Star Ring Mission Chapter 388


Chapter 388 Accident

Everywhere a lady and lady in noble dresses were laughing and chatting, and a The gentleman men chatted with each other.

However, the entire banquet is still in a disordered state, and it can be seen that it has not started yet.

Lin Zino sighed in relief and said, “I finally arrived, but luckily I wasn’t late.”

“en. ”

Su Mo picked up the phone and glanced at it , about the same time.

gu lu lu ~

At this time, a very discordant voice sounded.

Su Mo subconsciously looked towards Lin Zinuo, Lin Zinuo swallowed hard and looked at Su Mo pitifully while covering his stomach.

“It’s been a long day, and I haven’t eaten yet.”

Su Mo wanted to laugh for no reason, but he held it back and whispered, “It seems that this banquet is still going on. If you haven’t started, do you want to endure it any longer?”

“Just eat a little?”

Lin Zinuo asked pitifully.


Su Mo thought about replied, it should be okay to eat a little.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo’s eyes immediately lit up, and he pulled Su Mo directly to the food.

“Go, go”

“Wow, there are so many delicious foods, come with Hegemon king crab legs and some caviar”

Lin Zino directly Eat it with your hands, it’s not polite at all. For the banquet at this level, all the ingredients are of the highest quality, which can be said to be exclusively provided, and there will be no radiation pollution.

And they are all made by top chefs, and the taste is very good.

In addition, Lin Zinuo was indeed starved to death, so when he started eating, it was like a flood dam that could not be closed.

“cough cough, it’s almost there.”

Su Mo watched Lin Zino keep eating. After eating one, he won another.

“The pastries over there are delicious.”

“This one is delicious too.”

“Cough cough, it’s almost there.”

“I’m starving to death, why don’t I eat for nothing?”

Lin Zinuo has no consciousness at all.

“You’re eating, and your stomach will be stretched out later, and the dress won’t hold up.”

Su Mo is also helpless, and can only keep reminding her.

Lin Zinuo rolled her eyes at Su Mo, but picked up the plate and handed it to Su Mo instead.

“I’m so skinny, I just eat so much, how could I possibly break my dress. Eat a little too, anyway, people here don’t know us, but we are all chatting each minding their own business, No one will care about us.”

Su Mo wanted to refuse, but Nai He was really hungry.

So I just took it over generously, and put the pieces of golden lamb shank on the table on the plate.

If you don’t eat for nothing, why treat yourself badly.

The two enjoyed their meals immediately, after all, they hadn’t eaten for almost a day.

At this time, the people at the High Level banquet were also a little impatient, and the voice of the live chat became louder and louder.

“What’s the situation? It’s not time for the banquet, why hasn’t it started yet.”

“I don’t know, it seems that some important people haven’t come.”


“Who has such a big face?”

“I don’t know, just wait.”

At the main entrance of the center venue, Cao Wen looked at the time, his brows furrowed, The guests are basically all there, and no one has come.

“What’s the situation, why haven’t people come yet.”

“I’ll contact Xiao Li now, and check on the guests.”

Cao Yuan respectfully replied.

Cao Yun curiously asked: “father, is it because the other party has returned temporarily? I don’t want to come over and talk about the demolition in detail? After all, the money we gave is really low.”

“No, even if the other party doesn’t come, he will definitely say something.”

Cao Wen brows tightly frowns replied, he still believes in his own vision.

Not very long, Cao Yuan hurried over and said to Cao Wen in a low voice: “I just contacted Xiao Li, his car had an accident on the road. Mr. Su Mo and his daughter Bian Xian got off the car and walked over. I checked the admission record and they have already entered, sorry, this is my mistake.”

“I see, let’s go back to the banquet hall.”


After listening to Cao Wen, his brows slightly stretched, no matter what, it would be good if someone came.

As for the banquet hall, Su Mo let go of the food here, and it was a good time to eat.

Lin Zino suddenly grabbed Su Mo’s arm nervously and pulled it towards the corner.

“Go, go”

“Why, I just took a piece.”

Su Mo asked with a confused look.

“Hurry up and hide.”

Lin Zinuo said in a panic.

Su Mo followed Lin Zinuo’s gaze, and not far away was a middle-aged couple who were well dressed. Hair woman, come this way.

“Who is that?”

