Star Ring Mission Chapter 389


Chapter 389 Disrespect

“That’s right, Auntie, any classmate next to me is either an executive of a big company or important. The staff of the department are better than him.”

Zhou Qian said proudly

Lin He said embarrassedly: “Forget it, you all know Zi Nuo’s temperament, she herself I’ll take care of your own affairs.”

“Younger sister, it’s not that I told you, it’s that you’re wrong. When your daughter is young and confused, you are also confused. Is this something you can joke about? This is a major event related to her life’s happiness and unhappiness, I told you that pretty boys cheated money and sex these days, don’t they happen less often?”

Lin Yu was not polite at all, the more he said cross over.



Lin Zinuo couldn’t listen anymore, her mind exploded when she heard it, and she said it was okay.

But she couldn’t bear to talk about Su Mo more and more.

However, Lin Zinuo suddenly got up and patted the table, but it completely shocked Lin Yu and her parents.

Even Su Mo, who was beside him, touched his face, thinking that it was over, it would be hard not to notice them this time.

“Who is this?”

Lin Yu and Zhou Cheng looked at Lin Zinuo who was in full costume with some doubts, their faces were full of confusion, who is this?

Dressed so luxuriously and noble, which conglomerate lady?

Because Lin Zino was so different from usual after dressing up, he didn’t recognize it for a while.

Of course, this can’t blame Lin Yu and the others for their bad eyesight. Even Lin Wei and Lin He didn’t recognize Lin Zinuo for a while, but they recognized Su Mo instead.

“It’s you!”

Su Mo coughed and saluted awkwardly.

“Uncle, Aunt is good.”

“Auntie, who is this.”

Zhou Qian’s eyes shined, a handsome boy.

Lin He didn’t know how to introduce Su Mo, and his expression became more and more embarrassed. He couldn’t say that this was the person they just said.

Suddenly Lin He didn’t feel right, why is Su Mo here? And why does the woman next to her look so familiar?

Lin He looked Lin Zinuo up and down carefully, suddenly opened his mouth slightly, and said in surprise.

“Zi Nuo, why are you here!”

“Lin Zinuo?”

Zhou Cheng’s head was also a little confused, and they looked at Lin Zi up and down. No, it seems to be more and more similar.

Lin Wei only came back to his senses at this time, and he didn’t know what was going on. Shouldn’t Lin Zinuo be in Imperial Capital? How did they appear in the magic capital, and they were so dressed up to attend, so that they didn’t recognize it for a while.

At this time, more and more people were watching, and everyone was whispering.

“What’s going on over there?”

“I don’t know, there seems to be a conflict.”

“Wow, what a beautiful girl, she looks like a Born.”

“Don’t worry about it, you look carefully at the clothes and jewelry on her body, at least more than ten million, not an ordinary lady.”

Su Mo is also very embarrassed, the atmosphere It solidified for a while.

At this time, Cao Wen, who was looking for Su Mo in the banquet hall, and the others moved towards the commotion came here.

He saw Su Mo right away.

So I brought people in, and the people along the way saw Cao Wen, who cooperated to get out of the way. Then Cao Wen naturally separated Lin Wei and the others and appeared in front of Su Mo, showing a smile like a spring breeze, extending the hand to Su Mo.

“Mr. Su Mo, I’m sorry for being rude.”

“Who are you?”

Su Mo looked at the man in front of him and felt a little familiar, but for a while can not remember.

“I’m Cao Wen, thank you very much for coming to today’s banquet. There are too many guests, so I didn’t take you into account for a while.”

Cao Wen smiled self-introduced.

“Sir Cao Wen is very polite.”

Su Mo reacted immediately and quickly extended the hand to shake hands with Cao Wen.

The guests all around were surprised when they saw this scene. Who is this strange youngster, so that Mr. Cao Wen valued him so much.

They can’t help but whisper.

Zhou Cheng and the others were dumbfounded when they saw this scene, and recalled that Cao Wen called the man in front of him by the name of Su Mo, who was also Surnamed Su, and Lin Zinuo’s male companion. The guy is that bastard, right?

This is ridiculous, impossible, absolutely impossible.

“Mr. Su Mo, how about we go to the side and have a chat? Besides, is this beautiful lady next to you your female companion? If you don’t mind, how about letting the little girl Cao Yun entertain you first?”

Cao Wen’s eyes shifted to Lin Zinuo, he looked at Lin Zinuo with a shrewd look, the first feeling that this girl should be pretty good, he also didn’t expect Su Mo to bring a female companion . If that’s the case, then don’t deliberately dig corners, it seems very ungracious.


Su Mo thought about it, and nodded agreed.

“Hello elder sister, let’s go to the banquet together.”

Cao Yun showed a gentle smile, and naturally took Lin Zinuo’s hand and walked to the side.

Lin Zinuo’s thoughts were also messy at this time, subconsciously followed Cao Yun away, and Su Mo also followed Cao Wen moved towards the corner.

Leaving only Lin He and the others stiff in place.

Lin Wei’s expression kept changing. Although he didn’t know what was going on, Lin Wei probably guessed it.

As for the dress and jewelry that Lin Zinuo wore, it is estimated that his entire net worth could not afford it.

Zhou Qian said resentfully: “Auntie, younger sister Zinuo hides so deeply that she doesn’t say a word when she finds such an excellent male partner, and she hides it, making us people worry about it. .”

This sentence seems to be complaining on the surface, but more of envy and jealousy are revealed in the tone.

The jewelry on her entire body is no match for the pair of shoes on her feet.


Lin He didn’t know what to say, but she was more happy. In fact, when Lin He first saw Su Mo, he quite liked this quiet young man.

Just because my wife objected, I didn’t say anything.

Lin Wei said with a very calm expression: “The little child is old, we can handle our own affairs, we can’t control it.”

Zhou Cheng replied awkwardly: ” You’re right.”

On the other side, Cao Wen and Su Mo walked to a corner table and sat down, the guests all around consciously vacated enough private space.

Cao Wen poured Su Mo a glass of red wine and chatted with him with a smile.

“Mr. Su Mo, I know that you are a smart person, and I will not be courteous to you any more. I invite you to come because I have something important to discuss with you.”

β€œAbout the demolition?”

Su Mo said silently for a few seconds.

“You’re right, it’s the demolition. This demolition and the construction of the Interstellar Airport are related to the future prosperity or decline of the Demon City. As the mayor of the Demon City, it is my duty.”


Cao Wen’s voice is infectious and involuntarily convincing.

Su Mo saw each other straight to the point to talk, and he didn’t hide it, he asked curiously.

“Since the interstellar airport is going to be built, why not build it on the outskirts? There is as much vacant land as it takes, why should it be built in the center of the city, and I don’t quite understand that, we have really reached the leap Interstellar?”

(end of chapter)

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