Star Ring Mission Chapter 397


Chapter 397 established

Within the walls of Imperial Capital, top airlifters landed under escort by fighter jets .

The splendid and magnificent administrative center venue in the central area is heavily guarded, and the entire high wall enters the highest level of vigilance.

This was followed by specially modified safety vehicles from the airport.

The heads of parliaments of various countries got out of the car, and everyone looked solemn. After getting off the car, they went straight into the venue, and no one chatted with each other.

In the largest parliamentary hall of the administrative center venue, the heads of parliaments of various countries attended, including the Freedom Victory Guild, Augustus, the President of the Mythology Alliance, Iselin, and the Storm Bear Guild, Spade. .

They sat in the front row, all in high spirits, and seemed to be looking forward to the meeting.

The doors of the Conference Hall were closed shortly after the last dignitary to participate.

There is not a single reporter in the entire parliamentary hall, and all cameras in the parliamentary hall are turned off, which means that this is a very high-level meeting with strong security.

At this time, Long Ming appeared wearing a slender blue federal councillor’s costume. He walked straight to the parliamentary stage. His cloudy eyes glanced at everyone present, and said loudly.

“Dear colleagues, I’m glad we are together again. I hereby officially announce that the Earth Cup Perfection has won!” The people cheered loudly, and everyone looked very excited.

Long Ming looked at the warm applause, and his always peaceful face also showed a rare moving expression.

After a long time, the applause slowly subsided, and Long Ming continued to speak.

“Fifty years ago, we witnessed the miracle of the world here. A splendid civilization opened the door to us. At that time, we did not rush forward, but set a recovery forward with great momentum. Plan! Now I can officially announce the success of the recovery plan Perfection on behalf of all of you. You have performed extremely well this time in the Cup of Earth. We at Perfection have completed all the scheduled training plans. It can be said that our current state is stronger than ever, but it is still not enough for us to deal with. In the future, we must be united in order to have a glimmer of survival. So now there will be a final vote, the removal of national borders, the formal establishment of the federal government, the establishment of the official federal Legion, the entry into the Star Ring, the choice of history will be in our hands Underfoot!”

(Note: The early federation was just a framework, not yet mature, and more of a nominal empty shell.)

Augustus stood up, The first to express his position: “People are selfish, but people are also selfless. For the continuation of civilization, I am willing to take the lead in abandoning selfish desires. On behalf of country M, I officially announce that I will join the federal government system, become District M, and fight for Star Ring ยท Heaven The Cup.”

Spade also stood up and declared in a deep voice: “The future is in our own hands, and our country E is willing to join the federal government to fight for the Star Ring ยท Cup of Heaven. Willing to be the pioneer and cut through thorns for the continuation of civilization!”

Islene immediately stood up and solemnly announced: “History covers the cowards, and the victors will write history. And the future will witness our choice. , I represent the O country to join the federal government to fight the Star Ring ยท Cup of Heaven”

At this time, Long Ming on stage also announced: “If the future is full of despair and death, we would rather use blood and glory Cleave a way of life with my own hands. I donโ€™t want to struggling on whilst at deathโ€™s door like a mouse. Miracles will be created by our own hands, and destiny will be Sovereign! I represent the Z country to join the federal government to fight the Star Ring and the Cup of Heaven, for the civilization of all mankind And fight.”

The next second, representatives of other countries present raised their hands and announced.

“I will join on behalf of R country.”

“I joined on behalf of country Y.”

In the entire venue, all members of the assembly stood up, and the decision-making vote was passed with a 100% pass rate.

Long Ming looked at everyone who stood up and announced excitedly.

“I officially announce that the federal government is officially established, and we will officially fight for the Star Ring ยท Cup of Heaven!”


The warm applause suddenly came Remembered in the synagogue for a long time.

A long time later, when the applause died down, Augustus opened his mouth and proposed: “I, Augustus, formally proposed that Mr. Long Ming be the first president of the Federation!”

“I agree!”

Spade agreed.


Ithleen also nodded replied .

Of course, this was all negotiated. At the beginning, the four of them had an agreement, who would win the Cup of Earth. Who will be the president of the first world, and in the last Earth Cup battle, Long Ming won.

Therefore, it is logical to become the president of the parliament, which also avoids a new round of tests just after the establishment of the federal system.

Many members raised their hands in agreement.

There is no accident that Long Ming was officially appointed as the president of the federal government, and after he became the president of the parliament, Long Ming directly announced.

“As the president of the federal government, I formally propose that Augustine, Spade, and Ithleen serve as the three vice presidents of the federal government, and now I raise my hands to vote! “



Everything went very well in the venue, after some appointments.

Long Ming officially announced: “Now I officially announce the establishment of the Federation Legion, and the most elite troops will be drawn from the federal parliamentary system to form. The remaining troops in the remaining districts will be renamed as the local garrison. At the same time, new federal laws will be promulgated, and federal laws are greater than local laws, and when there is a conflict between the two, the federal laws will be the benchmark.โ€


Although all proposals are in The proposed proposal was passed immediately, but just like that, Long Ming also gave a speech for nearly seven hours.

With the establishment of the new federation, there are too many programs and decisions to be passed.

But the passage of each plan will make this new system more united and stronger.

At the end, Long Ming took a deep breath.

“Thank you very much for your support. I believe that the future of the federation will be bright. Next, we will carry out the latest plan and start the journey. From now on, all parliamentarians need to give their all and cooperate with the federation in all publicity campaigns. , we want to encourage all the people to participate in the Star RingยทCup of the Sky plan, and the specific action plan will be distributed to everyone”




Ten days later, there was an open space outside the Interstellar Airport (construction) in the center of the city.

Su Mo, Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang are supervising the construction team to renovate Su Mo’s old house and build a new villa.

In the old city area in the distance, the entire area was flattened, and many construction vehicles were working on it.

The rumbling sound never stopped.

Uncle Wang said to Su Mo: “Actually, it’s good to have the two of us here to watch, you don’t need to squat here.”

“It’s okay, I don’t have anything to do anyway. By the way, what’s for dinner?”

Su Mo stretched and asked.

“Just deal with two couples, it’s a mess here.”

Uncle Wang looked all around and said.

(end of this chapter)

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