Star Ring Mission Chapter 392


Chapter 392 Progress

In the evening, Su Mo and Lin Zino went home.

Lin Zinuo lay down on the sofa, she was almost exhausted, especially her feet were numb.

“I’m too tired, I won’t be attending this banquet next time I’m killed.”

“It’s good to take a rest, but if it really doesn’t work, you can ask for a leave.”


Su Mo, seeing that Lin Zino was really tired, suggested.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo’s phone buzzed, she subconsciously picked up the phone and glanced at it, then moved towards the room and ran.

“What happened?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously.

“The joint force has arrived at the Lost Continent. I have to go online and prepare to land. I won’t tell you.”

After Lin Zinuo entered the room, he quickly found out The helmet you brought yourself will be used first.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo who was frightened and flustered, and also looked at the head helplessly. He moved towards the bathroom, ready to wash up and go back to the room to rest.

A moment later, Su Mo washed up and lay on the bed, picked up his mobile phone and browsed the forum a little to see the latest progress of the Cup of the Underworld.

I didn’t know the result if I didn’t see it, I was shocked when I saw it. The existing scattered players, taking advantage of the landing of the joint troops, all rushed forward to carry out the landing operation.

The entire Star Ring world is playing super fiercely, and the death rate is soaring.

And there are also a lot of dead coalition players, the leaked video and video of the main battlefield, I saw two type IV alien monsters appearing in the center of the enemy monster group on the main battlefield, each with a small size. Up to fifty or sixty meters. Its own special ET force field is immune to all long-range attacks, just like Spiritual God. Wherever it passes, the blocked players are instantly disintegrated and shattered.

Su Mo looked at these images and sighed slightly. To be honest, it was a pity that he did not participate in this grand battle.

But life is not like that, and there is no such thing as perfect.

Su Mo went on to browse other information, because before the total landing, there were already a large number of players.

So the lost continent is no longer mysterious.

Judging from the first-line information obtained by the player’s exploration, the entire lost continent is a mechanical continent, and it should be a piece of mechanical wreckage to be correct.

Some experts even came up with an astonishing idea, and it was approved by many people.

The expert believes that this lost continent is a part of the wreckage of a mechanical space fortress of a certain civilization. After the fall of the mechanical fortress, some of its remaining fragments fall to this world. In addition, if there is no accident, this mechanical fortress should be defeated by alien aliens, so when all split up and in pieces, it is carrying a lot of alien aliens, so there will be so many alien alien monsters here.

Therefore, many players believe that the lost continent center must contain the technological existence of civilization class jumping.

Thinking of this, countless institutions and capital are completely crazy. Not to mention getting the most high-level technology, just take some technology left by high civilization, and you can eat and drink without worry in the future.

After browsing the Star Ring land reclamation progress information, Su Mo opened the trading section again to check the gold point and silver point transaction records to see if the price had dropped.

The result was not as expected by Su Mo, the price not only did not come back, but it became firmer and soared.

Some private capital institutions are afraid of bloodshed when the price is so high. He threw away the stock in his hand, but it was swallowed up immediately.

The entire gold point and silver point trading market is almost nothing to eat.

Seeing this, Su Mo became more and more certain that the biggest behind-the-scenes boss in the acquisition of Gold Point and Silver Point should be the Federal Parliament. Only it has such great confidence and strength, and dare to soar soaring acquisitions.

Su Mo’s expression became more and more changeable, he decided to wait and see more, and then decide what to do next after the effects of the gold and silver points were announced.

Anyway, he is the only one left in life, and material things are dispensable to him. What if you lose the bet? Anyway, when I finally leave this world, I can’t take it with me, it will only add to my troubles.


The next morning, after Su Mo got up and took a shower, she saw that Lin Zino’s door was still closed, and she didn’t need to think about it, she must have played last night. It’s very late, maybe it’s possible to stay overnight.

So Su Mo sat on the sofa High Level for a while. At about eleven o’clock, Su Mo saw that Lin Zino hadn’t come out yet, so he went to the door and knocked on the door.

peng peng ~

“What’s the matter, let me sleep for a while.”

Lin Zino was wearing pajamas, and opened the door in a sullen mood. said vaguely.

“It’s not an appointment, you invite your parents to dinner?”

Su Mo reminded with a smile.

After Lin Zi heard this, the whole person suddenly became energized.

“What time is it?”

“It’s eleven!”

“It’s too late, please wait for me.”

Lin Zinuo suddenly panicked.

Su Mo reluctantly shook the head.

Soon after, Su Mo and Lin Zino who changed clothes took a car to a well-reputed Chinese restaurant in the center of the magic city .

Su Mo has reserved a spot in advance.

Lin Zino hurriedly opened the door and got out of the car, and urged Su Mo.

“Hurry up, hurry up, I’m going to be late.”

“Don’t worry, it’s already late.”

Su Mo showed a helpless smile, He saw the door of the restaurant at a glance, and Lin Wei and Lin He were standing there.

Lin Wei is a typical old-fashioned intellectual. He is very principled and organized in everything he does, so he made an appointment for dinner at 12 o’clock, and he arrived early at 11:30.

“It’s over, you didn’t call me sooner.”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo with a resentful expression.

Su Mo also smiled dumbly, he just wanted to let her sleep more, it should be in time, but didn’t expect the other party to arrive earlier.

“Next time.”

“And next time.”

Lin Zinuo gave Su Mo a fiercely look, once was enough shame.

Of course complaining is complaining, Lin Zino and Su Mo still walked over.

“Mom and Dad, that I overslept.”

Lin Zinuo explained awkwardly.

Lin Wei also said something more, and he said dullly: “Go in.”


Su Mo nodded and replied.

The four of them soon entered a quiet private room. Su Mo ordered some special dishes here. Of course, he didn’t order too many, and he couldn’t finish it.

On the dining table, four people were eating, no one spoke, and the atmosphere seemed very strange.

Su Mo is not very good at chatting, and Lin Wei feels awkward because of what happened before.

Lin Zinuo took the lead to break the silence and asked with a smile, “Mom and Dad, why are you all suddenly coming to the Magic Capital?”

Lin He said with a smile very cooperatively: “This is not the construction of an interstellar airport here in the capital city. Your dad is one of the Chief-In-Charge technologists. He just wanted to take the opportunity to come here to see a doctor, so he took the consulting job.”

Su Mo It’s also very surprising: “Although the medical level of Modu is not bad, isn’t Imperial Capital better?”

“You are right, but there are exceptions. The First Central Hospital of Modu has a This is a very advanced instrument, even the hospital in Imperial Capital does not have it. And this is not the most important, the most important point is that Dr. Xiao Fang from the Central Hospital is a top expert in the field of brain in the world.”

Lin He explained.

(end of this chapter)

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