Star Ring Mission Chapter 386


Chapter 386 Accident

“Who is your buddy.” Su Mo kicked.

Su Mo didn’t expect Lin Zinuo to come here suddenly.


β€œLet you talk nonsense again.”

Lin Zinuo replied angrily.

The waitresses next to me couldn’t help laughing, and they all held back very hard.

Su Mo was about to explain to Lin Zino when a message popped up on his phone.

He picked it up and saw that it was sent from an unfamiliar number.

“Respect Mr. Su Mo, if there is no change, our special car is about to leave to meet you.”

Su Mo edited a text message with a serious expression and returned to the past.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Zinuo saw that Su Mo’s expression was a little wrong, so he put away his small temper and asked.

“No, it’s almost time, the car is coming to pick us up.”

Su Mo glanced at the time, it was past four o’clock in the afternoon, unconsciously tossing all day.

“I’m a little nervous.”

Lin Zinuo became nervous after hearing Su Mo’s words. Although she fought for it, she was also embarrassed on the spot.

“If you’re nervous, let’s go through the cutscene, eat what we need to eat, and drink what we need to drink.”

Although Su Mo said it very lightly, he was also muttering in his heart. .


Lin Zinuo can be considered a bit of courage, no matter what, she is still wearing such a precious dress, it shouldn’t be too shameful.

“Well, wait for me for a while.”

Su Mo turned around and took a black suit, and walked into the locker room.

Soon after, Su Mo and Lin Zino walked to the entrance of the mall.

Along the way, Lin Zino took a peek at Su Mo.

Su Mo, who was dressed in formal clothes, showed all his temperament at once, and attracted the hot eyes of many girls along the way.

At this time, a low-key and luxurious business car drove in front of the two of them, and then a very young man stepped out of the car. He respectfully saluted Su Mo and the two of them.

“Mr. Su Mo, I’m here to pick up your little Li, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s fine.”

“Then Please get in the car.”

“en. ”

Su Mo and Lin Zino got into the back seat.

Soon the car started moved towards the high wall and drove over.

Looking at the approaching high wall, Su Mo was also a little touched, and her childhood memories became clearer.

To be honest, he was quite happy when he lived in the high wall. Although my health was not very good at the time, I did not receive any discrimination in the school. On the contrary, I was quite happy with my classmates.

This is also one reason why Su Mo does not exclude the upper echelons.

Just when Su Mo was in a trance, the car drove to the entrance of the high wall. If there is no accident, here is a routine inspection.

Five fully armed guards strode up.

But Xiao Li, who was driving, just lowered the window and handed out a document.

Captain, who took the lead, took a look at it, then handed back the document and waved his hand.

“Let go!”

Seeing this scene, Lin Zinuo showed an incredible expression, and she whispered to Su Mo.

“This is too strong, you don’t even need to check when you enter the high wall?”

“en. ”

Su Mo narrowed his eyes, this is true It’s amazing, but it also shows Cao Wen’s strength in disguise.

Soon the train will drive into the high wall. Inside the high wall, buildings full of futuristic technology stand in great numbers. In midair, you can see many suspended rail trains.

There are intelligent machine minions everywhere.

The ground on both sides of the street is paved with special metal square bricks, which can be stepped on at any time and called for intelligent services.

in midair is full of virtual projection images.

If the high wall in Imperial Capital is like a retirement Holy Land, then the high wall in the magic capital. It is more like a city of future technology, where the most cutting-edge technology of this world is popularized here.

Soon the car was driving inside.

Lin Zinuo is very novel looking at the scenery outside.

“It’s so grand.”

“The high wall in the magic capital is known as the economic center of the country. The economic indicators of the entire country are largely dependent on the wind direction here.”

Introduced by Xiao Li who was driving the car with a smile.

“Shouldn’t the domestic economic trend be based on the five dragons?”

Lin Zinuo asked subconsciously?

“It’s different. The five dragon heads can only represent the high-level economy, but not the bottom-level economy. You must know that 70% of the financial institutions and bank headquarters in the entire country are here. In fact, the financial equivalent here is It’s not worse than them at all.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

Lin Zinuo replied with a vague understanding.

“And the financial ethos of Magic Capital is actually stronger than that of Imperial Capital in some aspects, because it is an open market and relatively free, while Imperial Capital is more inclined to the planned market.”

Little Li was very knowledgeable and explained to Lin Zinuo.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo suddenly shouted in a hurry.

“Be careful!”

I saw a very kawaii pet dog suddenly get off the leash and run over.

Little Li brows tightly knit, reacts immediately, brakes slowly, not suddenly!

But this operation is actually very correct, and sudden braking can easily lead to accidents and spread to the guests behind. Slow braking will not be very abrupt, but the consequence is to hit the puppy directly.

No accident, the puppy was hit and killed, and blood spattered all over the place.

“My little Di!”

A sharp scream of panic sounded.

Xiao Li turned his head and said apologetically to Su Mo and Lin Zino: “Sorry for the trouble, please stay at the High Level for a while, I will deal with this as soon as possible.

“Okay. “

Su Mo> replied. He also saw the whole process just now. It was just an accident, and Xiao Li actually handled it correctly

“Thank you. “

Little Li opened the car door and went out after he finished speaking. At the same time, he closed the door immediately and did not forget to lock the car to prevent the perpetrator’s emotions from getting out of control and affecting the guests.

It turned out that his fears were very correct.

A woman wearing a mink coat and sunglasses, lost her senses and angrily came up to accuse Xiao Li.

β€œWhy do you want to collide?” Die my little Di, you murderer! “

Xiao Li responded politely: “Miss, your dog suddenly ran into the road, I simply didn’t have time to deal with it.” There are surveillance cameras everywhere. If you don’t believe me, you can retrieve all surveillance images here. According to the law, I am not responsible. In addition, you have to compensate for my car damage, but now I have an urgent matter, so the compensation is not a problem, please get out of the way. “

It’s a pity that the lady in front of her has lost her mind. She was trembling with anger, her favorite pet was killed, and the other party was still polite if she didn’t want to make compensation. Angrily slapped Xiao Li on the front of his car.

“As far as your broken car is concerned, ten cars are not worth my Xiaodi, I will call the police”

(End of this chapter)


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