“My aunt Lin Yu, my uncle Zhou Cheng, and my cousin Zhou Qian.”

“What a coincidence, Shouldn’t we go up and say hello?”

“What are you saying, stay away from them.”

Lin Zinuo quickly pulled Su Mo to the corner to hide.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hide.”

Su Mo also feels unfathomable mystery.

“You don’t know, they’re annoying. If they saw me here, dressed like this, they wouldn’t know what to say. What the fuck, how could they be here? .”

Lin Zino was also extremely depressed.

Su Mo wanted to say something. At this time, he glanced at the right side inadvertently, and saw two familiar silhouettes.

He instinctively tightened, pulling Lin Zino with his backhand to hide behind the cake table.

“What’s wrong with you? The reaction is so strong?”

Lin Zino was also taken aback, Su Mo’s reaction was too strong.

“Shh, your dad and your mom.”

Su Mo said with a dark face, he was also what the fuck, which could hit Lin Zino’s dad and mom. And Su Mo has an inexplicable feeling of doing something bad and being caught.

Lin Zinuo took a peek, her eyes were also wide open, she quickly lowered her head, and said nervously

“Oh my God, this time it’s dead, it’s dead.”


“It’s okay to calm down, we are hiding here, It shouldn’t be to find us.”

Su Mo calmed down quickly, and in turn appeased Lin Zino.

At this time, Lin He and Lin Wei moved towards Zhou Cheng.

“elder sister, brother-in-law.”

Lin He greeted with a smile.

“younger sister, long time no see, Zhou Qian is called aunt and uncle.”

“Hello aunt, hello little uncle.”

Zhou Qian Greeted with a smile.

“It’s true that I haven’t seen each other for a while, and Zhou Qian is getting more and more beautiful as she grows.”

Lin He praised with a smile.

“My daughter is naturally beautiful when she grows up, but these are nothing. The appearance is natural, and the main thing is to cultivate the child’s inner and temperament, as well as thinking.”

Zhou Cheng is very proud Complimenting his daughter.

“That’s true.”

Lin Wei didn’t feel anything, nodded replied.

“Let me tell you, my daughter has successfully entered the Planning Institute recently, and there are many colleagues pursuing her.”

Lin Yu said to Lin He proudly.

“It’s a good thing.”

“It’s a good thing, but unfortunately Zhou Qian is too picky, and ordinary boys don’t like it. Don’t think about it Bring her to the banquet at the upper level, maybe you can make a few more friends, how about your Lin Zinuo?”


Lin Heyi Some time I don’t know what to say.

“I heard that your family Zinuo is also in a relationship? I heard that he is dating a surnamed Su. However, I heard from others that he seems to have not graduated from elementary school, which is true or false. Yes.”

Lin Yu said very gossip.

Lin Wei’s face was also extremely ugly when he heard this. It’s true that good things don’t go out, and bad things travel thousands of miles.

“I said auntie, this is true, you have to persuade younger sister, isn’t this jumping into the Fire Pit?”

Zhou Qian also interjected, saying, A glimmer of pride flashed in her eyes, through childhood, Lin Zinuo overwhelmed herself no matter what, didn’t expect to make such a big joke this time.

Lin Zinuo, who was hiding behind the cake, listened to Lin Yu and the others, and was so angry that she gnash the teeth.

Su Mo doesn’t really care, he doesn’t care if outsiders say bad things about him, but he finds it quite interesting.

Lin Wei said with a livid face: “When the little child grows up, she will take care of her own affairs. She doesn’t want to take care of it, and she can’t take care of it anymore.”

I have to say Lin Wei’s self-cultivation is still very good, although he strongly opposes the matter of Lin Zino and Su Mo. But he didn’t scold Su Mo in front of others, he just wanted to get the topic out of the way.

It’s a pity that Zhou Cheng and Lin Yu didn’t plan to let it go.

The two of them said with a good look: “I tell you, this matter can’t be let go. Lin Zinuo’s child has been too simple since he was a child. You can’t let it go and be deceived by the ruffian. What should I do if I cook mature rice in my life, I have to dismantle them quickly. I really can’t find a suitable person, so I will introduce her. We Zhou Qian have many high-quality classmates and friends who can be introduced to her. Which one is better than him? .”

(end of this chapter)

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