Star Ring Mission Chapter 391


Chapter 391 Donations

At this time, Zhou Cheng and the three also came together.

“Zino Younger sister, don’t tell me when you come to the banquet. We are good friends.”

Although Zhou Qian seemed to be talking to Lin Zino, her eyes kept on Su Mo Look around, don’t look at Su Mo’s clothes. But Lin Zinuo wears it very well. With Lin Zinuo’s financial resources, she must not be able to buy it. There is only one possibility, that is, Su Mo bought it for her, which is really a good life.

“Zhou Qian elder sister, I just happened to accompany Su Mo here.”

Lin Zinuo replied coldly.

At this time, Lin Yu said with a big smile: “Aiya, Zino, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you look more slender. This guy next to you is your friend, he’s quite handsome.”

“It’s okay.”

“We and your father just came to work in the capital city, responsible for the planning review of the interstellar airport, so we brought your elder sister Zhou Qian here. You also know that you are Zhou Qian. I don’t have any friends, how about letting her play with you during this time? It’s good to have a company with a lot of people.”

Lin Zinuo was speechless when she heard it, didn’t she say Su Mo was a hooligan , Now that Zhou Qian was pushed over, she didn’t plan to get used to it.

“Auntie, it’s not that I don’t want to take my cousin, isn’t it because Su Mo’s reputation is not very good, sloppy, standard hooligan? If the cousin is broken, I can’t afford it. This responsibility.”

Su Mo’s expression became more and more exciting, he looked at Lin Zino in disbelief, this guy was really smooth when he scolded himself, without stagnation.

Lin Yu and the others were dumbfounded.

“Zino, you are joking with your aunt again, Mr. Su Mo is a talented person, how could he be a hooligan.”

“That’s not necessarily true, I know the face but not the heart, how dare I let it go. My cousin took a risk. Let me tell you, don’t look at Su Mo’s good looks, in fact, his character is not very good, and he is still very poor. He needs culture without culture and experience without experience. .”

Lin Zinuo became happier the more she talked.

On the contrary, the more Zhou Cheng and the others listened, the darker their faces became. This was not a disguised slap in the face.

Suddenly there was a warm applause from the scene, interrupting their conversation, Lin Zino and the others turned their heads to look over.

Cao Wen’s speech seems to have ended, and since Cao Wen’s conversation with Su Mo took too long, he directly brought forward the charitable donation.

Now Cao Yun takes the stage and starts to preside over the donation ceremony generously.

“Dear guests, all of you are elites bred by the Magic City. You must have heard that the construction of the Interstellar Airport in the Magic City is about to start. However, due to various reasons, the budget is seriously insufficient. In the future, once again, on behalf of all the people of Modu, I appeal to everyone to lend a helping hand.”

At this time, an old man with crutches extended the hand calmly and said loudly.

“I donated one billion on behalf of the Lei family!”

When everyone heard this number, they all took a breath, they were so rich!

At this time, two other old men sitting next to them also raised their hands.

β€œI donated 500 million on behalf of the Zhao family!”

β€œI donated 500 million on behalf of the Hai family!”

β€œThe three conglomerates of the magic capital have been shot. .”

“So rich.”

“Of course, don’t look at them, their size is there. That can compete with the existence of the five dragon heads, Donation is just a trivial matter, the real big deal is the later construction and construction quotation.”

With the donation of the leading group, other guests present also began to donate generously.

“I donated 100W personally”

“I donated 800W on behalf of Kewei Group”

The atmosphere on the field became more and more lively. Raise your hand too.

Lin Zinuo and the others looked towards him in surprise.

“I personally donated 2 billion.”

As soon as these words came out, the scene immediately boiled.

“Who is that guy, two billion!”

“So rich.”

Cao Yun on stage said with a smile: ” Thank you Mr. Su Mo for your strong support, the next one.”

Lin Zinuo swallowed hard and looked at Su Mo in disbelief.

“Su Mo, do you really donate 2 billion?”

“Well, I live in Modu all the year round, so I have to contribute to such a big project. Who doesn’t want their hometown to be better built.”

Su Mo didn’t feel anything, and he didn’t care about the money. He had too much wealth to spend.

Lin Wei really appreciates Su Mo’s behavior.

“The donation is very good. Although I don’t like Cao Wen’s planning style, it is a bit aggressive. But one thing is right. The beauty of this society requires everyone to work together to build it. The rich give money, and give strength.”

“Thank you uncle for your praise.”

Zhou Qian and the others looked at Su Mo with more and more hot eyes.

2 billion donated without blinking an eye.

“Mr. Su Mo, what do you do?”

Lin Yu couldn’t care less and asked Su Mo directly.

“My internet cafe’s webmaster.”

Su Mo responded lightly.

After hearing this, Lin Yu’s expression became more and more embarrassed. Ghosts would believe this statement, obviously they didn’t want to tell her.

“You’re a real joke.”

Su Mo also looked helpless, and he didn’t bother to explain. These days, few people believe the truth, but a lot of people believe the lies.

At this time, Cao Yuan came over, saluted Su Mo respectfully, and then took out a super thick demolition agreement and said to Su Mo.

“Excuse me, Mr. Su Mo, this is the demolition agreement that has been drawn up. You can take a look. All the compensation arrangements are on it.”

Hearing Cao Yuan’s words, Zhou Cheng and Lin Wei’s expressions changed slightly, and they reacted immediately.

β€œDo you own the largest land for the demolition of the interstellar airport?”

β€œYeah, we just reached an agreement.”

Su Mo took it and quickly turned the page. I looked at it and signed the contract directly.

Cao Yuan said with a smile: “It is also thanks to Mr. Su Mo’s willingness to make concessions, otherwise it would be so easy to demolish. And Mr. Su Mo did not ask for excessive compensation for the future of the city, otherwise With the current financial expenditure, it’s really not enough.”

“This is all I should do, it’s nothing, is there anything else?”

Su Mo didn’t think much about it. Staying here because it’s so compelling.

“There’s nothing more to do.”

“Then can I arrange a car, I still have something to do. As for the donation, you can directly use it from the compensation. Just buckle it up.”

Su Mo asked.

“No problem, I’ll arrange it for you.”

Cao Yuanxin understood the answer. Mr Mo was reluctant to participate.

Su Mo turned his head and said politely to Lin Wei and Lin He.

“Uncle, aunt, I have something to do first.”

Lin Zinuo also said quickly: “Mom and Dad, I’m leaving too, I have to play games later. .”

“Go, pay attention to safety on the road.”

Lin Wei nodded didn’t say much.

Su Mo and Lin Zino looked at each other and left together.

(end of this chapter)

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