Star Ring Mission Chapter 393


Chapter 393 Appease

Su Mo was also slightly surprised: “What’s wrong with Uncle?”

“It’s nothing, There is something wrong with the nerves and blood vessels in the brain.”

Lin Wei is also reluctant to say too much in this regard.

When Lin Zino heard this, he also quickly asked the mother: “How does the mother look?”

“It didn’t go well. We went several times, but we all hit a wall. Hey, That Dr. Xiao hardly accepts patients now.”

Lin He said this, his expression was also a little gloomy and lost.

“Can’t you think of a solution?”

Lin Zinuo was also anxious.

“I’ve thought about it, and I’ve asked a lot of people for relationships. But it’s useless, you don’t have to worry, we’ll handle these things by ourselves.”

Lin He’s amiable pair No said.

Su Mo thought about it and said, “Uncle and aunt, if you don’t mind, would you let me try it?”

“You have a solution?”

When Lin He heard Su Mo’s words, it also aroused a glimmer of hope. In fact, they all planned to give up.

Lin Wei brows slightly wrinkle replied: “Don’t be so troublesome, it’s just a little stubborn disease.”

“Dad, don’t be so stubborn, just let Su Mo give it a try.”

Lin Zinuo hastily persuaded, this is no joke.

“At this time, don’t worry about your face, your body is the most important thing. You should let this child Su Mo give it a try. He is a local after all. Maybe there is a way.”

Lin He also quickly persuaded.

“Okay, thank you.”

Lin Wei agreed after being silent for a while.

“This is what I should do.”

Su Mo replied modestly, he himself has no friends, Lin Zinuo is one of them, her business is her own business.


At this time, Lin Wei’s cell phone rang, and he picked up the phone to answer.

“Well, I am.”

“Okay, I see, I’ll go.”


Immediately, Lin Wei got up and said: “You guys continue to eat, there is something wrong with the on-site survey, I have to go over and take a look.”

“Is there a problem at the scene?”

Su Mo was also taken aback.

At this time, his cell phone also rang.

Su Mo took a look at the phone and picked it up.

“Hey Uncle Zhao.”

“I know, you all hold back, I’ll go right over.”

Su Mo simply communicated and hung up Disconnect.

“Uncle, I’m going to the scene too, why don’t we go together.”

Su Mo also stood up at this time.

Lin Zinuo and Lin He were a little bit not knowing what to do and asked suspiciously.

“What happened?”

“Let’s talk about it first.”

Lin Wei was not in the mood to explain, he had a good meal, It happened at this juncture.

A moment later, the four of Su Mo returned to the old town.

Across the streets of the old city, a dark crowd of tenants gathered, confronting a group of surveying and security personnel.

There is a pile of equipment scattered on the ground.

“Let’s all give up!”

Su Mo and a few people came over.

“What happened to Master Cheng?”

Lin Wei asked an old master who took the lead in the survey staff.

The old master replied with a grieved face: “Old Lin, we followed the instructions above and went down to carry out the demolition survey. As a result, these people did not let us go and smashed our instruments.”

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Uncle Zhao and they asked, “What’s wrong with Uncle Zhao?”

“These people broke in without permission and told them I said, if I don’t let them investigate, they just don’t listen. In a hurry, Old Chen and a few people were so anxious, they went up and pushed them, and they accidentally pushed their instruments down.”

Uncle Zhao explained simply.

“I told them all, the demolition agreement has been reached here.”

Master Cheng said angrily.

“Fuck, the charterer didn’t inform us, you can do it as you say it is.”

After Su Mo listened to it, he was able to figure out what was going on, he browsed tightly frowns.

At this time, Su Mo’s cell phone rang again, but this time it was Cao Wen who called, didn’t expect him to call in person.

So he answered the phone.

“Lord Cao Wen.”

“Mr. Su Mo, I’m sorry to bother you. Our people went to investigate, and it seems that there was a conflict with your people.”

“Well, I know about this. It’s just that, Mr. Cao Wen, your people are too impatient. We just signed the contract yesterday, and I haven’t notified the following people yet. You guys will start now. already?”

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle.

“I also understand that what we are doing is wrong here, but the time is too tight, and there is really no way. This is something we didn’t think about carefully, but can you help.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of this.”

“Thank you.”


Su Mo hung up.

Lin Zinuo asked worriedly: “Su Mo, are you okay?”

Since ancient times this kind of demolition is the most difficult to deal with. I’m worried that Su Mo will not handle it well, after all, there are too many people involved.

“You don’t have to worry, I have my own measure.”

Su Mo whispered to Lin Zino that since things have gotten to this point, I just took this opportunity to resolve the matter .

Thinking of this, Su Mo said to Uncle Zhao.

“Uncle Zhao, please help me inform the tenants who didn’t come, and let them all gather at the central street now. Be sure to attend every household, and prepare a set of sound reinforcement equipment. I have something to say. Say it to everyone.”

Su Mo said that at the end, his heart was a little heavy, but the banquets in this world have to face reality after all.

“Okay, I’ll do it now.”

Lin Wei looked at Su Mo quietly, he wanted to see how Su Mo would solve this incident. From the way he handles things, he can judge whether this person has the ability, how he behaves, and whether his heart is black or white.

Not very long, the number of tenants gathered throughout the streets of the old city is increasing, and representatives from every household have come here, and some families have come here.

Everyone has a worried look on their faces, and it is false to say that they are not panic.

Everyone has heard some gossip, the plan to build the interstellar airport here will not change, that is to say, demolition is inevitable.

When the time comes they will all leave here, but if they leave here, how can they survive in the magic capital.

Maybe going to the city below to make a living.

At this time, Su Mo picked up the temporarily prepared topic and coughed, and said seriously: “Hello everyone, I’m Su Mo, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules. All of you here. I am a neighbor in the neighborhood, and many people even watched me grow up, and I am very grateful to you for taking care of me all the way here.”

Su Mo said here, and bowed deeply to everyone .

Seeing Su Mo bowing, many aunts and uncles present had wet eyes.

To be honest, they watched Su Mo grow up, but Su Mo has always taken care of them.

“There is a saying that there is a good feast in the world, and I am also very reluctant to let you go, but the above plan has been completed, and the old city will eventually be demolished. I also feel deeply guilty. The law preserves a familiar home for everyone.”

“Su Mo, needless to say, you have done a good job”

“Just tear it down, don’t embarrass yourself. “

“That’s right, we’re impossible to embarrass you because of ourselves.”


The crowd shouted.

(end of this chapter)

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