Star Ring Mission Chapter 39


Chapter 39 Abandoned

“There is a problem, the game is over. Let me know, everyone will act according to the plan, Let’s withdraw.”

York looked at the wristband time, it was almost the designated time, so he turned his head and said to the team.


All the special forces pointed their guns at the captives, and then retreated little by little.

York said to Carney as they retreated to the perimeter, “Detonate the bomb.”

“But the Jeddo squash hasn’t come out yet.”

“Notify them with Wireless Electronics and give them another 30 seconds to deal with the enemy.”

York glanced at the time on the wristband.


Carney replied.

One second passed, and soon 30 seconds passed.

“Withdraw! This is an order.”

York looked at the wristband, the corpse tide has almost begun to impact the city at this time, it’s time to withdraw!

Kani and the others have no choice but to execute orders.

On the third floor of the gymnasium, a member of the special warfare squad was killed by Su Mo, including the two teammates who came later.

A five-person squid all died here, and when they died, they couldn’t figure it out.

Captain loses in melee combat, so forget about it. In terms of shooting, they were knocked over, and it was four-on-one.

Lan Xi, who was hiding behind Su Mo, was dumbfounded. Su Mo almost always shot blindly and didn’t aim much, but the accuracy was surprisingly high.

Lan Xi couldn’t help but exclaimed excitedly when she thought that Su Mo was so powerful.

“Too great!”

However, they don’t know that danger is creeping closer.

Just then, the time bomb installed at the bottom of the gym, the light flashed and turned red.


A huge explosion sounded!

But because the number and yield of bombs installed were not enough. In such a huge stadium, only one third building collapsed.

The violent vibration caused Su Mo and Lan Xi to shake their bodies and their center of gravity was unstable. Rows of steel structures and broken glass overhead also smashed down.

“Be careful!”

Lan Xi subconsciously stretched out her hands and pushed Su Mo away.


The huge steel structure directly buries the two of them.

After the dust cleared, Su Mo climbed up from the gap, only to be cut by broken glass.

Lanxi was hit by a huge steel structure on her lower body, blood dyed the ground red.

Su Mo squatted down in front of Lan Xi with a livid face, and Lan Xi, who was dying, showed a bleak smile, and said weakly to Su Mo: “This time, I, I didn’t betray you. Let’s go.”

Su Mo looked at Lan Xi’s bitter smile, his heart throbbed suddenly, his lips moved slightly, and his fingers clenched tightly to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

At this time, Lan Xi slowly closed her eyes and lowered her hands, her vitality completely dissipated, and she quit the game.

Su Mo stood up slowly, stepped forward, and buried his body. Then took a deep breath, and there was a hint of anger under the calm face.

At this moment, he was completely annoyed. He took off his backpack and threw it on the ground, carrying only weapons, and rushed out extremely quickly.

Su Mo had a very simple idea in his mind at this time, that is, to get rid of them, no matter what the other party’s purpose is to attack the Safety Sector.

In short, they all have to die.


The ruined city, the dark crowd of zombies in the distant sky is coming, and they are pouring in like a tide.

The players who were still hunting for treasure in the city were all stunned.

“What’s the situation?”

“Run away”

Unfortunately, it was too late, and one by one was directly submerged.

Outside the gym, York led the rest of the team, moved towards the designated destination and ran all the way, his face was a little unsightly. The training that was originally guaranteed to be guaranteed, turned out to be attrition, and the loss was still a square.

At this moment, an agile silhouette is approaching rapidly.

Like a gloomy poisonous snake, staring at its prey.

When it got close to a certain distance, the shadow raised the M92F automatic pistol in his hand and shot at the last player.


Suddenly a player was hit in the left leg and fell to the ground. Then he hugged his left foot and cursed with convulsions on his face.

“Damn it, I’m hit!”

York’s heart sank to the bottom, if he guessed correctly, it should be expert who was eyeing and hit a hard stubble.

He raised the gun in his hand, shot Su Mo in the distance, and shouted in a deep voice.

“Zach put him on his back, everyone will speed up!”


Zach helped his teammates up.

In the end, Su Mo didn’t give the opponent a chance at all. He jumped forward, landed on the ground and rolled over to the other side of the bunker, then got up and shot Zach again.


Zach was also hit in the left leg.

Zach fell to the ground with a staggered and injured player.


York glanced at him, his eyes getting sharper and sharper, this time it was a hard stubble, it was obvious that the other party was trying to hurt their people as much as possible, thinking To keep everyone, really is an extremely egotistical and dangerous enemy.

If it weren’t for the limited time and a large number of zombies swept over, York really wanted to compete with each other.

So he took out two smoke bombs, pulled the tabs and threw them out, while gritting his teeth and giving orders.

“Abandon the rescue and withdraw.”

The team members on the side were also very unwilling, but they could only obey the order and moved towards a building with only a steel structure in the distance.

York was staring at the smoke area as he retreated, and if the guy dared to rush out, he was confident he would be killed on the spot.

But unexpectedly, that guy didn’t catch up.

On the contrary, a large number of zombie silhouettes began to appear in the distance, and they came like a tide.

York saw this scene, turned around and accelerated moved towards the building.

At this time, in the sky, a transport helicopter roared down from the sky and lowered the rope ladder.

York and the others climbed to the top of the steel structure building, and the a team members began to climb up the transport helicopter in an orderly manner.

not very long The first transport helicopter was full of people, moved towards high altitude climb.


York kept urging the team members to go up. For some reason, his heart became more and more irritable, and a very unappointed feeling lingered in his heart. .

Soon the second transport plane was also full.

“Climb high, go!”

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly emerged from the side steel frame. He raised the automatic pistol in his hand and shot violently at the connection of the gunship’s propeller!

peng~ peng~ peng~ ~~

The gun hits the key!


There was a problem with the propeller of the transport helicopter in an instant, the whole helicopter lost control, swayed westward, and finally moved towards the dense corpse tide below and fell.


A huge explosion accompanied by flames soared into the sky.

York’s face became more and more ugly. He turned around and swept the position of Su Mo with a gun, covering the remaining team members to evacuate.

Soon the rest of the team boarded the last helicopter.

Carney said anxiously to York: “Instructor should go.”

Just as York reached for the rope ladder.


The gunshot sounded again, and it still hit the rope ladder. York took his hand back, and he knew exactly what the other party’s purpose was. The opponent had every chance to shoot him, but he didn’t do it, obviously he wanted to use himself and drag everyone here.

(end of this chapter)

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