Star Ring Mission Chapter 385


Chapter 385 People rely on clothes

Xiaoqing is very happy and invites Su Mo to go to the elevator.

Lin Zinuo became more and more disturbed, she poked Su Mo with her arm: “What the hell did you order? Don’t mess around, things here are very expensive. You must know that this is a paradise for luxury goods, Imperial Capital has a lot of People come here to buy things.”

There is a saying that if you have never eaten pork, it is possible that you have never seen a pig run before. Not to mention others, as far as she knew, the young ladies of the Breaking Dawn Group came here to spend a lot.

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

Su Mo didn’t explain it to her at all.

Soon the three of them took a special VIP elevator to the top of the building.

The elevator door just opened, and two rows of six stylish girls in uniform bowed and greeted at the same time.


Lin Zino was also taken aback by this battle.


β€œcough cough, just cooperate with them.”

Su Mo coughed and said, in fact, he ordered it on the official website At that time, I didn’t look at the service content carefully, I only knew that it was a full set of the celebrity Supreme.

“Young Lady Lin, please come with us.”

The foreman who took the lead gallantly invited Lin Zinuo to the store first.

“Hello, Su Mo”

“Don’t be nervous, relax.”

Su Mo wanted to laugh too.

Xiaoqing on the side introduced to Su Mo: “Mr. Su, you have booked a Supreme VIP package, which includes the highest body beauty massage and maintenance, as well as the high level hairdressing service of the top VIP Tony teacher. Nail service, plus Kitteacher top-of-the-line makeup, as well as evening dress VIP selection and jewelry VIP selection. When the time comes we will show, all are limited editions and pre-release collector’s editions”

Su Mo Listen His head hurt so much, he raised his hand to interrupt Xiaoqing’s introduction.

“Can you find a quiet place where I can sit and wait.”

“No problem, please come with me.”

Xiaoqing smiled said.

So Su Mo followed Xiaoqing to the waiting area. He sat on the sofa and felt that half of his body was about to sink in. This sofa was very comfortable.

On the other side, Lin Zinuo was stunned. She was taken to a closed room by a group of girls.

The most high-level massage beds and a series of equipment are prepared inside, and there is even a private constant temperature bathing pool with special nutrient solution added to the bathing pool.

Immediately after, several girls came up and waited on her to undress.

“Young Lady Lin, we’ll help you undress.”

“No, no, I’ll do it myself.”

Lin Zinuo has never seen this battle , I was panicking in my heart.

After more than an hour of tossing, Lin Zinuo just changed into a bathrobe and walked out. She is so confused now that she is very comfortable. But she saw that the skin care products used for her were very bad, all of them were the most expensive and luxurious skin care products.

But the effect is also very good, her skin is very good originally, after the beauty care, it is even more white with a hint of rosy inside, just like the baby’s skin, more tender.

“Is it over?”

Lin Zinuo asked anxiously.

“This is just the beginning, Young Lady Lin, don’t worry, I will definitely make your hair beautiful.”

A very fashionable middle-aged woman came over.

“Who are you?”

“I’m HOS Tony teacher, the top stylist in the fashion industry, don’t worry, I’ll definitely do your hair beautifully .”

“I didn’t plan to do my hair.”

Lin Zino was even more disturbed, how much did that set cost! Now there is another hair stylist. She watched it for a while. The clothes this guy is wearing are all big brands, and each set is higher than his annual salary. How can he afford it?

“Young Lady Lin is a joke, you don’t have to worry, you like the hair package I made, so you can sit down at ease.”


After a long time, Lin Zinuo thought that he could breathe a sigh of relief.

At this time, I saw a group of waiters pushing rows of hangers, each of which was covered with the highest dresses in the mall.

On the other side, another row of white-gloved waitresses came in, each holding a luxurious jewelry tray in which to put all kinds of precious jewelry.

“These are too expensive.”

Lin Zino looked at these dazzling jewelry and clothes, and said with some fear.

“Young Lady Lin, you can choose the one you like with confidence, don’t worry about anything.”

The persuaded smile of the foreman girl, those who can make an appointment for Supreme service, all hold the alliance With the existence of the bank’s top diamond card, how could it be impossible to pay.

She was actually full of envy in her heart, and another Cinderella who flew on the branches and became Phoenix was born.

To know that each of these dresses is nearly 10 million, all from the top Master’s handwriting. The cheapest jewelry is around several millions, and the most expensive is tens of millions.

A little bit of anything is enough for a lifetime of food and clothing.

“Can you forget it?”

“Young Lady Lin, don’t joke with us, you can choose with confidence”

In the lounge, Su Mo Almost fell asleep waiting.

I feel like time flies so slowly, I’m a little miscalculated, and it’s not even better for a long time.

Su Mo was also a little murmured in his heart. Lin Zino won’t be angry later.

He felt more and more uneasy when he thought of this.

At this time, the side door of the lounge was pushed open, and I saw Lin Zino walking down with the support of a group of beautiful waiters.

I saw her slightly curled hair scattered on her shoulders, and her bright and clear eyes were as bright as stars. He was wearing a sky blue slim-fitting dress, which perfectly hooked out his graceful figure. The crystal-like sapphire necklace flashed dazzling rays of light under the light, revealing a noble atmosphere with every move.

Su Mo couldn’t help but stand up and couldn’t recognize it for a while, is this Lin Zino?

It’s really true to say people, people rely on clothes to be beautiful and beautiful.

“Sir, are you satisfied with this?”


Su Mo felt a little flustered for some reason.

Lin Zinuo heard Su Mo’s words, her fair face was slightly red, she opened the mouth awkwardly and said: “Su Mo, will this be too expensive.”

Su Mo came back to his senses and said with a cough.

“shua card!”

“Okay, you spent a total of 34.92 million yuan, do you need to check the bill?”

Xiaodan happily handed it over A credit card machine.


Su Mo swiped his card neatly.

After Lin Zino heard it, her head was buzzing, and her mouth couldn’t close. She knew that this set was expensive, but didn’t expect it was so expensive.

“Su Mo, it’s too expensive”

“It’s not expensive, you come to me, I have nothing to give you, just treat it as a gift for you.”

Su Mo doesn’t care at all, this money is just a drizzle to him.

“It’s not very good.”

Lin Zinuo really felt inexplicably flustered, she never received such an expensive gift throughout childhood.

“What’s wrong, we are all iron buddies.”

Su Mo didn’t even think about replied.

After hearing this, Lin Zinuo was so moved that he suddenly fell to the bottom, with a black line on his face.

(end of this chapter)

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