Star Ring Mission Chapter 387


Chapter 387 On foot

Lin Zino listened to the fierce quarrel outside and whispered to Su Mo: “It seems Not very good.”

“Not everyone is reasonable.”

Su Mo can see that.

“What should I do then?”

Lin Zinuo asked worriedly.


Su Mo didn’t say anything.

Xiao Li also had a headache at this time, he said to the lady.

“Well, if you insist that it is my responsibility, we can file a lawsuit afterwards. But this car is a bus and is on official business. Could you please let me finish the official business first. “

“The public car, no wonder it is so arrogant, who is sitting on it, come down and see, I want to complain to you, I want to expose you.”

Little Li’s brows became even tighter, and he directly ignored the unreasonable woman in front of him. Then he went to the back, lowered the window a little, and said to Su Mo and Lin Zino.

“Sorry, Mr. Su Mo, there’s something wrong here, and it’s estimated that we can’t handle it in a short time. Otherwise, I’ll call another car to pick you up, you wait a moment. “

Su Mo looked ahead, lightly saying.

“Don’t be so troublesome, if I remember correctly, the shell-shaped building in the center should be the venue of the Magic City Center. I don’t think it’s too far, we just walk over there by ourselves. I’m done.”

“This, this is not suitable.”

“Nothing is inappropriate, it just so happens that I haven’t entered the high wall for many years, and I just want to walk.”

Su Mo coughs and replies.

“Then it’s hard for you.”

Little Li replied apologetically, but it wasn’t that he didn’t want to warn the lady in front of him as the Cao Family. It’s just because it is in an extraordinary period recently, Cao Wen has specially explained that it is absolutely not allowed to cause any scandals and unnecessary troubles.

“Small idea.”

Su Mo and Lin Zino opened the door and got out of the car, ready to leave.

At this moment, the lady rushed over after seeing this, a little irrational, and wanted to stop Su Mo and Lin Zino.

“Don’t try to run!”

“Please respect yourself.”

It’s a pity that Xiao Li extended the hand directly.

Seeing this, Su Mo and Lin Zino went straight away.

On the way, Lin Zinuo said with some lingering fears: “That woman is too tough.”

“cough cough, I once read a book, the book said In a word, don’t reason with an irrational woman. Leave her alone, let’s stroll past.”

Su Mo looked at the buildings all around in a good mood.


Lin Zino was in a very good mood and was not upset by the sudden episode.

She enjoyed her time with Su Mo instead.

But soon Lin Zinuo found out that she was naive. After walking for about a kilometer, Lin Zinuo felt that her feet were about to break because she was wearing high heels.

“Su Mo how far are we, I can’t walk anymore.”

Su Mo looks a little embarrassed and underestimates the distance.

“It’s fast, it’s fast, just hold on.”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo resentfully and said, “If it doesn’t happen, my feet are about to break.”

“It’s almost there, it’s not too far.”

Su Mo looked around, it should be almost there.


Lin Zinuo could only grit his teeth and persist.

The venue of the Magic City Center is very lively today, and countless luxury cars are parked here.

Today, almost all the upper-level staff of the magic capital came to the venue.

Congratulations of happy laughter and cheerful voices are everywhere.

At the main entrance of the venue, Cao Wen, steward Cao Yuan and daughter Cao Yun are welcoming every guest warmly.

“Mr. Jiang, you are here, please come in!”

“Cao Wen, you are really polite”

“This is all right, you guys It is our honor to be able to come to our banquet.”

Cao Wen said very modestly.


a A guest was invited by Cao Wen. Although he has been in a high position all the year round, he has always been very friendly to those who support him. After all, the reason why the pyramid can stand so high is all the foundation stone below.

To all the guests who can come today, the overwhelming majority is his cornerstone.

But after sending in the guests, Cao Wen turned his head and whispered to the steward Cao Yuan beside him.

β€œHas Mr. Su Mo arrived?”

β€œNo, but it should be soon. Xiao Li has received a feedback not long ago.”

Cao Yuan respectfully replied.

<> Cao Yuan nodded slightly, without saying anything, and continued to receive guests.

On the other side, Su Mo and Lin Zinuo finally walked to the side door of the venue. Lin Zinuo couldn’t walk anymore, she couldn’t help complaining.

“No way, my feet hurt too much, these shoes are not easy to wear at all, and they are too inhuman.”

“I also feel very inhuman, and I add Go ahead. I’ve already reached the side door, so I can go around to the main door from here.”

Su Mo agreed silently, and he didn’t quite understand why such expensive shoes were so difficult to wear.

Lin Zino looked at the huge venue in front of him, shaking his head like a rattle.

“This venue is too big, no, no, I can’t walk.”

Su Mo also looked around, this venue is indeed a bit outrageous, so he thought for a while. Fan replied.

“Forget it, let’s go in through the side door, there’s no difference anyway.”


When Lin Zino heard Su Mo’s words, he immediately sighed in relief.

So the two moved towards the side door. There were two fully armed security guards standing at the side door. When they saw Su Mo approaching, they extended the hand to stop them.

β€œplease hold your steps, this is the central venue, people who are not invited cannot enter.”

Su Mo took out the invitation letter and handed it over.

“We were invited.”

Captain, who was guarding, was also a little surprised. Instead of going through the front door, the invited people walked up their side door.

But he picked up the invitation and scanned it on a machine, and the intelligent system issued a voice prompt.

“Identified passed!”

“Please come in!”

Seeing that the verification passed, the guard politely moved out of the way without asking any further questions.

Su Mo and Lin Zi entered the venue.

It has to be said that the interior decoration of the center venue is really luxurious. The ground is all natural crystalline rock, and the walls are hung with very abstract art paintings.

And it doesn’t look fake, every pair is full of years.

Lin Zino’s eyes widened.

“This, isn’t this Mercury’s tracker, why is he hanging here.”

“It’s not surprising.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Wow, so rich”

Lin Zino couldn’t help but exclaimed with emotion.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo so amazed, in fact, he wanted to say that the shoes on his feet were enough to buy this painting several times.

“That Lin Zinuo, let’s hurry up, it seems that the banquet time is coming.”


Lin Zinuo responded quickly.

Soon after, Su Mo and Lin Zino came to the central banquet hall.

The whole banquet hall is gold and jade in glorious splendor, and a crystal chandelier exudes soft rays of light.

The floor is covered with golden floor tiles, and the dining table is covered with lace tablecloths trimmed with gold thread. The table is filled with a variety of delicacies, as well as sterling silver cutlery.

(end of this chapter)

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