Mo doesn’t care too much , He was very tired of attending this kind of banquet, and he didn’t really want to go alone. It happened that Lin Zinuo wanted to go, and he happened to have a company.

He remembered that this kind of banquet could bring people.

“Then it’s settled.”

Lin Zinuo smiled when she saw Su Mo’s agreement.

“en. ”


In the high walls of the magic capital, in a luxurious manor-style villa.

Cao Wen was sitting quietly at the desk in the study, with some developed photos and some data files on the table.

And the person on the photo is Su Mo.


There was a knock on the door

β€œCome in.”


I saw a girl with black hair reaching her waist, wearing an azure gauze skirt, with delicate and soft features, and an elegant and decent manner, came in with a cup of coffee.

“Yuner, why don’t you rest so late.”

“My daughter saw that the father’s study light was still on, so she came in to take a look.”

The girl who came in was Cao Wen’s most beloved daughter, Cao Yun.

“It’s still your kindness.”

Cao Wen took the coffee with a smile.

Cao Yun glanced at the photos and documents on the table and asked suspiciously.

“father who is this?”

Cao Wen said with a smile: “This is the most important guest at tomorrow’s banquet called Su Mo, a well-hidden rich man who lives in the center of the city. That old town belongs to him.”

“Isn’t that area the thing that has troubled father recently?”

“Yes, can we build an interstellar airport? Let’s see if the talks go well tomorrow.”

“If you have a father, there should be no big problem. But this man named Su Mo is still so young, can he really decide?”

Cao Yun curiously asked .

“Don’t underestimate this youngster, you don’t know if you don’t investigate, and there will be surprises as soon as you investigate. He is better than you think. Normal people are sitting on so much wealth, and they have long been gone. But According to my investigation, he does not, and he has an excellent reputation in the old city, which shows that his character is very good. Although he does not have a high degree of education, according to the feedback from the people below, he has worshipped many private masters, and his knowledge is also very good. The most important point, as far as I know, he hid himself and went to Imperial Capital to join the tenth Legion of the Dawn Group Guild.> Cao Wen dug out most of Su Mo’s information in just a short time. It is conceivable how strong he is in Mo.

Cao Yun is also very surprised that the father rarely praises a person so much.

“I heard father say so, he does seem to be very good.”

“Such a good person, still so young, is indeed very rare. Yuner, you will be with father tomorrow. Attending a charity banquet, when the time comes you can get in touch with him, whether it’s a friend or something, it’s very good.”

Cao Wen pointed out politely.

“My daughter understands.”

Cao Yun nodded lightly, in a family like theirs, this kind of matchmaking is normal.

The next morning, Su Mo got up to wash and walked out the door,

He looked at the empty living room in doubt, and then looked towards Lin Zinuo’s closed door, also a little puzzled , Lin Zino usually gets up very early, what’s the situation today? Haven’t woken up yet?

“Lin Zino?”


She echoed from the house.

“What are you doing? Why haven’t you gotten up yet.”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“I’m changing my clothes.”

Lin Zino replied loudly.


Su Mo was sitting in the living room waiting.

In the end, half an hour passed, and the closed door still didn’t open. Su Mo, such a patient person, was helpless.

“What are you doing?”

At this moment, the door opened, and Lin Zinuo changed into a very fashionable floral dress and came out, and asked with joy.


“How about what?”

Su Mo replied with an unfathomable mystery.

“I’m asking if this outfit looks good. If it looks good, I’ll wear it at night.”

Lin Zinuo complained angrily.

Su Mo was stunned for a moment, then glanced inside the door, and saw Lin Zinuo had turned out all the clothes in his suitcase and threw them all on the bed, feeling like trying on clothes.

“Speak quickly and give some advice.”

Lin Zinuo hurriedly urged when Su Mo didn’t say a word for a long time.

“cough cough, it’s alright, but shouldn’t you wear a dress to a banquet?”

“Ah, where can I find a dress, I never thought I would be here? I brought a few dresses to the banquet.”

Lin Zinuo looked at her clothes and felt helpless.

Su Mo coughed and said, “Okay, these are not important, you can just go with me.”

As he said that, Su Mo took Lin Zinuo out directly. It was ready last night.

“Where are we going?”

Although Lin Zino looked puzzled, she followed Su Mo obediently as she watched Su Mo pull her.

Not long after, the two took a taxi to the world mall in the center of the magic city.

The entire mall is oversized, with the highest luxury cars parked everywhere, and the entrance and exit are all full of bejeweled ladies and elegant ladies.

“What are we doing here.”

Lin Zino was a little panicked, this mall is higher level than the mall he took Su Mo to before.

You must know that when she took Su Mo to the mall before, she still picked the cheapest one.

“It’s nothing, just follow along.”

Su Mo pulled Lin Zino in directly.

“Su Mo, let’s go.”

Lin Zino was also scared to death.

“That won’t work. When you took me to buy clothes, I also said forget it. Now it’s your turn, shouldn’t you be afraid right?”

Su Mo is getting more and more interesting, it’s really a times change, and now it’s his turn to pull a game back.

“Whoever said I’m afraid, just go in.”

Lin Zinuo couldn’t hold back his face, so Brace oneself walked inside.

As soon as the two entered the mall, they walked up to a girl in uniform who greeted them with a very sweet voice.

“Hello, respected guest, I am Xiaoqing, a private shopping guide, and the mall provides free services throughout the whole process.”

“I made an appointment for a full service on your official website yesterday, click that Just come.”

Su Mo said simply.

“What service?”

Lin Zino felt something was wrong when he heard this, and asked Su Mo in a low voice.

Unfortunately, Su Mo didn’t plan to explain it to him at all, but communicated with the shopping guide girls each minding their own business.

“Can you show the SMS code for the appointment?”

The smile on the face of the beauty shopping guide in front of her grew brighter.

Su Mo picked up his mobile phone and showed it to the beautiful shopping guide in front of him.

“This is the Supreme service.”

“This way!”

(end of this chapter)

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