Star Ring Mission Chapter 398


Chapter 398 is boiling

At this time, Uncle Zhao said: “What do you say, life should have a sense of ceremony, rest assured Give me dinner and make sure you eat it well.”

Just then, a plane flew overhead, followed by countless flyers.

A flyer is affixed directly to Su Mo’s face.

Su Mo ripped off the leaflet with a speechless expression, and said helplessly: “What age can you still distribute leaflets like this, which company is so arrogant and not afraid of being punished and bankrupt?”

“I haven’t seen this kind of publicity for many years. Which star is going to hold a concert?”

Uncle Wang also asked curiously.

“I’ll take a look.”

Su Mo took a look at the flyer and was stunned.

“Star Ring Glory Peak Rewards, see you tonight at 8 o’clock, and all countries in the world will jointly hold a Glory Award and Commendation Conference. Here everyone will be able to witness the heroes of the world! All-star participation, Witnesses of elites in different fields.”

“It seems to be to commend those who have made outstanding contributions in the Cup of Earth.”

Uncle Zhao said somewhat unexpectedly.

“What do I say about the propaganda? The propaganda has been bad a few days ago, and the streets and alleys are propagating this. I heard that all schools have been closed for this feast. All the staff basically During the holidays, even those on duty are watching directly in the company.”

“It’s true or false.”

“Of course it’s true, that’s why we’re squatting on the rubble right now. Pay attention to these. But didn’t expect this, and the flyers are all floating on our heads.”

Uncle Wang forced a smile and said.

Su Mo was silent for a while and said, “Uncle Wang pulls a wire and annunciator over.”

“Su Mo, you need to see it,”

” Hmm.”

“No problem.”

The largest ring-shaped venue of Imperial Capital is very lively today.

All the lights in the venue were fully turned on, helicopters hovered in the sky, and a reporter with a camera was sitting on it, shooting from no blind spots in the sky.

Before the event started, the major media were on fire and started filming.

“Hello everyone, I’m from New Media Entertainment. Now we are in the sky above the central venue. You can see that the entire venue has been cleared all around. All security personnel are in place. Now, some luxury cars can be seen driving in one after another, and a large number of guests have begun to enter.”

In the ultra-luxurious banquet hall, a waitress in a uniform dress is busy arranging the scene.

Everyone is very nervous, and today will be a recognition feast of unprecedented pomp.

It is said that supernova heroes from all countries will arrive, and the most important characters from all countries will attend.

This live broadcast, if this is not done well, the matter will be serious.

In the waiting room at the back of the banquet hall, it was already full of people, and a hero who was dressed up and waiting for the award was already in place.

They greeted and talked to each other, and everyone had a smile on their face.

For example, Xiao Wen is hugging Kanris warmly at this time. You must know that the biggest Waterloo that Camris encountered in Star Ring was thanks to Xiao Wen.

But Kanris was very happy to see Xiao Wen, he praised in Kong Wu’s powerful Z language.

“Haha, I didn’t expect Mr. Xiao Wen to meet here, we will be comrades in arms in the future.”

“You are right.”

In On the other side, Ye Wuhen is wearing an extremely luxurious dress, his hair is very handsomely combed, and his handsome face is also full of bright smiles. Among the children of Wulongshou, apart from Lin Ming, he was the only one who was solemnly invited.

At this time, he was surrounded by many brothers and sisters, and some friends.

“Ye Wuhen big brother, you are really going to rise to the top this time.”

“Yes, you will become a national hero if you receive honors and awards.”

“But it’s a bit strange. The awards given today are mainly based on the medals of the Federation.”

“The Federation is good, and you’ll find out later.”

Ye Wuhen Replied in a very good mood, of course he said The words mean more than they say, but he didn’t say it clearly.

“It’s also good for the Federation.”

All around friends praised it, but they didn’t care too much.

A long time later, the live broadcast begins and a invited guest host begins to take their seats.

The camera lens naturally turned to the guests.

The first one was a blond, blue-eyed woman, wearing a bright red dress like blood, with a tall stature and extraordinary temperament.

Many young people who were watching TV exclaimed.

“Look, it’s Miss Betsy, the world’s top star!”

I saw Betsy waving at the camera with a bright smile.

“Hello everyone!”

The second person who came in was a middle-aged man wearing a black suit, red tie, handsome face and outstanding temperament.

As soon as he appeared, many female audience members in front of the screen screamed and cheered.

“It’s the most popular star of the Z country, Zhao Moshuang!!!”

“Hello everyone!”

Zhao Moshuang smiled and waved to everyone.

Today’s host will be the two most popular stars in the world, and the honorary host who walks in in the next second will cause bursts of screams.

“That’s not Miss Han, the star of country H.”

The guest host who came out first is really a national star, and all the top stars of the big names are present. They are lined up on the stage, very eye-catching, and they will preside over the awards and awards.

When all the hosts entered the venue, the invited guests also entered the venue.

The first to walk in is a very cheerful blond middle-aged man, waving at the camera.

The people watching cry out in surprise.

“That’s not the top conglomerate Mr. Helmsman McGinn from M country!”

“Look at the next one, that’s not Mr. Helmsman Lin Shanfeng from our country’s Martial God Group.”

“Look at that, isn’t that Zhang Wei’s Academician boss?”

“Wait at that, that’s not the Pucks sports star of country E!”

“What’s so good about that, look at the national Goddess Β· Eliwei honor Princess of the O country!” At the scene of Xun, he actually invited elites from all walks of life to stand on the field. What a big face.

At this time, on the ruins of the Magic City Center, Su Mo and Uncle Wang made a few red bricks and sat together. I pulled the wire in the open air, made a hot pot, set up a TV in front of it, and watched it while eating.

Uncle Wang said with some emotion: “This feast will cost a lot of money.”

“It is not possible to hold it with money, and the identity of the people who come is too high. It covers the top elites in various industries.”

Su Mo was also deeply shocked by watching TV. He always felt that this commendation ceremony was a bit too grand, and it always felt like Posing like.

But he didn’t say much, and watched it with anticipation.

With the entry of most of the guests, the host, Miss Betsy, solemnly announced: “I believe everyone is very excited to see this, but this is just the beginning, the main event guests are officially on the stage, and now there are invites Mr. Augustus, the President of the Parliament of the M state, entered the room.”

Then Augustus came out from the backstage.

(end of this chapter)

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